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Indonesian - Singapore Social Business Platform Community Welcome to BISA.

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1 Indonesian - Singapore Social Business Platform Community Welcome to BISA

2 Family Oriented Networking for all Indonesian - Singaporeans in Singapore Established September 2011 by 3 Indonesians Entrepreneurs / SME in Singapore. We are from different cities in Indonesia that realized to make a breakthrough from our Indonesian network resources in Singapore Non membership model 300 over visitors and database over 1 year Social Business Networking with Indonesian cultures in Singapore (gotong royong / doing together and saling membantu / support each other as our philosophy)

3 A bridge to help Indonesia/Singapore Entrepreneurs to expand their business in Singapore Provide resources and informative platform to help business growth Events coordinators for joint-event to help companies in leveraging BISA sources To help to expand connection for Indonesians- Singaporeans An incubator for entrepreneurs and a learning platform to share knowledge and experiences as inspiration.

4 Meeting every Wed night once a month in the end of month (last week) An evening Networking for all Indonesians - Singaporeans One-to-One Business Matching and Marriage A joint Event Networking/Seminar Business Referral Partnership & Collaboration Coffee Time

5 Lawyer Printing Food & Beverage Translator Media & PR Entertainment Logistics Advertising Web-Designer Travel Agents etc WE WELCOME YOU.....


7 We will launching BISA Exclusive Social Business Networking in Indonesia Date: Friday - Saturday, 16 - 17 November 2012 Venue: Function Room Hotel Mulia Senayan (5 Stars Hotel) Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta Estimated Number of Participants (Indonesian & Singapore): 30 SME / entrepreneurs (Dinner – 16 Nov 2012) 30 SME / entrepreneurs (Breakfast – 17 Nov 2012) 100 SME / entrepreneurs (Snacks & Tea / Coffee Time – 17 Nov 2012) 100 SME / entrepreneurs (Lunch – 17 Nov 2012)


9 EVENTS VISION AND MISSION To be the largest and most significant Indonesia-Singapore Networking Platform To promote entrepreneurs, best practises and successful story for Indonesia-Singapore community To promote a new wave of commercial opportunities from the effective deployment of Businees opprtunity between Singapore-Indonesia. To provide an annual meeting point for the community

10 WHY INDONESIA? In our recent research with the key industry players, Indonesia has been highlighted as booming market due to its growth economy and business development especiall in Asia. Being situated in a strategic location, rich of sources, having stable political climate and highly skilled workforce are strong factors that will attact new venture business to set up their operational here. With over millions of SMEs in Indonesia to seek opportunities to expand its business beyond globally and business opportunity internationally. This makes Jakarta a very attractive conference venue for the event

11 Of more than 40 million enterprises, 99.99% is small and medium enterprises and only 0.01% corporation Indonesia need 2% corporation to develop positive environment for growing entrepreneurship, especially for SMEs. Millions of people engage in this productive activity and SMEs employ 99.45% of people working in the private sector

12 Sat, 17 Nov 2012Session 07.30-08.30amBreakfast 08.30-09.00amRegistration & Networking 09.00-09.30amOpening & Welcome Remarks 09.30am-10.00amSlot for Presentation-1 10.00am-10.30amSlot for Presentation-2 10.30am-11.00amSlot for Presentation-3 11.00am-11.30amSnack & Tea / Coffee Time 11.30am-12.00amSlot for Presentation-4 12.00pm-12.30pmSlot for Presentation-5 12.30pm-13.00pmSlot for Presentation-6 13.00pm-14.00pmLunch & Closing 14.00pm-The end One-to-One Business Networking and back to Singapore Itinerary * BISA have a full right to adjust the time, schedule, venue, etc depend any circumstances and situation that may affecting our objective for this event without prior notice Fri,16 Nov 2012Session To Be Confirm From Singapore to Jakarta 19.00 pm – 20.00 pmDinner at Hotel 20.00 pm – 22.00 pm Informal Social Business Networking 22.00 pmRelax and sleep

13 Function Room and Splendour Room Pictures

14 Ticket Fee Package-A SGD1000/person (Full package – BISA event ticket, budget air ticket SIN – JKT return, meals, tranportation from airport to hotel, and hotel accommodation) Includes: 1.Registration fee 2.Dinner (1 time at Hotel Mulia - 16 Nov 2012) 3.Breakfast (1 time – 17 Nov 2012) 4.Snacks & tea / coffee (1 time – 17 Nov 2012 ) 5.Lunch (1 time – 17 Nov 2012) 6.Stay 2D1N in Splendour Room Hotel Mulia, Jakarta (16 - 17 Nov 2012) 7.Budget air ticket SIN – JKT return (16 – 17 Nov 2012) 8.Transportation when arrive and departure from Sukarno Hatta International Airport – Hotel (16 – 17 Nov 2012)

15 Ticket Fee Package-B SGD800/person (without budget air ticket) Includes: 1.Registration fee 2.Dinner (1 time at Hotel Mulia - 16 Nov 2012) 3.Breakfast (1 time – 17 Nov 2012) 4.Snacks & tea / coffee (1 time – 17 Nov 2012 ) 5.Lunch (1 time – 17 Nov 2012) 6.Stay 2D1N in Splendour Room Hotel Mulia, Jakarta (16 - 17 Nov 2012) 7.Transportation when arrive and departure from Sukarno Hatta International Airport – Hotel (16 – 17 Nov 2012)

16 Ticket Fee Package-C SGD600/person (Without dinner, budget air ticket, transportation from airport to hotel and hotel accommodation) Includes: 1.Registration fee 2.Breakfast (1 time – 17 Nov 2012) 3.Snacks & tea / coffee (1 time – 17 Nov 2012 ) 4.Lunch (1 time – 17 Nov 2012)

17 AN OUTSTANDING MARKET CAMPAIGN As a sponsor, your company will enjoy outstanding market opportunities and campaigns that culminate in face-to-face meetings with customers and prospects Direct marketing: It is not as sexy but it still works. Conference brochures will be mailed to a attended audience Email : A comprehensive email campaign will be run to recruit attendees and encourage them to register early. We can also allow you to pre-arrange meetings with your prospects before the event Advertisements : The event will help you to advertise your company through brochures, flyers, etc Website : Our dedicated event website is consistently updated with industry and event news Partnership : The event will be promoted through a network of strategic alliance with key industry association

18 Limited Speaking Opportunities In order to attract senior level attendees, the conference will predominantly feature speakers from governance and high profile public speaker with new innovations and best practises. Limited speaking opportunities are open to entrepreneurs and business solution vendors. To secure one of these speaking slots, we encourage you to confirm your partnership with us earlier.



21 Appendix 1 – Benefit for Sponsorship Your company will gain: 1.Publicity and exposure benefits in Indonesia for expand your services in local market. 2.Brand awareness in Indonesia for SME / entrepreneurs 3.Intangible benefits (promoting and supporting Singapore as international business hub)

22 Special Deal (Celebrating 1st BISA Anniversary) EARLY BIRD before 10 Sep 2012 only 20% OFF Reseller / Freelance Agent are welcome (Please contact us for getting contract agreement)

23 We are looking for business people who want to collaborating with BISA Team to setup regular social business event once a month for: -BISA Jakarta -BISA Bandung -BISA Surabaya -BISA Medan -Etc (Basically for any cities in Indonesia that have a direct flight and business related with Singapore) Please contact us for futher discussion

24 For further information please contact us at: 1.Stephanus Titus Widjaja, +6593554952, 2. Linawaty, +6592233028, 3. Eka Mardiarti, +6590259575, BISA Pte Ltd Co. Reg. 201212341G 10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza Singapore

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