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Team Meeting Lisa Nelsons Organization June 2008 Welcome.

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1 Team Meeting Lisa Nelsons Organization June 2008 Welcome

2 Storytime






8 Welcome New Consultants Kori Ireland, AB sponsored by Heidi Jackson, AB Joceline Deschambault, NS sponsored by Marlene Custance, NS Candace Kinley, TN sponsored by Lisa Branch, AB Angie Van de Vorst, AB sponsored by Lisa Branch, AB Sandy Chong, AB sponsored by Lisa Branch, AB Mary Siefert, NY sponsored by Alice Davis, FL Mary Moore, CA sponsored by Beth Swann, CA Ginger Psalmonds, GA sponsored by Jan Pepe, GA Shelley Moore, CO sponsored by Krystal Grant, SC Beverly Wodrich, NC sponsored by Sandy Doherty, NC ----- Christine Ballard, VA sponsored by Jan Pepe, GA Kristie Latour, BC sponsored by Leslie Lee, AB Deborah Stuart, NC sponsored by Tom and Helen Bodiford, NC Wendy Morneau, BC sponsored by Lisa Taron, BC Lori Chazen, CA sponsred by Jan Pepe, GA

9 Rank Advancements

10 Director - Pre-qual Sandy Doherty Matthews NC Director - Pre-qual Star Consultants Heidi Jackson Calgary, AB Star Consultant Krystal Grant SC Star Consultant Note: These consultants are able to order 5 copies of any one of their books at half price, as a Rank advancement reward.

11 Top Sellers Beverley Rees Lethbridge, AB 1,683 PV Lisa Nelson Saratoga Springs, UT 2,170 PV Donna Heitman Calgary, AB 1,585 PV

12 Top Sponsor Lisa Branch 3 sponsored

13 2000 Club Lisa Nelson $2,170.00

14 1000 Club Beverley Rees, AB - $1683.20 Donna Heitman, AB - $1,565 Patty Glass, MI - $1,081 Lisa Branch, AB - $1,055 Diane Deaton, MO - $1,040 Sandy Doherty, NC - $1,005 Lori Smith, AB - $1,000 Note: These consultants receive a free 11.5X8.5 storybook credit for achieving sales over $1000.

15 Template Collection Earned the Love, Life, Baby Storybook Template Collection Lisa Branch, AB Tanya Perrett, AB Joanne MacKay, BC Jami Rathwell, BC Donna Heitman, AB Jodi Kruetzfeld, AB Michelle Besseling, AB Melanie Cloutier, AB Jeanine Lum, OR Heidi Jackson, AB Katharina Doyle, AB Yvette Swiatkowski, AB Look in your Completed Projects folder after June 15th for your new templates. These can be transferred to clients to help you boost your sales. Irma Haynes, AB Lori Smith, AB Karen Hoenstine, FL Diane Deaton, MO Sandy Doherty, NC Tom and Helen Bodiford, NC Yesenia Lassiter, NC Krystal Grant, SC Jan Pepe, GA Beth Swann, CA Debi Voris, CA Beverly Wodrich, NC Patricia Glass, MI Lisa Kuntz, IN Tamara Shoulders, AZ Leslie Lee, AB


17 Race to Reunion (May) Top Racers 1 st place Lisa Branch 5 pts 1 st place Lisa Nelson 5 pts 2 nd place Sandy Doherty 4 pts 2 nd place Donna Heitman 4 pts 3 rd place Patty Glass, Beverley Rees, Diane Deaton, Krystal Grant, Jan Pepe, Beth Swann, Heidi Jackson 3 pts

18 Race to Reunion (Current) Top Racers 1 st place Lisa Nelson 8 pts 2 nd place Lisa Branch 6 pts 3 rd place Diane Deaton 5 pts 4th place Donna Heitman4 pts 4th place Sandy Doherty 4 pts 4th place Jan Pepe 4 pts

19 Race to Reunion And the next race begins…

20 Race to Reunion Getting the most out of your stats page

21 Reunion 2008 Have you registered?

22 Reunion 2008 Discount Family Disney Passes Are you bringing your family to Reunion? Check out these special rates for Heritage Makers consultants. You can purchase them as you register for Reunion! PARK HOPPER® TICKETS 1-Day Park Hopper® Ticket $81.00 1-Day Park Hopper® Ticket (child 3-9) $71.00 2-Day Park Hopper® Ticket $108.00 2-Day Park Hopper® Ticket (child 3-9) $88.00 3-Day Park Hopper® Ticket $139.00 3-Day Park Hopper® Ticket (child 3-9) $119.00

23 Reunion 2008 How you can make this years Reunion a success: Get the people there! The goal is to have 600 people attend. This means we need all active, new and potential consultants there! Participate in team events! Book your hotel at the event (Marriott) through HM registration. Only book rooms for yourself.

24 June Promotions & Incentives

25 June Incentives TimeframeReward 500 PQV by the 15th Free month of Studio Premier 500 PQVHM Exclusive Template Collection: Voyages of the Interior Series II 8x8 Storybook Templates Our familys roots Before I was your mother What it means to be a Jones 1000 PQV8x8 Storybook Credit

26 June Promotions (expiration extended) (new packages)

27 June Incentives New Poster Pricing Beginning June 4 th, consultants may offer this special pricing for two of our posters: List PriceSpecial Price 12x18 Poster Credit$19.95$9.95 18x24 Poster Credit$24.95$14.95

28 Scanning Service

29 The Scanning Service website has been updated to include the following: Detailed information on how the scanning system works Scanning Service Pool – 25,000 scans gets you a share New Scanning order entry page Suggested scanning host rewards program Scanning service training documents and webinar will be added June 20 th.

30 Principles of Leadership Momentum

31 Leadership Principles Momentum Capacity for progressive development and forward movement.

32 Leadership Principles To Establish Momentum Requires: Inertia breaking effort, energy – work Inertia – resistance to change or movement All things seek to revert to a state of status inertia

33 Leadership Principles To maintain and further increase momentum requires: Action - continued effort, energy – force

34 Leadership Principles What did it take for the HM team, you, to cause the momentum we experienced in May? Work, focus, time – leadership

35 Leadership Principles Specifically, our leaders focused their; Example, Attention, Conversations, Goal setting - follow-up and...

36 Leadership Principle Consistency – over more than the month of May! Momentum is a collective, cumulative effect. It is the reward of consistent effort – individually and collectively.

37 Leadership Principle The power of momentum is traction and it is conversation. It is the power of resonance and recognition - brand. And, it is the grease that eases the process of enrollment and sponsoring.

38 Leadership Principle Losing momentum would be a tragedy. Regaining momentum is always harder than keeping it going. Keeping going requires less and less of the same effort of those who established it. Why...?

39 Leadership Principle Because with more people it takes less effort to keep it going and even to accelerate it. This allows for the early leaders who created it to more effectively train, support and create mini-moments with their ever expanding team.

40 Leadership Principle So, what do we as leaders do to continue the momentum in June and beyond? We set goals, make and keep on our commitments, get new folks in, excited and active. We lead by example and we promote our key three people to Directors – we keep on keeping on.

41 Leadership Principle And, we break our all-time record of last November for sales and sponsoring. (build) So, who is with me in this crusade to accelerate the movement we have created in May? Are you with me? Are we ready to do battle to give it more of what it takes to make HM a household name, a world- class direct selling business, a community of power-filled, influential, family and heritage advocates, self-publishing consultants?

42 Leadership Principle Okay – here is the strategy. 1- If you have not yet registered for Reunion and if you have people who should be going who have not yet made the registration commitment to go. Do this tomorrow!

43 Leadership Principle 2- Determine to personally better your best in sales and sponsoring for the month of June – not because there is some freebie or contest, but because you can, because you are a creator of momentum!

44 Leadership Principle 3- Retune your attitude about who should hear the message of becoming a member of the community of heritage makers – it is a vital role for every person to see that their children know their story. Get that testimony to at least five new people every day this month.

45 Leadership Principle 4 - And, see that every one of your consultants who missed this call gets the message of momentum and makes the commitment to accelerate it in June by applying these four commitments.

46 Leadership Principle I give you my commitment that come what may with my added challenge you can count on it, that every moment of energy and lucidity will be focused to better my best and to help the home team do the same – you can count on it. - Doug Cloward, HM President


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