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Symantec Service Desk

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1 Symantec Service Desk

2 Hillsborough County Public Schools will be transitioning to a new Technology Maintenance system.
Requests will no longer be submitted through Unicenter Service Desk after Wednesday, November 6, 2013. Beginning on Thursday, November 7, 2013 all Technology Maintenance Requests will be submitted through Symantec Service Desk. All Facilities requests will still be submitted through WebTMA.

3 Symantec Service Desk Open Internet Explorer
Go to:

4 You will not need to enter any logon information providing you are logged on to the computer with your Active Directory account. The system will automatically log you in and take you to the Home Page

5 Use to make a new ticket, click on the link
Home Page Use to make a new ticket, click on the link

6 Select who it affects using their address, begin to type in the space provided and select from the list

7 Describe the problem. Provide additional detail here. If no additional detail is available you can copy & paste the text from the detail line.

8 Continue selecting to further refine the type of equipment or service
Request Area: Select Incident Management for a dropdown menu and select the correct type Please do not select any items from the “(Internal Use Only)” category Continue selecting to further refine the type of equipment or service

9 The Ticket will not allow you to continue until all the Request Area sections are made
When the final selection is made there will be no more dropdown to pick from

10 Next select the Problem Site (type the first letter of the site) and select the site

11 Problem Location and Asset Tag entries will appear with the Problem Detail section of the ticket along with the details of the ticket Next select the “Problem Location”, this is where the equipment is located at the site Asset Tag, This is not a lookup field only text field Who is Affected. This sets the Priority Level of the call

12 Click Continue

13 A Knowledge Base Option, this is for future use and will give the user an opportunity to search for answers to a problem before the request is submitted Click “Continue with Incident”

14 Review of the ticket before submitting with an opportunity to make changes.
Click Submit to create the Ticket

15 Incident number (formerly known as the Maintenance Request or MR number).
If you have more Incidents to submit, click “Start Another”. If you are finished click “Close”

16 Reviewing Submitted Incidents

17 You can view any of your submitted Incidents by clicking the blue link in the ID column
From the “Home” screen, Incidents that you have reported will be listed on the right side of the page If a recently submitted ticket does not appear in the “My Submitted Requests” list you may need to refresh your browser by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard or closing and reopening your browser.

18 If you need assistance please contact the Technology Call Center at 744-6673

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