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Program Presentation Share His Love! For Hosting an International Private School Student.

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1 Program Presentation Share His Love! For Hosting an International Private School Student

2 Think Globally and Act Locally As a Christian, we are commanded to make disciples of all nations (Share the Gospel). Christ told us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Love others). Are you willing to make a difference? (Together we can make it happen!) USA Program would like you to make a positive change in our world for Christ (Impact our world by becoming a missionary in your own home!). By hosting one of our intl. students, you can bless them and bring God into their lives. (Minister) By doing so, your intl. student will become a missionary in his home country by sharing his experiences with his family and friends upon his return.

3 P rogram Commitment is … To glorify God in all that we do in the USA Program To share the Gospel of Christ (Mt. 28:19) with our international students To place the international student with a Christian Host Family so the intl. student can be ministered to and experience Gods love To pray for the intl. students to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior and later become missionaries in their home countries by sharing Gods love with their families and friends upon their return To reach the worlds youth by sponsoring intl. students from various countries on all continents

4 T he ages of our intl. students are between 12-18 years old. A ll of the USA Program international students come with their own spending money, return airline ticket, and must pass the USA Program selection/screening process before acceptance. T he intl. student arrive in the United States with an F-1 (international student) Visa through the private school of their choice. A ll of the intl. students come with a basic English language ability to function in the home and in the classroom. U SA Program will provide to each of our intl. students medical and hospitalization insurance coverage up to $250,000.00 while they are in the United States. U SA Program will provide 24 hour assistance to all participants through our Local Reps and toll free numbers (corporate office in Texas). Please keep in mind that …

5 Warm, welcoming, and open-minded Proud to share the American lifestyle, community, language, and Christ Of various ages and sizes, with or without children Interested in learning about another culture With an income sufficient to afford a comfortable standard of living and a nurturing home environment. If you are…

6 By welcoming the intl. student into your home, your family will … Create a bond of friendship for life with your intl. student Share God's love on a daily basis Learn about a new & different culture: language, customs, food Share your generosity, values, and beliefs to positively influence a young person's life Make a dream come true for the intl. student to live & learn in the United States Share fun activities, such as sports & community outings Share the knowledge of your culture, lifestyle, and language with the intl. student Experience wonderful rewards of expanding global unity Help to prepare the youth of today to take part in the world of tomorrow = They will be our worlds future leaders.

7 Host Family Prayer while Hosting an Intl. Student Share His Love First, pray for open doors to Share His Love program and share your faith with a USA intl. student in your home. Share His Love Second, pray that you will recognize and capitalize on each opportunity to Share His Love while the intl. student is in your home. Third, pray that the Spirit will give you clarity of mind and speech when you tell the intl. student about Jesus and that your verbal message will be combined with a Godly example of Jesus love through your home.

8 Please get involved ! JesUSAves See to it that NO ONE misses the grace of God. Hebrews 12:15 Thank You!

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