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1 CAUL Atlantic Islandora Repository Network.

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1 CAIRN @APLA2012 1 CAUL Atlantic Islandora Repository Network

2 CAIRN team Mark Leggott – Kirsta Stapelfeldt – Alan Stanley – David Wilcox – 2

3 Outline Brief CAIRN Project Overview (recap from November 2011 CAIRNCamp) Overview of new CAIRN functionality Overview of CAIRN project management system Additional Resources/where to get support 3

4 / Find and click on the link for your institution. 4

5 5 Cairn specific tutorials & presentation slides available under site-specific resources

6 What is CAIRN? Islandora-based prototype repository for use by all CAUL institutions to steward digital assets of any kind, in a consortially-managed framework. 6

7 Dates Prototype system set up at UPEI – Spring 2011 Data Stewardship interns hired – Summer 2011 CAIRNCamp – November 2011 7

8 Activities set-up and maintain Islandora system (newest code) digitization and/or ingesting data into the repository training events and response to Redmine ticketing system 8

9 9 Growing Community Operational funds at UPEI ACOA Grant Services company (DiscoveryGarden Inc.)

10 Software 10

11 FedoraDrupal Site Solution Packs/Solr module Drupal Site Solution Packs/Solr module Drupal Site Solution Packs/Solr module 11 Software in CAIRN

12 PDF Simple Image Large Image Audio Book (paged content) Review slides from CairnCamp on 12

13 Repository Root Collection Acadia collections Root Collection NSAC collections Root Collection NSCC collections 13

14 cairnrepo msvu:upei:acadiau:ast:cbu:dal:mta:nscad:nscc:smu:mun:nsac:stfx:ukings: unbsj:unb:usaintanne:umoncton: 14 namespaces

15 Show & Tell 15

16 New Functions Institutional Repository solution pack Advanced Book solution pack Video (beta) solution pack OAI provider module Harvester module 16


18 Bibliography Any search result set can be saved to a personal bibliography and exported in a variety of formats and styles. 18

19 Bibliography: 19

20 20 IR materials

21 IR Materials (adding documents to citations) 21

22 Bulk ingest from RIS and Endnote XML 22




26 admin/settings/islandora_oai 26

27 27 admin/settings/islandora_oai

28 28 admin/settings/islandora_oai

29 29


31 31

32 32 Click the sign in link on the right- hand side of the page.

33 Click here if you have lost your password, and you will receive a recovery link in your email. 33

34 Logging-in should take you immediately to a project for your institution. 34

35 From My Account you can change your password, as well as your email preferences. select New Issue 35

36 Issue require a subject and description 36

37 Status indicates the state of the issue. Assign the issue to either David or Kirsta 37

38 You can attach files directly to any issue Make sure that both you and the assignee are selected as Watchers, as well as anybody else that should receive updates about this ticket. Click Create to submit your issue 38

39 From here you can update the ticket Your issue has been created! View a list of all your issues under the Issues tab. Add watchers to the ticket 39

40 Here, you can see that David received an email that this issue has been created, and he has gone in and updated the ticket. 40

41 The ticket has been reassigned, and the status has been set to feedback 41

42 When David updates this ticket, I receive an email. I can now go in and close the ticket, by setting its status to closed. 42

43 Under Issues I can see a summary list of all of the Issues associated with my project 43

44 Additional Notes on Redmine Any update to the ticket will trigger an email to your inbox, unless you change the settings under My Account A link to a guide for Redmine at A rich system with many features, if you are interested in using it to do more, please let us know and we can provide an individual training session. 44

45 45 Users list:!members/islandora

46 46 Developers List:

47 47

48 48

49 49

50 Thank you! Mark Leggott – Kirsta Stapelfeldt – Alan Stanley – David Wilcox – 50

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