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Suicide Bombers (The images shown may be disturbing to some viewers.) Ticket to paradise?

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2 Suicide Bombers (The images shown may be disturbing to some viewers.) Ticket to paradise?

3 What brings a young Palestinian man to detonate himself amidst a crowd of teenagers? Is it a religious upbringing with promises of paradise in reward for acts of martyrdom? Is it the parental support he receives for his convictions? Is it brainwashing, or rather encouragement from a Palestinian society with no other means of fighting back against oppression and humiliation? - Ellis Shuman

4 Whenever we think about this issue, we automatically picture these people crazy. Why do they do it? What makes them believe that this act is worth more than their own life? What convinces them of that? Some of these suicide bombers are children who have been brought up with the mentality that suicide-bombing is a ticket to paradise.

5 Many studies have disproved the belief that all suicide bombers come from the upper middle class. Even though a big part of them did, not all. A study of the remains of 110 suicide bombers by Afghan pathologist Dr. Yusef Yadgari, found 80% were missing limbs before the blasts, other suffered from cancer, leprosy, or some other illnesses. This makes me wonder, are these people comitting suicide because they want to go to paradise? Is it just a coincidence that 80% of a the suicides suffered from physical disabilities?

6 I personally think that people are believed to be worthless because of their disabilities, so they are brainwashed and therefore put on a bomb. Other posibility, is that these people decide to become suicide bombers only to end with their life, because they believe that dying is worth more than living with their conditions.

7 Afghan bombers are not featured on posters or in videos as martyrs. Is this fair?

8 There is a case in which a kid (14 years old) was a human bomb and killed 20 people outside a discotheque in Tel- Aviv. His father was interviewed afterwards and he said the following shocking lines: I am very happy and proud of what my son did and I hope all the men of Palestine and Jordan would do the same Hassan Hotary holds a picture of his son, Saeed, believed to be the suicide bomber who killed 20 Israelis in Tel Aviv.


10 My personal perspective I personally think that there is no point in comitting suicide to kill other people. Not only you are comitting a crime and killing thousands who dont deserve to die, but you are giving away your own life to do these horrible things. I see life as a very precious gift and nothing would ever make me waste it like that. Dont get me wrong, dont think that I consider their religious traditions silly, but I do consider them over the top and exaggerated. And regarding all the facts that Ive found out about suicide bombers it is easy to tell that lots of them actually want to end with their lives, not caring if they go to paradise or not. Not caring if they become a religious idol or not. (which up to record no suicide bomber has recieved a special conmemoration for what they have done)

11 I took this fragment from a webpage in which Moshé Machover, an israeli professor member of the socialist party, is asked what does he think of suicide bombers. Does a perpetrators suicide make a difference? Within an armed conflict, suicide killing – whether by bombing or by other means – is almost in all cases perpetrated by the weaker side, often by the downtrodden. So the hidden agenda behind the question posed at the outset, asking us to comment on suicide bombings, is to make us focus on the violence of the oppressed and turn our attention away from that of the oppressor. We must not fall into this trap. Yet the question deserves a straight answer. Global perspectives

12 Students commentWhich pieces of work show evidence of this? Something that demonstrates my skills I think that something that obviously had an impact on the quality of my work was the capacity of analysing two different points of view and adding examples from reliable resources that will support these. Both my personal perspective and the global perspective. Something that made me think in a new way The fact that the father was proud of what his son did made me realise that suicide bombers are special in the middle east and they are seriously respected. The seventh slide with shows the declarations of the father. Something I found difficult or challenging As it is a very delicate topic and it relates not only to different moral values but to religions, I must be careful not to say something very strong or that may sound offending to the people that view my work. I give my own points of view and say what I think but never being rude or offending anyone. Something I might do differently next time Maybe next time I will organise my time better so that I can turn the work in on time completed in order to obtain higher marks. I couldnt finish my evaluation form on time! Something I really enjoyed I enjoyed investigating on what the lifes of the human bombers are like and how this encourages them to do what they do: kill themselves. The bullet points on the estatistics of the human bombers lifes characteristics.

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