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ARCB - Prepaid and Postpaid Billing 6/13/20141 Aradial Converged Billing.

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1 ARCB - Prepaid and Postpaid Billing 6/13/20141 Aradial Converged Billing

2 Aradial Convergent Billing and Policy server (ARCB + APC) Aradial Proprietary and Confidential2

3 Aradial Converged Prepaid & Postpaid, Multi IP Services Prepaid and postpaid billing subscribers Advanced AAA – RADIUS and Diameter PCRF - Policy Control quota management Multiple services on same platform: Wifi / Hotspots Wired Broadband – ADSL – all ISP services Wimax Mobile 3G,Wifi 3G Offloading, LTE VOIP, Traditional VOICE, SMS, MMS VAS Customer Management and basic CRM Voucher Management system Aradial Proprietary and Confidential3

4 Aradial Converged Prepaid & Postpaid, Multi IP Services Customer Management Account – shared balance for users Users under account Resource/ANI/CPE defined per users Business Partners and Reseller Management Revenue Sharing with Business partners Registering subscribers / account Selling vouchers and prepaid cards Receiving commissions Aradial Proprietary and Confidential4

5 Aradial Converged Prepaid & Postpaid, Multi IP Services Business Entity Create market segmentation Group subscribers and accounts Multiple VISP support as Business entity Create market segmentation Special administration for VISP Manage users under the VISP account External HTTP interface for VISP billing integration Account and user operation View financial transactions, sessions and calls Payment by credit card or PayPal Adjustments to invoices Manual payments – cash, checks Aradial Proprietary and Confidential5

6 Aradial Converged Prepaid & Postpaid, Multi IP Services Voucher management Top-up vouchers Prepaid Cards for IP Calling Cards Web self care for users and accounts Users and passwords management Payments and invoices Purchase new offers and upgrades Public portal for self registration Trouble ticketing Aradial Proprietary and Confidential6

7 Aradial Converged Prepaid & Postpaid, Multi IP Services Product catalog Price plans Offers using price plans Price plan Network profile provisioning One-time offers Add on offers Aradial Proprietary and Confidential7

8 Aradial Converged Prepaid & Postpaid, Multi IP Services Flexible charging & rating Periodic Recurring Charges Usage charges Allowances Time of day and day of week Destination charging – e.g use for VOIP and VOICE Prefix table One-time charges Invoicing Periodic automatic invoicing Invoicing sent by XSL layout – branding Undo billing Discounting 8

9 Aradial Converged Prepaid & Postpaid, Multi IP Services Automatic payment Error management Account Receivables (A/R) Manual, fast payment screen Credit card PayPal Accounting reports Invoicing Payment Operator statement, per-account statement Aging payment Aradial Proprietary and Confidential9

10 Aradial Converged Prepaid & Postpaid, Multi IP Services CDRs processing & error management or rating problems Inventory and Resource management DID ANI MAC Address IP Address Aradial Proprietary and Confidential10

11 Aradial Policy Control PCRF - Policy Control quota management Fast definition of Policy rules, actions and step Handles various users events Advanced dynamic policies for active users –Change of QoS parameters in real-time –Disconnect –Redirect –Send balance notifications via and SMS Customer care additions –View & modify user details Quota policy QoS policy Aradial Proprietary and Confidential11

12 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential Presentation Agenda

13 Welcome Screens Aradial Proprietary and Confidential13

14 Welcome Screens Aradial Admin

15 Welcome Screens Web Self Care

16 Welcome Screens Portal

17 Price Plans Aradial Proprietary and Confidential17

18 Price Plan – Example 1 Postpaid Internet Setup fee Prorated RC Allowance then Money Aradial Proprietary and Confidential18

19 Price Plan – Example 2 Prepaid Internet Volume Allowance Aradial Proprietary and Confidential19

20 Price Plan – Example 3 Postpaid VoIP Setup fee Prorated RC Destination based Call setup Aradial Proprietary and Confidential20

21 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential21 Price Plan – Recurring Charge Based on various periods (None, bill cycle, daily, weekly, monthly) Flat RC rate Proration type Period multiplier Attaching with charge type (for invoice aggregation)

22 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential22 Price Plan – Destination Table View Available Destination Table View Destination Table Rates

23 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential23 Price Plan – Period Set View Available Period Sets View Periods

24 Offers Aradial Proprietary and Confidential24

25 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential25 Offers View Offers

26 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential26 Offers Add offer

27 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential27 Offers Add/View Offer Relations

28 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential28 Offers Add Categories – Category is to display different offers to different kind of subscribers. View Categories

29 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential29 Offers - Example Prepaid volume allowance: One Price Plan Customized: Group Price Allowance quota

30 Postpaid Hosting Aradial Proprietary and Confidential30 Offers - Example Price Plan Monthly RC $4.99 Setup Fee $10 Offer

31 One Time offer Aradial Proprietary and Confidential31 Offers - Example Add On offer

32 Prepaid Internet Time + Volume Allowance price plan definition Aradial Proprietary and Confidential32 Offers - Example

33 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential33 Offers - Example Prepaid time + volume with expiration: One Price Plan Customized: Group Price Allowance quota Expiration time

34 Accounts & User Management Aradial Proprietary and Confidential34

35 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential35 Account Reference Definitions Add new Account type View Available Account Types

36 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential36 Account Notification Policy Send on event. Define population, template, resulting SQL. Account Notification: - Credit card expiration notification. - Bill is ready or due or paid automatically. User Notification: - User registration . - User purchase . - User Low Balance notification etc.

37 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential37 Accounts Lookup Result page

38 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential38 Account Navigation Pane Account 360 Add users under the account Account balances (invoices, adjustments, etc) Statement report per account View sessions (all users under the account) Invoices (view, pay, adjust, issue) Add / edit tickets for the specified account Cancel account Browse users

39 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential39 Account 360

40 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential40 Accounts Lookup Basic lookup page Advanced lookup page

41 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential41 Adding an Account Add page

42 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential42 User under Account View Users – Account relation (title) – User balance – Prepaid / postpaid indicator – Transactions – Offers

43 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential43 User Navigate Tree Balance Transactions User Resource Top Up Extend Plan Buy One Time View User Sessions Manage Future Activities

44 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential44 User under Account View Users – User Account Information – Account ID & link to the account details – Account main details

45 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential45 Account Balance Account related balance type Account balance (inc. invoices, payments, adjustments) Expiration Date

46 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential46 Account Statement Report Starting/End balance Links to payments/adjustments details Links to invoices Credit / Debit details, tax

47 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential47 Account Sessions Displaying all users related account Summary / Individual report (similar to regular version) Customized output for Data and VoIP sessions

48 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential48 Account Financial Details Account Invoices

49 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential49 Account Financial Details Account Adjustment Page Account Payment Page

50 Invoicing & Billing Aradial Proprietary and Confidential50

51 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential51 Invoicing Invoices Lookup

52 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential52 Invoicing Generated Invoices

53 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential53 Invoicing Generated Invoices Invoice Charges Taxes Financial Transactions

54 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential54 Invoicing Ready Cycles

55 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential55 Invoicing View Cycles Lookup page Result Page

56 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential56 Invoicing Payment Page

57 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential57 Invoicing Adjustment Page

58 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential58 Invoicing Operator Reports (Bill Cycle Report)

59 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential59 Invoicing Operator Reports (Revenue Report) Operator Reports (Summary Report)

60 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential60 Invoicing Operator Report (Statement Report)

61 Vouchers Aradial Proprietary and Confidential61

62 Vouchers Three types of Vouchers: Top-up / Refillable Vouchers Prepaid Cards (Anonymous user) Calling Cards (VOIP) Reports Templates Manage vouchers Aradial Proprietary and Confidential62

63 Vouchers Create voucher template Aradial Proprietary and Confidential63

64 Vouchers Generate vouchers Aradial Proprietary and Confidential64

65 Vouchers Reports Summary Activation Detailed Aradial Proprietary and Confidential65

66 AAA Features & Settings Aradial Proprietary and Confidential66

67 Aradial AAA Server/ Module High performance, fully-featured – RADIUS server – Diameter Server (extra module) Supports any IP services Compliant with RADIUS standards EAP support Wimax NWG support IPv4 and IPv6 Diameter – RO/RF (DCCA), Gx/Gy (PCRF) Scalable and High available – Multithreaded - horizontal – Multi-process - vertical Aradial Proprietary and Confidential67

68 Aradial RADIUS Server (Cont.) 100% web-based interface SSL security support Scalable Dynamic IP Pools Database – ODBC (Access, MS SQL, mySQL, Oracle) – Native Oracle (OCI) – LDAP – Active Directory user authentication – Flat files Statistics and reporting modules Aradial Proprietary and Confidential68

69 AAA Settings Configure NAS Aradial Proprietary and Confidential69

70 AAA Settings Groups define connection settings, use sets of IP addresses, limit the number of simultaneous users and sessions, apply NAS filters, define which content the user may access. Aradial Proprietary and Confidential70 Grant RADUIS service to the users in the Group. Set custom RADIUS attributes to users according to the Radius Service Type field selection.

71 AAA Settings Aradial Proprietary and Confidential71 Add a NAS entry which corresponds to the IP address of the Aradial machine from which you wish to receive the proxied request. Proxy A RADIUS Proxy Server - To which the NAS authenticates with, and which will pass the authentication and/or accounting requests to the RADIUS Proxy Target. A RADIUS Proxy Target - Which will authenticate and/or start the accounting process for the user accessing the Proxy Server.

72 AAA Settings Aradial Proprietary and Confidential72 Realm Group TargetRealm

73 AAA Settings Aradial Proprietary and Confidential73 Support for IPv4 and IPv6 Assign one or more to a Group IP Pool View Individual Ips By Pool / By State / By Pool and State Update IP status manually IP Pool Monitoring

74 AAA Settings Aradial Proprietary and Confidential74 Online Sessions Report session disconnect to Aradial Report session disconnect to NAS Report all Users sessions disconnect to NAS

75 AAA Settings Aradial Proprietary and Confidential75 Rule Sets Define rules that test request attributes and modify response or request attributes when a rule matches. A more specific rule is scanned before a generic rule. A rule with more conditions is considered as more specific. When a rule is matched, its actions are executed.

76 AAA Settings Aradial Proprietary and Confidential76 Add Rule Add Action Set attribute Update attribute Add Attribute Add Attribute If Empty Remove Attribute

77 Policy Control Aradial Proprietary and Confidential77

78 Policy Control Policy Control quota management Advanced dynamic policies for active users –Change of QoS parameters in real-time –Disconnect –Redirect –Send balance notifications via and SMS Handles various users events Customer care additions –View & modify user details Quota policy QoS policy Aradial Proprietary and Confidential78

79 Policy Control Policy Control Hierarchy Aradial Proprietary and Confidential79 Policy Rule nRule 1Action Yes Step 1Step n Offer User Event Check No

80 Policy Control Event Type Mapping Aradial Proprietary and Confidential80

81 Policy Control Policy Aradial Proprietary and Confidential81

82 Policy Control Balance Policy Rule: Expression: Aradial Proprietary and Confidential82 Unconditional:

83 Policy Control Policy Action Action Steps Aradial Proprietary and Confidential83 Send PoD; Send CoA; Switch Group; Set Hotline; Set Balance; Perform a Script; Submit Command; Send ; Suspend User; Unsuspend User; Set Expiration Date; Change Offer; Change Additional Services; Update User Column.

84 Policy Control User Attribute -String -Numeric -Percent Aradial Proprietary and Confidential84

85 Policy Control Degrading QoS Example Aradial Proprietary and Confidential85 Expression Rule Action Steps

86 Business Partners Aradial Proprietary and Confidential86

87 Business Partners Business Partner Type and Contract Aradial Proprietary and Confidential87

88 Business Partners Business Partner Account Aradial Proprietary and Confidential88

89 User and Accounts Self Care Aradial Proprietary and Confidential89

90 Web Self Care User log in Aradial Proprietary and Confidential90

91 Web Self Care Account Admin log in Aradial Proprietary and Confidential91

92 Web Self Care Account details Users Trouble Tickets Statement Invoices User Sessions Payments Aradial Proprietary and Confidential92

93 Web Self Care Create user Step 1 Step 2 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential93

94 Web Self Care User Menu Edit user details Transactions Voucher Top Up Top Up and Extend service Sessions User payments Aradial Proprietary and Confidential94

95 Web Self Care Top Up - with Credit Card - with voucher Aradial Proprietary and Confidential95

96 Web Self Care Extend Plan Manage Future Activities Aradial Proprietary and Confidential96

97 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential97 Web Self Care Aradial Proprietary and Confidential97 Pay invoices online View payment details history

98 Web Self Care Tickets maintenance Invoices preview Aradial Proprietary and Confidential98

99 Business Partners Self Care Aradial Proprietary and Confidential99

100 Web Self Care Business Partner log in Aradial Proprietary and Confidential100

101 Web Self Care View assigned Accounts Users Invoices Aradial Proprietary and Confidential101

102 Web Self Care Business Partner Vouchers Generate from template Aradial Proprietary and Confidential102

103 Web Self Care Business Partner Vouchers Manage Aradial Proprietary and Confidential103

104 Web Self Care Business Partner Vouchers View Reports Aradial Proprietary and Confidential104

105 Portal Aradial Proprietary and Confidential105

106 Portal Welcome Screens Portal

107 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential107 Configurable Layout Change per location Offer purchase Voucher Sign Up

108 Portal Aradial Proprietary and Confidential108 3 steps user registration: o Select offer o Fill User details o Pay

109 Portal Aradial Proprietary and Confidential109 One step voucher sign up

110 Portal Aradial Proprietary and Confidential110 One step voucher Refill Three step service purchase

111 Trouble Tickets Aradial Proprietary and Confidential111

112 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential112 Trouble Tickets Add Ticket Category View Available Ticket Categories

113 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential113 Trouble Tickets Add New Ticket from the ticket admin page

114 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential114 Trouble Tickets Selecting Account from available list

115 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential115 Trouble Tickets View available Tickets from Ticket Admin page Adding Ticket Activity

116 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential116 Trouble Tickets View available Activities under a Ticket Ticket Lookup Page

117 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential117 Trouble Tickets Ticket Reporting Lookup

118 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential118 Trouble Tickets Ticket Summary Report Ticket Detailed Report

119 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential119 Account Tickets Account available tickets Adding Ticket

120 Resource Inventory Aradial Proprietary and Confidential120

121 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential121 Resource Inventory Add Resource Category View Available Resource Categories

122 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential122 Resource Inventory Add Resource Sub Category View Available Resource Sub Categories

123 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential123 Resource Inventory Resource Lookup

124 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential124 Resource Inventory View Resources Add Resource

125 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential125 Resource Inventory Manage Resources Import / Export Resources

126 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential126 Resource Reporting Lookup Resource Inventory

127 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential127 Resource Summary Report Resource Detailed Report Resource Inventory

128 Reference Definitions Aradial Proprietary and Confidential128

129 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential129 Defining New Cycle Code View available cycle codes Invoicing Reference Definitions

130 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential130 Invoicing Reference Definitions Add new charge type View available charge types

131 Aradial Proprietary and Confidential131 Invoicing Reference Definitions Add new Tax type View available tax types

132 Thank You. 132Aradial Proprietary and Confidential

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