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Tennessee One Call System, Inc.

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1 Tennessee One Call System, Inc.
DBA Tennessee811





6 Board of Director’s Bruce Mangrum, Chair William Russell, V-Chair
AT&T William Russell, V-Chair Sprint Eddie Andrews, Treasure NES Ed Kelley, Secretary Middle TN Natural Gas Paul Ramsey, TN Gas Pipeline Bobby Garner, Piedmont Natural Gas Bobby Mullens, Comcast Reggie Bowlin, MLGW Paul Randolph, KUB David Middlebrooks, JEA Frank Sadler, Atmos Donnie Mingus, Exc. Rep. Team Construction

7 Tennessee811 Mission Statement
To Provide the Best Possible Communication and Notification Service to Prevent Damage to Underground Utilities.

8 Purpose (1983) Take calls from Excavator’s that are planning on digging Process the information Transmit this information to Member Utilities

9 Needs (2008) Damage Prevention Partner Full Service Contact Center
Ticket Screening Educator Enforcer GIS Specialist Emergency Responder Trainer Lobbyist Software Provider

10 Not Just A Ticket Taking Service
811 Promote Damage Prevention Advertise Call Before You Dig Education PIPE, Partners in Protecting Everyone TNDPC, Damage Reporting GeoRemote Eticket KorWeb Positive Response MSAM, Member Service Area Mapping Legislation Member Visits Mapping Assistance

11 811 811 is now available Statewide
All promotional material includes 811 vs. the toll free number, Approx. 52% of our calls come in on 811 811 is available Nationwide, however, you will be directed to the state One Call that you are calling from.

12 811 Logo

13 Promote Damage Prevention
1 Marketing Manager, Kathy Quartermaine 2 Liaison Managers, Holly Austin, Scott Holder Duties and Responsibilities: Safety Presentations Tradeshows Tailgate Meetings Member Visits PIPE Member Services Enforcement Education

14 Advertising Utility Association Newsletters
Contractor Association Newsletters Trade Magazines Bill Boards Radio Major Market and TRN Southern Living Magazine Newspapers Banners


16 PIPE Partners In Protecting Everyone
23 Meetings covering the entire State 83 Sponsors Total Attendance = 2,460


18 TNDPC Tennessee Damage Prevention Committee
Endorsed by the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) as a Regional Partner Chaired by, Bobby Garner, Piedmont Natural Gas Encourage all Stakeholders to participate Meet Quarterly Promote the Use of DIRT (Damage Information Reporting Tool) Discuss and Resolve issues pertaining to Damage Prevention

19 TNDPC Map Results

20 GeoRemote Remote Ticket Entry System
Eliminate having to call in your Locate Request Interface with the same server as the Agents 73 Users Entered Tickets = 52,000 Benefits: Cost saving to Tennessee811 No agent interaction User maps their own locate Maintain a record of your locate request

21 eTicket Remote Ticket Entry via
Easy to use, fill in the blank. One Call Agent maps the locate request and s a copy back.

22 KorWeb Ticket Receiving and Management Application
Receives your Locate Request by Various reporting capabilities Ability to Map your Locate Requests, using Google Maps Include automated Positive Response Component 50 Users, receiving more than 200,000 locates Available FREE to all One Call Members







29 Positive Response Mandated into Law, January 1, 2008
Utilities Required to Respond to all Locate Requests Response must be done on-line 383 Members Signed up, 72% For more information, Contact Holly or Scott





34 Positive Response Stats:
Total Member Codes: 533 Total Setup: 383 Time Period 1/1/08 – 10/31/08 Total Responses – 1,925,199 (note these are responses, not ticket counts) Complete (indicates some type of response) – 1,060,660 (55.09%) Null (no response) – 864,539 (44.91%)

35 MSAM Member Service Area Mapping
Online access to your Member Database with Tennessee811 Enables Members to see your Database in relation to Tennessee811 Mapping data Editing Version available soon Currently 32 Utility Users

36 Member Service Area Mapping (MSAM)

37 MSAM Grid Member Sample – grids on

38 MSAM Spatial Member Sample – grids on

39 MSAM Spatial Member Sample – grids turned off

40 Legislation Working with the TRA to write new Enforcement Legislation
Create an Advisory Board Increase Penalties Offer Education in lieu of Penalties Probable Violations of the UUDPA reported to the TRA Mandatory Membership New Sewer Lateral requirements Introduce in the 2009 Legislative Session Information will be distributed to our Members

41 Member Visits Liaison Staff visits all 535 Utility Members Offering;
Promotion Assistance Safety Training Ticket Management, KorWeb Ticket Entry, GeoRemote/Eticket Positive Response Training Mapping and Database Assistance

42 Tennessee811 Center Performance Statistics
Call Volume by Month Speed of Answer Call Length Calls Answered within 30 Seconds Ticket to Transmission Ratio Historical Ticket data

43 2008 Call Volume by Month

44 2008 Average Speed of Answer

45 2008 Average Call Length

46 2008 % of Calls Answer Within 30 Seconds

47 2008 Ticket to Transmissions

48 Tickets to Transmissions
Includes every Transmission 1 ticket in = 7 transmissions out Without Positive Response 1 ticket in = 6 transmissions out Without multiple receiving locations 1 ticket in = 4.5 transmissions out

49 Call History Lifetime

50 Ticket Volume Change

51 More Than A Ticket Taker

52 Copy of Presentation Available @
Thank You Copy of Presentation

53 Copy of Presentation Available @

54 Member Service Area Mapping (MSAM)
This service is also referred to as MapServer. Ability to view existing database in near real-time. Same street base map structure that Tennessee One-Call uses. Whether grid or spatial member, updates to database would be submitted as always. For spatial member, ing the changes. For grid member, ing or faxing changes. Changes are made in a timely manner. Once changes are made, they are viewable the next day. To access this service, a member needs to contact the IT Department for password, web path and instructions of use.

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