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May, 2010. 9:00AM – 9:30AM - System Updates/ Fun facts – Hieu Vu 9:35AM – 10:00AM – Travel Authorizations – Travel Office 10:05AM – 10:30AM – Check Request.

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1 May, 2010

2 9:00AM – 9:30AM - System Updates/ Fun facts – Hieu Vu 9:35AM – 10:00AM – Travel Authorizations – Travel Office 10:05AM – 10:30AM – Check Request and Expense Reports – Accounts Payable 10:35AM – 11:00AM – Purchase Orders – Purchasing 11:10AM-11:15AM- Upgrade Announcement – Hieu Vu 11:15AM-12:00PM: Discussion * Budget Office is also available for Q&A

3 Ariba Sharklink Channel



6 New Searches Enhancement Current Limitations with Searches Utilize Watcher accounts for Searches purpose – Separate Login accounts given by OIT

7 TA/Purpose of Trip

8 Problem Accessing your index? Activity Code Dept/Prog Code Index Index/Org list-> Select other->Select No Value Dept/Prog code->Select Other-> Select correct Dept/Prog code where Index belongs



11 Important Information Approval Flow: Add a comment when approving-to reply within Ariba Name of Traveler: TSA requirement: Name on ticket MUST match Drivers License or Passport presented at Check-in and Security Check-Points Date of Birth required on all reservations

12 Important Information Prepared by: Add phone number & email in the contacts area

13 Important Information NSU/UT: International travel we are requiring a scan/fax copy of their passport Email and additional copy of travel itinerary to Passengers cell phone numbers


15 The following Best Practices should help your documents move efficiently through the Approval process. Best Practices

16 Verify your approval routing (Make sure it is correct) Title should include Vendor Name to ensure quicker processing Credit Memos should be entered on a separate Check Request W9s Best Practices Check Request

17 Receipts: Please use one vendor invoice per check request (This helps NSU cut down on duplicate payments) Complete the Special Handling Instructions section Understand that Needed Date is dependent on the Approval Flow timing Comments Section Do not pay from Statements Vendor Invoice Naming format Best Practices Check Request (Continued)

18 Please have the TITLE section filled out (Do Not Leave Blank) On TRs, the On Behalf individual is the person Getting Paid TRs are for employees ONLY Cash Advances People Invoice Naming format Best Practices Travel and Expense Reimbursement

19 Keep your Attachments in a consistent format (PDF is the preferred format) Make sure ALL backup is included in your Expense Report (Receipts) Make sure your attachments are legible and scanned in one file Place your Attachments on the Summary Page and not at the Line Item Level Best Practices Travel and Expense Reimbursement

20 Invoices Should be mailed directly to the Accounts Payable Office Important to receive the Items in Ariba. This is the OK to Pay Ariba DO Invoicing


22 – Customized and stock stamps – Promotional products – Coffee, tea, disposable utensils – Computer equipment and supplies – Dental equipments and supplies – Bulk paper orders – AV equipment and supplies New Catalogs

23 Current Catalogs American Business Solutions Anixter Bio-Rad CDWG Camcor City Maintenance Dell Fisher GoveConnection Grainger Insight Lawson Markmaster Office Depot Phoenix Marketing Group Physician Sales and Service SHI Sigma-Aldrich Tech Depot USA Lighting Unisource VWR

24 System Usage Stats

25 – View ALL Catalogs (Ariba Access Forms) New catalogs added as they become available Use built-in approval flows Restricting access requires additional access forms when new catalogs become available – Use the Catalogs – Purchasing approval on catalog requests are only required if: 1. The QTY ordered is > 50 2. The unit cost for any item is >$200 3. The extended cost for any item is >$2500 4. The total cost for the request is >$5000 –Purchasing approval on Non-Catalog requests are required for every order PR Best Practices

26 – Non-Catalog requests Not available through a catalog Need a quote? Contact Purchasing – Minimizes opportunities for error – Expedites approval process – Provides real costs instead of estimates Provide detailed descriptions Provide a part #s whenever possible Provide a preferred vendor Enter each line item separately – Required for receiving – Helps Center Finance get line item detail and reporting Add attachments – PDF, Word, and Excel are the preferred formats PR Best Practices

27 – Receipts are the OK to Pay All items ordered should be received or rejected by the requestor – Exception: IT related items are received/rejected by OIT Receiving All invoices should be going directly to Accounts Payable – Forward any invoices to AP for orders placed through Ariba – Contact Purchasing if you are still receiving invoices Dont accept items that have not been delivered to you Leave a comment when you reject an item – Notification sent to Purchasing – Will you need to return an item? – Will you need to replace an item? Receipts and Invoices

28 Purchasing Fiscal Year Check Approval Group added to ALL requisitions beginning 4/26/10 Check Box provided for indicating future fiscal year Benefits – Obtain necessary approvals prior to order placement in future fiscal year – Ability to place orders with extended lead times in FY10 to be received in FY11 – Received and recorded in FY11 – Avoid new fiscal year purchase requisition processing bottlenecks Fiscal Year End

29 Why do I have to enter the floor, room, and phone # so many times? – Reason: Some departments use one requisition for direct delivery from the supplier to multiple locations – Tips and Tricks: You only have to enter the floor, room, and phone # two times, regardless of the # of items, if you use the mass edit functionality FAQs

30 Mass Edit 12

31 Why is Purchasing in my approval flow? – Reason: It is either a Non-Catalog request or it meets the criteria for volume or price on a catalog request. The Purchasing group is a routing mechanism The group member sends the request to the appropriate buyer for sourcing The buyer sends the request back to the department for approval The buyer receives the approval from the department with or without changes, makes any necessary changes based on department Request goes to global approvals Request is approved by Purchasing Director and sent to supplier Purchasing Buyer Department Buyer Global Purchasing Director FAQs

32 How can I check the status of my order? – There are 4 basic statuses shown on the Ariba homepage Composing- Still in your hands Submitted- Still in the internal NSU approvals process Approved- Sent to the supplier Denied- At least one approver has denied the request – Tracking a request that is in submitted status Go to your submitted folder Choose the request you would like to track Click on the approval flow tab Look for the approver shown as Active – Tracking a request that is in ordered status This is dependant on the supplier, but many catalogs have an order tracking feature. You just need your DO # – Go to your Approved folder – Choose the request you would like to track – Look at the Order ID FAQs

33 Status Items

34 How do I see details on a request before I approve it? – Click on the PR # of the request from your approvals queue – Choose Show Details on the cart You can view item descriptions Accounting information Missing information or Invalid information – Review the approval flow See who has already approved the request or whose approval is upcoming – Review the history See who has edited the request and what was edited – Some punchout catalogs can also be accessed by clicking on the description of an item. See images and specifications of items in the cart FAQs

35 Status Items

36 What do all of the document IDs for one request mean? – PR= Purchase Requisition – DO= Direct Order (Same as a Purchase Order) – RC= Receipt ID FAQs

37 Why do I keep getting emails about receipts? – Reasons: RC notifications are sent by the system starting the day after an order is fully approved RC approval = OK to Pay The largest volume of orders through the system is to Office Depot Office Depot ships next day on most orders RCs are too important to forget FAQs

38 Can I edit an order after it has been submitted? – Yes, but remember that edit = withdraw – Any approvals already captured will be removed and will need to be recaptured – Go to your submitted folder, click on the PR, click Edit – NOTE: Once a PR is in Approved status, you cant edit it – Tips and Tricks: If you only need to add an approver, comment, or attachment, you can do that without editing FAQs

39 How can I see what items are pending approval within my department? – Center Finance individuals have access to reports – The Requisitions Pending Approval report can be used to see what requisitions require departmental approval FAQs

40 Pending Approval Report

41 How do I check on all orders that my department has submitted and their status? – You can run a search on any document on which you are either and approver or a watcher – Conduct a search on any document type (i.e., requisition) by choosing the status submitted – The results show what items have been requested, but havent been fully approved yet FAQs

42 Searches


44 New enhancements/features (Purchase Orders, T&E) Redesigned interfaced to help navigation more intuitive – Single Integrated Dashboard

45 More e-commerce like Catalog Search

46 Upgrade Schedule to finish by September, 2010 – User Testing – Change Management/Training


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