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Beauregard Castle.

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1 Beauregard Castle

2 History Built mostly around 1545 Bought by Jean du Thiers
Interior wasn’t finished when he bought it He included frescoes on the fireplace Frescoes are paintings done in watercolor on a wall or ceiling

3 Interesting Facts Ticket prices are too expensive for what people get in return Pictures are not allowed, even with flash off The walls of the castle are decorated with 327 portraits of famous people living between 1328 and 1643

4 Open to Public Open daily from Feb 18th until Nov 11th
From June 1st to Sep 30th: open from 10am-7pm From Apr 15th to May 31st: open from 10:30am-6:30pm Rest of the year, open on weekdays from 1pm-6pm and on weekends from 10am-6:30pm

5 Cost to get in For adults it costs $17.19 or 12.5 €
For children 5-13 it costs $6.87 or 5€ Children under 5 are free

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