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Talbot Trail Math Problem Solving

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1 Talbot Trail 2012-2013 Math Problem Solving
Visible Learning Talbot Trail Math Problem Solving

2 Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement
From Three Part Lesson to Problem Solving

3 Talbot Trail’s Learning Goals


5 Talbot Trail Team

6 Visible Learning School Team School Name: Talbot Trail Public School
Team Members: Name, Grade/Assignment: Johanna Lawler Library (K-8) Shelley Dix Early Years Kristin Drake Grade 1 Nicole Garneau Grade 2 Amy Allison Grade 3 Shawn Price Grade 4 Shelley Gin / Chris Hickman Grade 5 Erin Edgar Grade 7 Andrew Wilson Grade 8 Student Need Identified: Math Problem Solving Evidence documented and/or evidence to consider documenting: Student Products Observations Conversations Reflection Journals Ability to complete Open Ended Tasks Ticket out the door Three part lesson consolidation charts Bansho documents Student daily work, quizzes, assignments, summative tests Manipulatives LiveScribe Pen Group Discussions Photographs Video Documentation panels Anecdotal notes of discussions Targeted checklists Teacher observation of body language Fotobabble EY ‘Learning Seen at Home’ Conferencing Edmodo Conversations about video with students Tribes circles Co-creating, and checking off LG & SC Conversations over wiki pages / blogs Gallery walks

7 Wall Wisher




11 HUB Days


13 Student Work Conversations Observations Visible Learning
Journals, Learning Logs Exit slips EQAO Data assessments: CASI, DRA, CAT, Dibels, Marie Clay, ONAP, etc. Photos / Presentations Video / Audio tape Tests and Quizzes Inventories Daily Work, Projects, Student work samples Diagnostics Problem Solving samples Performance / Portfolios Worksheets / Planners Student created success criteria / anchor charts Rubrics Teacher moderation Interactions – level of talk Report card data Student interviews PLC Student consolidation /student talk Conferences One-on-one conversations Bansho Gallery Walk 3 part lesson Video / Interviews Feedback Folders Surveys / Inventory Surveys Teacher Moderation Student Self Assessment Clicker Surveys Student opinion Interviews Teacher Reflections Diagnostic, formative and summative Report Card Data Video taped problem Solving Student Focused Coaching – observation records Photos Walk through Student Observation What’s on the wall? Anecdotal evidence Going into other classrooms Checklists Self assessment Session A / B - September 11th, 2012 Visible Learning 13

14 Student Work Conversations Observations Visible Learning
CASI IIIIIII EQAO IIIIII ONAP IIIII DRA IIIIIII Cumulative assessment OSSLT II Written work Journals/Reflection Logs IIII PALS-K Student product Self assessments II Student work samples IIIIIIIIII Grade level questions Student surveys Exit tickets IIII OWA II Summative assessments II DIBELS II Moderation II Photos/Video III Report Cards III MISA II Common teacher assessments Snap shot samples CAT CTC Credit accumulation Pre-assessment Exemplars Portfolios Presentations SFC student data SFC Conferences Observations of student discussions Conversations with students IIII Pro dialogue culture Ticket out the door Interview questions before-during-after Student anecdotal comments Principal/coaching meetings Student conferences Student quotes (documenting) Audio recordings Feedback folders Conferences III Interviews II Survey II Anecdotal data II Time – PLC meetings embedded Peer assessment Asked English and classroom teachers what they thought students needed Student self-reflection Pre-post survey Small group instruction Teacher reflections Moderate student talk Accountable talk Surveys II Marker students Blogs Checklists II Small group assessments Diagnostic tests Data card Credit accumulation Video IIIIIIIII TPA Tracking sheets Anecdotal notes IIIIII Formal assessments Of, for, as Diagnostic tests Descriptive feedback notes SIP, SEF After class engagement Photographs Small group Observation III Restorative justice Reading wall Role play Time – name the learning SFC data anecdotal Session C/D Visible Learning 14

15 Student Work Conversations Observations Visible Learning -OSSLT/EQAO
-Practice OSSLT/EQUAO questions -CASI/DRA/PALS -Report Cards -Pre/Post Assessments -Writing Samples -Feedback -Formative Assessments -Failure List -Tests/Quizzes -Moderation -Process & Product -Markbook/Admin Reports -Projects -Photos of Evidence Student Reflections -MISA Data -Learning stories Prezi, Bitstrips etc. -Student Interviews -Surveys -Lesson Study -Parental Input -Student-Led Conferences -Teacher Conferences -Teacher Moderation -DRA -learning Across the curriculum -Bansho -Dot Matrix Protocol -Student Voice -Parent/Guardian Voice -Audio -Conversation -Bloggin -Videotaping Conversations -Photos -Small Group Instruction -Guided Reading -Documentation -Conferencing -Learning Across the Curriculum -Observations of Students at Writing Centres -Teacher Anecdotal Records -Daily Tracking of Goals -Visual Observations -Videotaping -Conversations re: EQAU trends -Checklists -Audio Recordings Session E/F Visible Learning 15

16 Where Are We? February 2013 Staff Meeting Survey

17 Where Are We? February 2013 Staff Meeting Survey

18 Where Are We? February 2013 Staff Meeting Survey

19 What Do We Still Need?

20 Working On It!

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