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InterSession Single Sign-On 3270 Session Manager With Full IP Support:

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1 InterSession Single Sign-On 3270 Session Manager With Full IP Support:
Web Gateway TN3270 in/out IP-print

2 Basic Functions Single and Multiple Session Possibilites
Application Menu for easy application selection All IBM Mainframe O/S: zOS, VSE and VM Supports All Application Host Systems Built-in Web Gateway Built-in TN3270 Client/Server 3270 Print to any IP Printer Messaging system

3 Productivity Features
Web Gateway: No Client Software Needed Single Sign-On Access to Applications Top Line Menu Screen Hardcopies to Any Printer Cut and Paste Data Between Sessions Share Sessions with Other Users

4 Administrative features
Easy Administration: Windows Based Administration Client On-line Maintenance Routines Individual Screen Layout Help System Statistics and Accounting Information Multi-lingual Possibilities for All Screen Text

5 Security features Flexible Security and Authorization System
Supports VSE BSM, RACF, CA-TopSecret and CA-ACF/2 Supports Pass Tickets Unique CICS Features Increase Security and Simplify Maintenance

6 Performance features Built in TN3270 Server for Reduced Overhead
Automatic 3270 Data Compression Uses subtasks for long running operating system calls Completely written in assembly language Uses 31bit mode in all environments

7 Web Gateway Application Selection

8 Web Gateway 3270 Application

9 3270 Application Selection Menu
Completely customizable Only applications available to the user are shown Inactive applications are highlighted Help desk can provide information text and estimated uptime for inactive applications User defined Information screens can be accessed as applications Number of active sessions controlled per user

10 3270 Application Selection Menu

11 3270 Application Selection Menu

12 3270 Top Line Menu Invoked at any time by pressing Attn or user defined key Familiar behaviour (CUA) Easy session start/switch Print hardcopy of application screen Cut and paste data Give or share session with another user

13 3270 Top Line Menu

14 Single Sign-On access to applications
Advanced scripting facilities Support for Pass tickets for logon without password Unique CICS feature allows for seamless access to CICS systems Application sessions can be auto started at user log on

15 Other Security enhancing features
Standby screen hides application data on idle terminals - password required to continue Automatic application log off for idle users

16 Messaging System

17 Built-in TN3270 support TN3270 Server removes VTAM sessions between stack and Session Manager, reduces overhead TN3270 Client lets you access other host applications via TCP/IP

18 VTAM and TCP/IP Print support
Network print support – Passthru VTAM print from other applications, hardcopies and internally generated print to TCP/IP printers using LPD, RAW and PJL protocols Print to system spool - Passthru VTAM print to your system spool list queue TN3270E printing – Connecting TN3270E printers to InterSession’s virtual VTAM print

19 Administration from Windows
Windows based administration client TCP/IP connection to InterSession Manage InterSession without 3270 skills

20 Administration from Windows

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