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Palau (Our Dream Trip) Job contribution (86110466) MAKE POWERPOINT (86210433) MAKE A PLAN (86210521) SEARCH TRAVEL INFORMATION (87110383) PRESENTATION.

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1 Palau (Our Dream Trip) Job contribution (86110466) MAKE POWERPOINT (86210433) MAKE A PLAN (86210521) SEARCH TRAVEL INFORMATION (87110383) PRESENTATION JobJob

2 Description of a theme touring spot Full country name: Republic of Palau Area: 180 sq km Population: 18,400 People: Polynesian, Malayan, Melanesian Language: English, Palauan, Religion: Christian Currency: United States Dollar I n tr o d u 1

3 Introdu2Introdu2 Springtime is full of festivals in Palau and can make it an interesting time to visit. February and March are Palau's non-rainy months, while June to August is the stormiest period.

4 Facts for the Traveler Visas: All tourists may visit Palau for 30 days. Visas are issued on arrival for up to 30 days and can be extended. Passports should be valid for 6 months beyond the period of your intended stay and you must have a return/onward ticket. Facts Trav el Health risks: Dengue Fever, Typhoid, Filariasis, Jellyfish sting Time Zone: GMT/UTC +9 Dialing Code: 680 Electricity: 115/230V,60Hz Weights & measures: Imperial

5 Four-day tour coureses 1 st ==> Taking airplane, Hotel, Show 2 nd ==> Renting a boat and jump into Pacific Ocean all day and visit some inlands 3 rd ==>Rock Island, Jellyfish Lake 4 th ==> Visiting Koror---the main island CourseCourse

6 Budget Each one has to prepare 50,000 NT dollars, we need high level service. Comfortable travel in Palau will run between US$200 a day or more, depending on your taste for island hopping and dive packages. Travelers on a moderate budget can get by for about half that, assuming they only see a few islands and keep their food costs down. There are banks in all the major tourist areas, where credit cards and travelers' check are widely accepted. Bud get

7 Accommodation Lodging Budget: US$35-50 Mid-range: US$50- 100 High: US$100+ AccommoAccommo Meals Budget: US$5-10 Mid-range: US$10-20 High: US$20+ Four memberships in our group We ask two room and per room with twin bed.

8 Transportation There are two charter flights that offer service between Taiwan and Palau. Far Eastern Air Transport flies four times per week. TranspTransp

9 The first day We will take Far Eastern Air line from Kaohsiung to Palau. It is direct flight and just need 4 hours D11D11

10 The first day We will stay in Hotel to take advantage of its facilities, seeing show. D12D12

11 D21 The second day Palau's water temperatures are in the low 80s °F (high 20s °C) year-round, much to divers' delight

12 D22 The second day We are going to rent a boat and jump into Pacific Ocean all day And jump into Pacific Ocean all day Visiting some inlands which are non-people..

13 D3 1 The third day Rock Islands---the famous place More than 200 of these jungle-topped knobs of limestone dot the waters for a 35km (20mi) stretch south of Koror. But it's the waters surrounding them that make the Rock Islands unique.

14 D32D32 Inland, Jellyfish Lake is a marine lake, popularized in the National Geographic TV special Medusa, The third day wherein millions of tiny stinger less jellyfish float and bob in unison

15 D41D41 This is the last day route for us Koror---the main island The National Museum is a good place to firm up your understanding of the nation's culture and history. Japan's war machine

16 D42 Intricately carved storyboards and other local artifacts and crafts

17 English is the first and official language in Palau. So, there is little problem about communicate with each other, but just has some problem when want to talk with native people. A problem-solution dialogue Problem1Problem1 When you come across a problem of dialogue, you could try to use --- 1. Excuse me, would you mind say again. 2. Body language. 3. pen talking. 4. Finding someone who can help you.

18 Problem2Problem2 A problem-solution dialogue Hotel Tel: +680 488 2600 Embassy of the ROC. Emergency:777-8028 Internet: WWW

19 ThanksThanks Thank you for your attendance

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