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Ms. Blalock, Ms. Hartsell and Mr. Luckman

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1 Ms. Blalock, Ms. Hartsell and Mr. Luckman
Homeostasis in Plants Ms. Blalock, Ms. Hartsell and Mr. Luckman

2 Do Now What are the necessary ingredients for photosynthesis to occur?
What are the products of photosynthesis?

3 Today’s Aim and Objectives
AIM: How do water and CO2 play a role in helping a plant maintain homeostasis? Objectives: Students will be able to… Identify guard cells and stomata in a diagram Explain how a plant maintains homeostasis Understand the role of stomata and guard cells in a plant Understand the role of water and CO2 in a plant Make connections between homeostasis and the process of photosynthesis

4 Today’s Agenda 1. Do Now 2. Activity 1: Reviewing Photosynthesis
3. Activity 2: Lab→ Homeostasis in Plants 4. Closing→ Homeostasis: Plants vs. Humans 5. Exit Ticket

5 Activity 1: Reviewing Photosynthesis
Definition: The process by which light energy is converted into chemical energy. In other words, it is when plants take light energy and use it to make food in the form of sugar (glucose).


7 Activity 2: Lab → Homeostasis in Plants
Directions: Read Page 1 of the lab on Homeostasis in Plants. Once you are finished, respond to the following question independently and silently: Why do plants need to maintain homeostasis? (Hint: How is the process of photosynthesis affected if homeostasis in a plant is not maintained?)

8 Think, Group, Share Respond to the following question: Independently
As a group As a whole class How do the different structures of a plant work together maintain homeostasis in a plant?

9 Step 1: Structures of a leaf
Directions: Using the information in the reading, as a group take 2 minutes to label the cross section of a leaf. When your group is finished, check your answers with the key located in the back of the classroom.


11 Step 2: Cross section of leaf

12 Step 3: Tradescantia leaf

13 Steps 4-6: Creating a model
Directions: Each group will put together a model of the cross section of a leaf. Everyone in the group will work together to color the different pieces of the model. The following roles should be assigned: Materials: Person goes to get the materials for the lab Scissor Hands: This person cuts out the pieces of the model Manager: This person makes sure the model is correct before it is glued together Gluer: This person glues the pieces together

14 Step 7 and 8: Simulating Photosynthesis
Directions: Complete Steps 7 and 8 as a group. Keep the same roles as before. Check with the teacher before gluing

15 Check Point! Directions: Once you have finished Step 8, check in with the teacher before moving on to the Summary Questions. Once the teacher has signed off for your group, begin answering the Summary Questions INDEPENDENTLY and SILENTLY

16 Closing: Homeostasis in Plants vs. Humans
AIM: How does water and CO2 play a role in a plant maintaining homeostasis? Making connections: How would you compare and contrast the regulation of homeostasis in plants and humans?

17 Exit Ticket You have 5 minutes to complete the Exit Ticket.
If you talk during the Exit Ticket First time, it is warning Second time, you will receive a zero

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