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Privileged Identity Management ISV Partner Alliance Value.

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1 Privileged Identity Management ISV Partner Alliance Value

2 ISV Partner Alliance Value Lieberman Software Corporation 2 Product Description Primary Capability: Privileged Identity Management Product Description: Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) automates the complex and time-consuming process of securing and managing privileged account credentials on systems, hypervisors, databases, middleware, line-of-business applications and network devices. System Center Integration: ERPM and Microsoft System Center work together to proactively monitor and manage privileged accounts on your network, securing System Center agents and services that use domain and local passwords. With ERPM, you can access admin credentials directly within Configuration Manager and Operations Manager. Simply find the machine, right click, retrieve the password and get to work. ERPM changes privileged passwords, and propagates password changes to all places those credentials are in use – with full auditing. In addition, ERPM natively manages all Run As accounts in Operations Manager. ERPM is also integrated with System Center Service Manager so that only authorized personnel can access systems and applications with valid trouble tickets. Website: Global Sales Contact: Jess Richter,, Cost Licensing: ERPM is perpetually licensed based on the number of server, workstations and devices covered: $25K for the core engine plus $99/managed server, $29/managed workstation or device. Discount bundles are available. The license allows for an unlimited number of passwords, accounts or objects to be managed by the system. There is no restriction on the number of users or administrators. No cost for System Center Management Packs. Support: Next Steps Support TypeYesNoCostAvailability Self-Help (Web, Forums) XFreeonline Assisted: Web/Mail XIncluded in Maintenance 24x7 Assisted: PhoneX 2am–6pm PST Assisted: On-siteX$4,500/Day5 Days/Week

3 ISV Partner Alliance Value Lieberman Software Corp. - Architecture 3 Architecture OverviewResources Random_Password_Manager_ Architecture/ Ticket Creation Approval Workflows Ticket Verification Password Retrieval Run As Management ERPM Monitoring Auditing and Compliance Reports ERPM

4 ISV Partner Alliance Value Lieberman Software Corporation - Deployment 4 Deployment Overview: Typical Deployment Takes 1 WeekResources Architect/Design Risk Discovery & Analysis ID Managed Targets Device & Application Integrations DR & HA Configuration Work Flow & Role-Based Access Controls Compliance Reports Pre-Install Hardware Prerequisites Software Prerequisites Named Managed Targets System Sets & Groups Delegation & Work Flows POC Implement Install Backup, DR, HA Configure Databases Configure Management Console Configure Web Application Configure Options Deploy System Sets & Groups Auto-Discover Managed Targets Device & Application Integrations Delegation & Work Flows Compliance Reports End-User & Admin Training Support Configuration Updates ERPM Version Updates & Maintenance System Software & DB Updates Hardware Migrations Device & Application Integrations Compliance Reports ½ Day to 2 Days ½ Day or more (POC dependent) ½ Day 1 day to 1 week Ongoing

5 ISV Partner Alliance Value Lieberman Software Corporation - Case Studies Title: Take Control of Privileged Identities in Less Than One Day Summary: IT staff were challenged to find a solution that could continuously discover, update and store all privileged passwords on the network, and be in full production in the least amount of time. Situation: Staff at Carnegie Mellon had attempted to manage privileged account passwords manually, first by storing a list of current passwords in a safe and later by writing scripts that changed the passwords: time-intensive processes lacking documentation and difficult to troubleshoot. They also offered no way to change privileged passwords frequently or auto-detect credentials. Solution: Deployed Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) Benefit: Local accounts are now updated with unique passwords on a routine basis and all sensitive privileged passwords are securely stored in a vault. For More Information: Title: Lieberman Software Helps Mitigate Security Risks Summary: To pass frequent financial and regulatory compliance audits, the credit union needed a privileged identity management solution that could locate and update all privileged account passwords and also manage service accounts. Situation: The credit union had relied on scripts to update some of its privileged passwords but the process had many limitations. Scripted changes could only be applied to known accounts, and it was nearly impossible to update service accounts using scripts because service interruptions could result if scripted changes failed to account for every service account dependency. Solution: Deployed Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) Benefit: The credit union is now frequently updating its privileged accounts, including the service accounts, with unique and complex passwords. As a result, the organization has strengthened its security significantly is also meeting its audit requirements. For More Information: Case Study #1 – Carnegie Mellon University Case Study #2 – Large Federal Credit Union Customer Quote: It took less than one day from the time that we started the installation until we changed all of the privileged passwords on our machines. It was that simple. - Joe Corey, IT Group, Carnegie Mellon University 5 Customer Quote: Its like painting the Golden Gate Bridge – starting at one end, working your way to the other end, and then starting all over. Essentially by the time you were done changing service account passwords, you would have to start it all over again. ERPM automates that tedious, error-prone process for us. - Information Security Analyst, Large Federal Credit Union

6 Partner Alliance – Depth ISV Lieberman Software Value Proposition for System Integrators 6 Incentives Sales Incentives: Channel Program: Up to 40% Margin for resale and deployment partners. Joint Support Model: SI does Tier 1, ISV does Tier 2 & 3 Deployment Incentives Channel Program: Up to 40% Margin for resale and deployment partners. Opportunity sizing: -Average deal size including the ISV solution Medium: 350 servers, 3500 devices/wkstns - $157,380 List Enterprise: 1500 servers, 15K devices/wkstns - $430,200 List -Average services revenue from deploying 5-25% of the purchase price, depending on integration requirements Resources: Sales Joint sales calls Sales Training On-site and remote assistance Deployment Technical Training Certification Course: ERPM Certified Engineer On-site and remote assistance Online technical forum Support 24x7 email support Phone support On-site and remote support Online technical forum Coverage by Country – Support and Sales personel Contact for information about our global coverage and partners. We support international customers directly and through

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