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Introduction to VBscript School of engineering 20051022 Kim sung hwan.

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1 Introduction to VBscript School of engineering 20051022 Kim sung hwan

2 What is script ? It is subset of programming language to purpose on included in the web. To execute this program dont need to compile and interpreted by web browser. It is easy to use. Execution time is slow. Relatively, structure is simple

3 The reason why we use script ? Make the web interact with user for example Situation : when plan for airport ticket Possible application 1. request ticket via the web 2. check the necessary form is correct 3. inform expectation fee from company and decide my choice on the web

4 VBscript It is a scaled down version of Visual Basic. It is an abbreviated name of Visual Basic Scripting Edition. The grammar is same with Visual Basic. - you haven't worked in another version of Visual Basic. VBscript is easy to learn, even for the novice developer.

5 Why Visual Basic is useful C source Visual Basic source It is easy to perceive Event-oriented language Even you are novice in programming, it can be used efficiently

6 Tag To purpose on adding script in the HTML example, (prosizer for date control) 2 End Function -->

7 Simple page applied VBscript simple page simple page for novice

8 monitor

9 Similar with other language variables constant operation conditional statement Loop statement MSND for novice user

10 Simple program 10 Then MsgBox input one number.(1~10)" Else MsgBox thank" TheForm.Submit End If Else MsgBox input other number" End If End Sub -->

11 VBscript prosizer Sub prosizer doesnt use return value Sub ConvertTemp() temp = InputBox(input degrees of temperature.", 1) MsgBox Celsius " & Celsius(temp) & degree." End Sub Function prosizer use return value Function Celsius(fDegrees) Celsius = (fDegrees - 32) * 5 / 9 End Function

12 Examples program Working With VBScript: Exercise 1 Your First VBScript Exercise By utilizing VBScript you can give your Web pages actions. Click on the button below to see what we mean.

13 Monitoring of examples

14 Use VBscript with Object tags -> include tags tags -> inform objects initial value

15 Using Object Form setting Programming

16 Thanks you for listening ^_^;

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