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Summary Report v.3 26-Jan-2009 BurnT TComp 2009. Agenda TComp Overall Goals TComp Budget Goal TComp 2009 Budget Summary Estimated Budget for 2010 ART.

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1 Summary Report v.3 26-Jan-2009 BurnT TComp 2009

2 Agenda TComp Overall Goals TComp Budget Goal TComp 2009 Budget Summary Estimated Budget for 2010 ART GRANTS! Lessons Learned & Stuff for 2010 Ranger Report Links and Contact Info

3 The Ideas Behind TComp Realize machinations of Delphic space A parallax to enmesh emotions in teleological scenery Some psychobabble tied to the conflict between existentialism and nihilism (YEAH RIGHT) Get to see friends from playa; reminisce by playing this one time at BM… Share BM with friends / new participants who cant go, may go or just want to know more about BM and participate in Torontos TComp Show off your dusty playa costume/art /performance /music Do Stuff! Participate! Workshops! ART!

4 The Goal of our TComp Budget This is our TComp budget goal. This is what we're doing. Pull out % for overhead needed to host TComp and you get a truer graphical description showing how we do it.

5 More TComp Budget Comments TComp strives to be 100% participant funded Funds for event are in the bank prior to event day; we do not run the event on credit and crossed fingers we can cover it Organizers and leads do not use personal money (personal art expenses & participation efforts excluded) Organizers and participants do not personally make money Unless directed differently from the BurnT community, ALL surpluses from TComp will be applied to the next TComp event costs and BIGGER art grants. The statement above does not include the original seed money TComp returns to the account

6 TComp 2009 Budget by Area So this is how we do it. Split up by area, this is how the budget is spread. Remember that the whole pie, is Art! This is a way to get there.

7 TComp Budgets for 2009 & 2010 Lets work to bring cost down to $14,500

8 TComp 2009 Intake These are the intake numbers by area. Total intake: $16,133 Final after outstanding expenses: ~ $14,500

9 TComp Budget Comments That's a really big number! We must respect this really big number. The bank account after TComp 2009 and some final outstanding expenses will sit at roughly $14,500. This budget would allow for larger art grants if we bring the $16,500 estimate for 2010 down to $14,500; which we can if we plan earlier. Muuummmmm planning... ahead of time... Given the event, the number of participants, etc., this is actually pretty good. It is volunteering that makes Torontos BurnT TComp possible. Remember the pie, unless we get a different direction from the community… ALL TComp proceeds will go directly toward making TComp even greater!

10 TComp 2010 Budget by Area This is the breakout of our suggested budget for 2010. If we start planning in March 2010 we will look for ways to reduce logistics and décor costs.

11 2010 Art Grant Recommendation Art and art grants are what make TComp different from just another fantastic BurnT party Art grants normally pay for only a portion of art costs. We pay for material costs, but not for time/labour. This can be materials for a performance, music or art. Art Grant for 2009:$ 750 Recommended Art Grant for 2010:$ 2,000 % of 2009 Budget:6% % of 2010 Budget:12% Increase from 2009:38%

12 Things That Worked Dedicated Medical Rest Spot Bigger Playafication Station Amazing pARTicipants; Great Playa Vibe 600+ pARTiciapants and only 5 incidents managed by our Rangers (see ranger report slide for details) Having Different Distinct Spaces Even More Art/Performances than TComp 2009 Our Fantastic and Much Loved Volunteers! More Organization Around Team Lead Meetings Addition of workshops to TComp

13 Things That Worked Pot Luck Food Table was FULL this year More Ticket Purchase Location Options Advance Communication with Fire Dept., Police & Residents Resulted in no Complaints Called in When we Lit the Fire Effects Having an Official Larger Coat Check (its on the issues list too) Introduction of Larger Live Bands to TComp (just like the playa we wanted to offer more for 2009) Food Bank Collection was Generous this Year Even though Torontos Finest Visited us Twice that night (random visit) they were shocked to see how amazing an event of 600+ could be compared to what they are used to. They were speechless!

14 Stuff for Next Year EVEN MORE ART AND GREAT TComp ACTIVITIES! Explore moving from Wiki site to Tcomp website for better dissemination of information and event principals Pre-event workshops for pARTicipants to create TComp specific décor, signs and cool shit MORE VOLUNTEERS! Our team leads are great but such a fantastic and large TComp needs more volunteers in 2010 so you dont see one of your leads face down in the chill space at 4am. We want to pARTicipate more in 2010! Volunteer Spark Party! Set our date in March 2010 so we do not overlap others Does anyone know of a LARGE warehouse space we may want to explore; perhaps in the DOCs area?

15 Before We Talk About Issues Remember that we are an experiment in community We are not always going to get it right… …but we can learn from it! Solution 3: ask DON to make us one from duct tape, lEDs and playa dust

16 Issues We Faced and Ideas IssueIdeas for 2010 Some people were worried that new participants would not get it or ruin the night while new participants may have felt alienated. Do you remember your first time on the playa? No one said you could not attend because you had not been there the year before or didnt know someone who is already in attendance. If you are worried about one degree of separation, talk to the person you do not know, share your playa experiences (within their comfort zone) find out something about them. If you see someone standing on their own, reach out and say hello. You never know when a virgin will be our next amazing local or playa artist. Communication We need to improve our advance communication around TComp. A TComp website has been purchased and can be used to keep all Tcomp specific information in one location; we are following the same model as other regional decompressions & will either keep a TComp website or fold the concept into Improving our first survival guide (2009) & share info on website.

17 Issues We Faced and Ideas IssueIdeas for 2010 Torontos finest shut down our bar earlier than expected. Improve security communication and who can come in. Other Ideas? An event the night before had three noise complaints and several visits from the police. This forced TComp to restrict access to the outside area and keep sound levels lower than 2009 (sorry DJs & Bands) Do not have TComp in same location as another noisy event the night before. Get the date out in March to all other communities. Chill Space was amazing but was not as chilled as 2009; did not provide the low stimulus space planned for. Community members contribute chill music, cover floor with more pillows and dont create a dance space in the chill room. Due to logistics we only had one Ranger this year (Thank you Tom for being our Superall nightRanger!) More Rangers; ranger training Provide community couches for Rangers coming in from other cities.

18 Issues We Faced and Ideas IssueIdeas for 2010 Although we had great volunteers, we need more team leads and volunteers if we are going to have TComp 2010. Improve how people can connect and volunteer. Make sure we treat our volunteers with respect and lots of appreciation. Host a post TComp Spark thank you party for volunteers. Ask BurnT community to donate the leftover alcohol as a thank you to volunteers. With 600+ pARTicipants, bar lineups were too large. Two bars & look at ways to be more efficient; bar stocker accidentally bought cans. Tickets were used to audit the bar 2009 &2010. When bar closed early some pARTicipants were left with extra drink tickets Retire drink tickets now that we have a history with running a bar. Bar funds go towards Art Grants. Respect tickets next year and have a drink night for ticket exchange.

19 Issues We Faced and Ideas IssueIdeas for 2010 Setup running late interfered with workshops in the main lobby and chill space. If at Pia Bouman for 2010, have setup run over two nights to reduce level of effort crammed into one night. Do ceiling décor the Friday night Recommendations on other large warehouse locations? Although it was fun to find things (like on the playa) signage and location maps / performance were needed with more pARTicipants and rooms. We added $500 to the 2010 budget for elwire and led to create great signs. Have pre-decomp drink night where participants help make the new signs and learn to solder el- wire / LEDs. Fire performance started late. This year was warm & residents next store liked it but 2010 may be cold. Fire performances starts at midnight, no delays! Stop ALL activities and restart after fire show.

20 Issues We Faced and Ideas IssueIdeas for 2010 Coat check was run by Pia Bouman to raise funds for the school - our way of building relationships with Pia Bouman and giving back - feedback has come back that the coat check was not always manned or a positive undertaking. We need to share our experience with PB Discuss how we want to run the coat check next year. Do we want a coat check? Manned coat check? Do we just pay someone who does not participate? Workshops were well received for first year but only ran an hour. Start workshops at 8PM and away from interfering activities. Run workshops all night or as long as workshop hosts want. Power failed a few times during Tcomp. Ok… leave it to use to test the power. Change location or use generators for things like plasma cutters; run as a workshop by Jason – Amazing!

21 Issues We Faced and Ideas IssueIdeas for 2010 There was more moop this year: mostly our fault from performances. Announcement at end of night helped; we need do more announcements during the night. Do what we do on the playa… pick something up, tell the person next to you about LNT, remember the first time someone taught you? Use the TComp website & greeters to reinforce. It was great to have a med station but it was next to the playafication station and too noisy/bright for people needing a safe space. Move Playafication Station change room out of Med Rest Spot. Use softer lights and create womb for those who need a safe secure space. DJs reported having issues with sound and power. We know how to deal with power (Jason…) We do not have a sound person for TComp, any volunteers?

22 Issues We Faced and Ideas IssueIdeas for 2010 The stage in the main room was crowded and made it difficult to move from one space to the other. If we stay at Pia Bouman, move stage area to a different room and leave the main room for more art and all night interactive fun/workshops. Some performers and DJs were frustrated with the schedule. From the bottom of our hearts we are sorry if anyone did not get to perform or perform in the way they imagined they participate. Sometimes we mimic the things that suck on the playa. We are welcome to volunteers and participants who can take the lead or help make this better for 2010 It got really hot in the chill space and people were not allow outside. Thanks to the sound issue from the event the night before we could not open doors or hang out outside like we normally would. We need to rethink heating and cooling.

23 Issues We Faced and Ideas IssueIdeas for 2010 Because we are not an entity some TComp leads take on insurance risks and personal risks by having their name on the insurance and licenses. Lets get that entity up and running before next Tcomp. By being a non-profit, we have access to more benefits at the city and provincial level. We received a few complaints about security. We cannot disband security but we can take suggestions if community members know better ones to engage for our next TComp. Setup, night of and clean up is crazy as usual. This year was better but next year we need to tighten up our plan for setup and where stuff goes. One final team lead meeting the day of.

24 Issues We Faced and Ideas IssueIdeas for 2010 Tracking of physical presale tickets by several community members was a lot to ask our already stretched treasurer. More stringent tracking of presales physical tickets should be assigned to one volunteer who reports to the treasurer and provides final numbers and herding of drink night ticket fairies. We tried comping tickets for some roles (strike & leads) but found this did not work as it was too difficult to feel we are 100% fair to everyone. Tickets will always go on sale early at a low price to ensure TComp is accessible to all; less than most Toronto activities. If pARTicipants would like to participate with art, performance, DJ'ing or workshops and need assistance, we recommend art grants. Please note, art grants apply to material and/or transportation costs only. Grants combined with early tickets would be a fairer way of encouraging artistic and communal pARTicipation.

25 Ranger Report As usual, the front door was very busy. We should conduct a greeter training and drinks night to prepare greeters for an amazing but busy night A pARTicipant was overwhelmed and spent most of the party with friends in the medical area. Yay for friends! A pARTicipant spontaneously and unexpectedly acted aggressively towards another, who withdrew immediately. The aggressive pARTicipant felt remorse and decided to go home. This participant was a friend of a community member and was over extended from activities the night before. Rumourmongers suck!

26 Ranger Report A couple of crashers crawled through the back fence well after the doors closed at 1 am and were escorted out the front door pARTicipants were well-behaved outside and did not make too much noise. Unfortunately the parking lot still had to be closed. Hopefully an outdoor, noise-tolerant area can be found for future events

27 Contacts and Links Conceptual Tcomp website (communications site only) Subscribe to BurnON Lists: Announce list (occasional summary emails about upcoming / past events): Send an introductory email message to toronto- announce-subscribe@burningman.comtoronto- BurnT Discussion List (potentially several emails/day): subscribe online

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