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FUN DAMENTALS OF FEA. FEA is focused on exposing students to the rewards, joys, and challenges of careers in education. Established 1937.

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2 FEA is focused on exposing students to the rewards, joys, and challenges of careers in education. Established 1937

3 FEA strives to elevate the image of teaching and promote it as a challenging and rewarding career.

4 FEA strives to encourage students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds to enter the education profession; students learn best from teachers who are similar to them.

5 FEA strives to attract exemplary future educators, particularly in areas of math, science, and special education.

6 Benefits of MEMBERSHIP Go Teach, the official FEA magazine published 4 times per year; FEA News, a monthly, online update of association news;

7 Benefits of MEMBERSHIP The FEA National conference, where you can network with peers and participate in professional development activities and competitive events 2014 Minneapolis, Minnesota

8 Benefits of MEMBERSHIP Prospective Educator Scholarships for Student members South Carolina Scholarships There are 40 scholarships available on the FEA website for your students.

9 Benefits of MEMBERSHIP The FEA Honor Society This recognizes FEA students for their academic achievements. The requirements are as follows: Be a current member in good standing Be a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school. Maintain a cumulative scholastic average 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale

10 Benefits of MEMBERSHIP The opportunity for student members to run for a national student officer position Mollie Miller Jalen Brown Abigail Marapao President Vice President Vice President

11 Benefits of MEMBERSHIP The FEA Store, a one-stop shop for all of your FEA needs whether you are looking for chapter tees, student welcome packets, or party supplies

12 Benefits of Advisor MEMBERSHIP An online database of advisor materials, including: FEA Handbook for Chapter Advisors, Seventh Edition, which provides advisors with specific program information, including ideas for activities and events; PDFs of all forms in the FEA Handbook; Free marketing materials; Examples of projects and activities from other FEA chapters; Selected PDK publications free of charge. FEA online resources

13 BUFORD HIGH SCHOOL FUTURE EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION Established in 2006 Enrollment at BHS is 622 with 49.7 % being eligible for free or reduced lunch.

14 BHS FEA received honor status in 2010, 2011, and 2012. In 2013, the requirements changed from chapter honor status to individual honor status.

15 Buford High School FEA strives to encourage and support the faculty and staff of Buford High School through activities like St Patricks Day and Halloween baskets, Easter egg hunt, Feature Teacher announcements, and Chalk Walk.

16 Buford High School FEA strives to provide our students with tons of great resources and leadership development activities to shape them into exemplary members of our community through activities like Pennies for Patients, Childrens Home Bowling parties, and tutoring opportunities.

17 FEATURE TEACHER Thanks a MILLION for your participation in Feature Teacher!!

18 MONTHLY TEACHER GOODIES Ideas from Pinterest

19 PENNIES FOR PATIENTS We raised $816.65.

20 RELAY FOR LIFE We participate with the Buford High School Beta Club to set up the whole Relay For Life event. We fill and place the Luminaries around the walking track and help organize where they will be placed.

21 SPECIAL OLYMPICS We traveled to Rock Hill, South Carolina to serve as volunteers at the Special Olympics.

22 CHALK WALK A 5K Walk to honor teachers past and present, FEA CHALKWALK RESOURCES

23 CHILDRENS HOME EVENTS 2012- Games and afternoon party with the girls home of Lancaster. We gave them gift cards to Wal-Mart. 2013- Bowling party with boys and girls home at the Lancaster Bowling Alley. We provided lunch and a game of bowling.

24 FACULTY EASTER EGG HUNT Media Center after school Students provide refreshments and small gifts for teachers and faculty

25 TRAVELING,LEARNING, EXPLORING Chattanooga, Denver, San Antonio, Atlanta, Baltimore, Orlando In 2014 we plan to travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota

26 TRAVELING,LEARNING, EXPLORING While attending the conference we always find time to let our students see the sites of the cities.

27 HOW TO ATTRACT MEMBERS? INVITE THEM! recruit through school guidance counselor, Teacher Cadet, Intro to Teaching Last meeting of the year we invite new members. First meeting is open to all.

28 BHS Meetings are the 1 st and 3 rd Wednesdays of every month at 7:45 in room 406 consistency=better attendance

29 BHS FEA MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Pay dues ($20-INCLUDES T SHIRT) Maintain a 3.0 GPA (75% MUST HAVE) Attend meetings-you may not miss more than 5! Participate in ALL events UNLESS excused due to another school event. Perform 6 hours community service during the school year. Failure to meet these requirements will result in dismissal from the club. NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED! ____________________________________ Member signature

30 FEED THEM! We have refreshments at first open meeting- doughnuts, juice OR Bojangles biscuits.( Put leftovers in lounge with a note from FEA- double credit

31 MAKE IT FUN!! Tie-dye your chapter t-shirts and have pizza

32 MAKE IT FUN!! Allow them to actively participate in ALL events. Powderpuff 2013

33 MAKE IT FUN!! Conventions take care of fun!

34 MAKE IT FUN!! Assemble things during meeting (treat bags, quotes on candy, etc.) Ask for members ideas about activities Field trip to Special Olympics/Relay for Life- keeps it fun and a day out of school for good causes.

35 GET STARTED BY: Find a co-sponsor Visiting the website to see for yourself! Apply for a charter-fee $125 Elect officers and collect dues $10 each Register online as a chapter. ENJOY!

36 BUFORD HIGH SCHOOL FEA FUNDRAISING Ideas that have worked for us and allowed us to travel

37 Fundraiser ideas Powderpuff Game Sell Ads for t-shirts charge to play ($15) charge community for admission Sell concessions that have been donated We made about $2500 on this fundraiser on October 2, 2013.

38 Fundraiser ideas Powderpuff Game Ad Sales $50 per ad usually on 80 t-shirts

39 Fundraiser ideas Applebee's Flapjack Breakfast Sign up online for a date and time Individual ticket sales = individual profit Decide ticket price-Applebee's charges $2 per breakfast so we charge $7

40 Fundraiser ideas Applebee's Flapjack Breakfast They provide the tickets and the flyer personalized for you and they post the fundraisers on their Website. $5 profit per ticket sold

41 Fundraiser ideas Poinsettia sale at Thanksgiving Find the cheapest best looking flowers for the highest profit margin Individual sales = individual profit Timing important - decorate at Thanksgiving

42 Fundraiser ideas Chalk Walk Sell Ads for t-shirts Charge to walk/run-$20 Get donations for waters/fruit Media coverage

43 TIPS FOR TRAVELING Dont forget about Perkins travel funds Use a travel agent for plane tickets Start early so that students can make payments Provide a balance due after each payment and fundraiser

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