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CLEAN and GREEN Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Welcome.

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1 CLEAN and GREEN Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Welcome

2 What are we doing here tonight? Learning about water conservation –How to do it and why it makes so much sense Learning what this has to do with our Carbon Footprint Learning how to make a positive impact –What we can do as individuals and as members of our community

3 So… What is a Carbon Footprint?? The effect your actions have on the environment, measured by the amount of CO2 you produce through your lifestyle – transportation, household energy use… Not just your own usage, but also what is used to bring you goods and services: –How much energy did it take to get that water to my house? –How does my household water use affect the environment?

4 Why do we need to lower our Carbon Footprint?? The carbon footprint of each individual, each household, each community… is a measurable indicator of how badly and how quickly – and irreversibly - we are affecting the health of the planet through our direct and indirect actions. The current rate of natural resource consumption by humans is not sustainable by one planet. Were using 1-1/3 planets worth, which is something we dont have!

5 How do I figure out my carbon footprint? Google carbon footprint calculator and get 251,000 hits… Before you begin: Youll need to know a few things about your household, your annual travel, and more Dont give up! If theres something you dont know, estimate it til you can go back – and dont wait to start taking action!

6 ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT – NOT JUST CARBON, BUT EVERYTHING… Visit only if youre ready for a shock!

7 Our Featured Speaker Todd Melanson is the Environmental Compliance Manager for the Chelmsford Water District. Todds presentation is called Water and Energy: Todays Connection

8 What else can you do? Be aware of what decisions are being made by your state and local leaders Your personal activities are important… Your organized activities in the community help reach many more individuals! Even if you cant make donations to organizations like MCAN, visit their websites frequently and learn about whats happening

9 Earth Day Fair Saturday from Noon to 3pm This Saturday, April 25 th, our towns Second Annual Earth Day Fair needs you! Come enjoy the music, the presentations, and the green vendors. Help Chelmsford get the momentum going to engage all our citizens in doing the right thing… for the health of our community and our planet.

10 Prize Alert! At the Earth Day Fair, Chelmsford Climate Action Network will give away a pair of tickets to see the new Disney Nature movie, Earth. Did you know…? For every ticket sold on opening weekend, Disney will plant a tree! See details at

11 Thank you - See you next month! Clean and Green co-sponsored by: Chelmsford Public Library Chelmsford Recycling Department Chelmsford Energy Conservation Committee and Chelmsford Climate Action Network a chapter of the Mass Climate Action Network (MCAN)

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