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ESRI Licensing in the ELA Environment

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1 ESRI Licensing in the ELA Environment
George Heine, BLM Vanessa Smith, ESRI/USFS

2 ArcGIS 9 Products Desktop Products Server Products
(Developer Products)

3 License Managed Products
Concurrent Use Model Requires Hardware Key/HostID/MACaddress and License File (*efl9) Registered Products Requires a reg. number and Authorization file (*esu9,*.ecp)

4 (Unregistered Products)
Arc Reader ArcGIS Explorer

5 Licensed Managed Products
ArcGIS Desktop ArcInfo Workstation Extensions


7 Demonstration







14 Single Use (Registered Products)
ArcGIS Server (ArcGIS Engine) ArcSDE ArcIMS Extensions

15 Concurrent Use Need only one license manager on the network
Either Windows or Unix (Solaris, Linux, AIX) License Server must have unique hostID (sentinel key/planar ID/MAC address) LM and ArcGIS Desktop on same machine

16 Server Products Authorized through Post-Installs
Software Authorization Wizard Each installation requires a unique authorization file Server must be connected to Internet At end of installation, click “Register Now” Keycode (.ECP) files ed

17 Demonstration





22 ArcGIS Server Licensing
Each ArcGIS Server Object Container requires a unique authorization file 3 Editions: Basic, Standard, Advanced 2 License Levels: Workgroup, Enterprise

23 ArcGIS Engine

24 License Manager Tools Windows: Unix: Use LMTOOLS
Start\Programs\ArcGIS\License Manager\LM Tools (requires admin access) Unix: <install path>/lmutil [lmhostid, lmstat, lmreread]

25 Using Environment Variables
server>[:port] Failover: Failover network→standalone not working at BLM (ESRI Trouble Ticket #705086)

26 Common license manager problems
You are not licensed for (product name) The license manager you are referencing must include a valid product feature and have a license available for checkout Use the Desktop Administrator to view license availability

27 License server errors con’t
Cannot connect to license server Several causes for this error related to the license server Contact the license server administrator for assistance (CHD for Forest Service) If you are using a hardware key, verify the key is plugged in and the ArcGIS license manager service is Started (Start -> Control Panel->Administrative Tools -> Services -> ArcGIS license Manager Service) Set FLEXLM_timeout variable in 9.3 for slow network connections

28 License server errors con’t
License connection lost All ArcGIS software applications maintain a connection with the license manager If the connection is lost (network problems, server goes down) an error message is displayed A reconnection attempt is made two minutes after you click OK and repeated up to five times. Set FLEXLM_Timeout variable for 9.3 for slow network connections

29 License manager errors con’t
Your (product name) license has expired Evaluation licenses have a time-out date Time-out error messages will display starting 15 days prior to expiration

30 Troubleshooting hardware key errors
Verify the key is installed Verify the ArcGIS license manager software is installed Verify the ArcGIS license manager service is Started (Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> ArcGIS license manager service) Verify the license manager is set in the Desktop Administrator or using the ArcGIS license manager environment variable

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