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The Options Meeting Occurs after the Presentation.

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1 The Options Meeting Occurs after the Presentation

2 The Options Meeting ? Helps the candidate identify options available Team Leader should do the first 2-3 meetings so that candidate can learn the process Done on a 1:1 basis in candidates home Purpose is to give more information to establish their area of interest Much of the result will depend on the Relationship that you develop. They need to know that you are sincerely interested in their success and that you are prepared to be their friend, coach & mentor.

3 Options IBO Member Client

4 Do you know why People start an e-Commerce Business ? Extra Income Financial Freedom Have own Business More Spare Time Personal Development Helping Others Meeting New People Retirement Leave a Legacy What is the Hot Button

5 5 Questions to Ask? 1) What is your number one priority ? 2) Why did you pick that one ? 3) Why is that important to you? 4) What are the consequences of not having that opportunity ? 5) Why would that worry you ? You are trying to find their PMF (Primary Motivating Factor)

6 10 Steps to a Quickstart for Fast Results 1) Register for web site subscription in 2) Enrol in the Continuing Education Programme (Professional Package) 3) Attend a Business Preview 4) Decide that CORE is the road to duplication and follow it. 5) Complete the Quickstart Orientation Booklet 6) Listen to the tapes in the IBO Starter Pack 7) Begin Presentations of the Business as quickly as possible 8) Set your first goal of Leaders Club with a deadline & strategy agreed with your Team Leader 9) Access products through ASP. Start with 10-20 basic core line 10) Acquire personalised Business Cards


8 What is CORE ? 1) Present the concept at least 8 times per month 2) Be a current subscriber to the Network 21 website 3) Enrol in the Continuing Education Programme (CEP) 4) Read a Recommended Book 15 minutes each day 5) Purchase a ticket for the next N21 meeting 6) Generate 100 points volume in a month 7) Register for Automatic Shopping Programme (ASP) Complete a Business Review with your Upline every month (after completing points 1 - 7)

9 How easy is it to get an e-mail Address? ASK A= always pose the question after the chit chat S= say by the way do you have an e-mail address I have something interesting to send you K= keep it simple dont say any more

10 e-mail - People you know F Use the telephone after sending attachment Hi…………, Did you manage to go through the attachment I sent you……….? Yes - Lets get together so that I can give you more information No - Why dont you go through the attachment and I will give you a call in the morning so that we can run through further details In reply to any questions say it is all described in the attachment

11 e-mail - People you dont know F Use the telephone to pre-qualify Hi…………, My name is Austin Powers and I got your name from…………. I run a global e-Commerce based business which is expanding in Australia. I would like to send you an e-Mail attachment and maybe get together if it is of interest to you. Could you tell me what your e-mail address is ! In reply to any questions say it is all described in the attachment

12 Your Next Step is !!! Make an appointment with your Team Leader to get started - Tonight Purchase the recommended Tools available here to get started

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