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What is Paradise Worth To You? Disclaimer All numbers in this presentation are for comparative use and reference only. These numbers are not actual.

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2 What is Paradise Worth To You?

3 Disclaimer All numbers in this presentation are for comparative use and reference only. These numbers are not actual. Use as a guide to select deeds. Only Allah knows & gives the actual rewards of any deed.

4 Take Advantage… We work very hard to achieve for this worldly life. We need to work very hard for the eternal life as well. If you live 120 years, 30-40 years = Sleep, 40-50 years = Work, worry, etc. Only 30-40 years to enjoy if you are not sick. The Day of Judgment itself is 50,000 years. Your 120 years life = 3.4 minutes, your comfort life = 1 minute If it is so difficult to take care of worldly affairs, how smart should you be for the life hereafter?

5 The Riches of This World Worldly Asset = Earnings - Expenses/Loss You lose asset ownership as soon as you die. You give account for every single cent. A poor person will enter heaven 40 years AHEAD of a rich person with similar good deeds. (Meshkat) The more worldly assets you have, the stricter accounting you will have on the Day of Judgment. If your assets are used on unislamic things even after you leave, you are held responsible. The reverse is also true.

6 One Way Ticket. Day of Judgment Grave Bridge B o r n Die Heaven Hell One Way

7 Asset Accumulation Assets can be accumulated by various Deeds. Beyond compulsory actions, be selective when choosing any deed; pick which gives MAXIMUM rewards. Hereafter - No Limits People of heaven will feel sorry for the time spent in this world without any Deed. (Time wasted). (Tabarani)

8 The Riches of The Hereafter Asset decides status in HeavenGood DeedsSins =- Positive Asset Negative Asset Right Hand Left Hand Hell Heaven

9 Pre-Conditions of Deeds Acceptance…. Deeds according to Quran & Sunnat Good Deeds = + Must be a Muslim Deeds with 100% Halal Belief in Allah without any sharing of partners 100% Intentions to satisfy Allah Only + + +

10 What Counts as Halal or Haram? Halal & Haram Defined Halal + Haram = Haram (any %) Meat NOT slaughtered in the name of Allah = Haram Halal food with animal (unislamic slaughter) ingredients = Haram. Illegal income, Stealing, Interest, Alcohol = Haram Body nourished with haram food = No good deeds accepted.

11 Roadmap to Heaven… First Stop Proceed if 5 Conditions are Fulfilled; otherwise you will waste your time and energy!!! When police stops you for speeding, you cant say, I didnt see the speed limit sign. You are expected to know the rules before you drive. Dealing with Allah must be taken seriously. You cant fool Him, by-pass Him, avoid Him. You will face Him sooner or later. Check and test here now. STOP #1

12 Second Stop Avoid those conditions, which Allah and Rasul ( r ) said that if anyone does such act, s/he will NEVER enter heaven; hell fire is a MUST for him/her. If you fall into these categories, your good deeds cant help and will not be counted. Details are in the Book. STOP #2

13 Third Stop Major Sins If you avoid the major sins, which you are forbidden to do, We shall remit from you your (minor) sins, and admit you to a Noble Entrance (Paradise). (An-Nisa:31). (A list of Major Sins are in the book.) If you are involved with any major sin, you should 1. Repent 2. Stop committing the sin again 3. Regret 4. Compensate (If sin involves violation of rights) STOP #3

14 Proceed Now after 3 STOPS. Day of Judgment 5Q Grave 3Q Start Die STOP #1 STOP #2 STOP #3 Hell Heaven + Asset - Asset Good Deeds Accumulate

15 How to Calculate Hereafter? Relative Load Factors of Good Deeds Factors are based on the amount of: Time Effort / Sacrifice Quran & Hadith (authenticity) Benefit to Islam Example of Fajr Salat Fajr Salat = 1.0

16 Five Pillars of Islam *Kalema Tayyeb: ~ 0.1 (one time) *Salat: ~Fajr-1, Zuhr-2, Asr-1, Maghrib-1.5, Isha-2, Witr-0.5 (4,000/year) *Fasting: ~ 10/day (300/year) *Hajj: ~1,000-2,000 (first time), 200-300 (later times) *Zakat: ~ 200-500/year * These are compulsory regardless of price tag.

17 Prayer at Masjid (Different Places) Important Tip: You may not go to Jerusalem, Madina, Makka, but you get comparable/more rewards with Dawah from anywhere in the world. Home Salat = 1Masjid Salat = 27 Salat at Masjid Aqsa / Jerusalem = 25,000 Salat at Masjid-e-Nabawi / Madina = 50,000 Salat at Al-Masjid Al-Haram / Makka = 100,000 Salat during Dawah = 700 - 700,000

18 Extras Tahajjud: ~ 200/year Daily Quran/Zikr: ~ 200/year Quran complete: ~ 300-500 Family Take Care: ~1,000-2,000/year Halal earnings Efforts:~1,000-2,000/year Help an Orphan: ~ 5,000-7,000 Serve parents: ~ 5,000–7,000 Jihad in the path of Allah: ~ 100,000 - 500,000

19 Sadqa-e-Jariya (Local) (Community based) Build Hospital/Vocational Training for Muslim: ~ 5,000-10,000 Build Masjid: ~ 10,000-50,000 Start Elementary Madrasa: ~ 10,000-20,000 Start Islamic School: ~ 10,000-20,000 Start Darul-Uloom: ~ 40,000-50,000

20 Worldwide Dawah (Universal) (Community based) Write an Islamic book: ~ 10,000 - 50,000 Start Dawah Center: ~ 500,000 - 700,000 Going out for Dawah: ~ 10,000 - 50,000 Fikr / Concern for Islam: ~ 100,000-1,000,000

21 Why is Dawah Highly Rewarded? Dawah is called the Mother of all Deeds. D1 = D11 + D21 + D31 +…….……..Dn1 D1 D11 D21 Dn1 D11 D21 D11 D21 Dn1

22 Virtues of Dawah Convey from me even if it be a single verse. (Bukhari) One Morning or Evening in the path of Allah is better than the World and all that it contains. (Bukhari) Headache in the path of Allah forgives all past sins. (Tabarani) Lailatul Qadr (LQ) =1,000 months of good deeds. In Makka it is 100,000 times increased = 100,000,000 months of good deeds = 8.3 million years. A person who goes for Dawah for a short time gets more than 8.3 million years of good deeds. (Ibne-Hibban) You dont have to wait for Ramadan to find LQ or go to Makka to get more. You can get more rewards throughout the year from anywhere simply by going for Dawah. No one can beat that price!!!

23 Best Strategy for Hereafter Engage in Dawah most of the time. (Highest rewards). Parallel Processing: You can do many things at the same time, more Barakat. People use only 5% of their brainpower. 95% is sitting idle. You can do many things more than what you actually do. Make your own package. Look at the activities of Rasul ( r ) during his 23 years… Mind has unlimited potential. There is always room for improvement. Intentions: You can make lots of Intentions on good deeds, ponder on how you can participate in Dawah, help Muslims. This was the fikr & concern of Rasulullah ( r ) all the time. Prepare: If you have nothing to do, then exercise. Dont oversleep, overeat or be a couch potato. Get prepared. The Sahabas used to raise horses/camels to use for Jihad.

24 How to Avoid Bankruptcy in The Life Hereafter You can file bankruptcy and take shelter in this life. You can not hide from creditors on the Day of Judgment. Your lips will be sealed. All your body parts will speak to give witness. You have to pay with good deeds. Avoid big disasters in Hereafter…….. Stop at Stop-1, 2, and 3, get checked, get clearance. Build assets such as involve in Dawah, Sadqa-e-Jaria. Ask/Beg/Pay to those whose rights you have violated. It is much cheaper to compensate in this world than hereafter.

25 Clear All Debt in This World, Not in The Hereafter 3 c Debt ~ 750 Rakats of Salat ~ 25 Days Salat Your Age # Rakats made in Life Worldly Debt can pay in Hereafter 100$0 25200,000$8 50500,000$20 75850,000$34 1001,200,000$48

26 How To Play It Safe Repent: Cry blood for all past sins. Rasul ( r ) used to repent 100 times/day. (Muslim). How about you? Get out of Haram: Haram has no boundaries. Dont assume that it is OK to avoid haram mixed up business but it is OK to use mixed up funds for Islamic causes. No good deeds are accepted. Dont be a loser. People at the Border (50/50): Good Deeds ~ Sins. Always do more than minimum required… Add Nafl salat before & after salat, read Quran daily, give Sadaqa, go for Dawah, help a Muslim, etc. Do extra. Protect your Hereafter constantly. Saitan works 24 hours to destroy your assets by silently luring you to major sins. Either you are building or destroying your assets at any given time. A Momen is always careful & vigilant.

27 How to Get Sins Converted Into Good Deeds Those who repent and believe, and do righteous deeds, Allah will exchange your sins with good deeds. (Al-Furqan:70). You can do it in this world, not hereafter. Try to perform those good Deeds now. SinsGood Deeds Negative Asset Positive Asset

28 10 Rich Levels of Heaven 1. Highest Level: Jannatul Ferdous. Rasuls ( r ) Heaven 2. Sahaba / Companions of Rasul ( r ). 3. Tabeyee – who saw Sahaba in their lifetime. 4. Tabe Tabeyee – who saw Tabeyee in their lifetime. 5. Great Scholars / Imams with significant contributions to Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, etc. 6. Mujaddid / Reformer – who helped to establish Islam during times of confusion, distortion, etc. 7. Scholars with significant contributions to Islamic explanations, clarifications, Dawah activities, etc. 8. Friends of Allah who devoted their life for Islam, preaching, etc. 9. Ordinary poor people with good Deeds. 10. Last person to enter Paradise.

29 After Entry Into Paradise… You will think you have everything you needed and dreamed of, and then… Allah will be pleased with you Allah will remove His Veil and the people of heaven will see Him Directly. Allah will tell you not to worry; you can live in heaven forever! This is the HIGHEST reward: ASSURANCE.

30 Where Do You Stand? Here is your Roadmap to Heaven… 1. Overcome Stop-1, 2, and 3 continuously. 2. Do not violate others rights. 3. Produce highly paid good deeds… Dawah / Jihad as much possible. 4. Excessive personal good deeds; Excessive Repentance and Dua. 5. Make life-style very simple, low profile. 6. Be prepared to leave the world at any time.

31 Asset Buildup With Time…. Religious + Rich Dawah/Jehad Non-Believer + - Time Devoted Scholar Religious + Poor Major Sins Major Sins + Rich


33 Everyone should have a copy of this book… For copies of this book, visit: Abdul Hye, Ph.D 281-488-3191

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