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Thousand Oaks High School Competition Cheer 2011 - 2012 Booster Club Information for Parents.

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1 Thousand Oaks High School Competition Cheer 2011 - 2012 Booster Club Information for Parents

2 Agenda – Sept 7, Room #I-7 TOHS Competition Cheer Boosters Miss Mills – Updates, team changes Parents fill out permission forms Parents who will drive fill out driver forms New Booster Club Approval of By-laws Approve Budget Approve Fundraisers for the 2011 – 2012 School Year Conejo Kick Off Competition, Saturday, October 29 th – sign ups

3 Calendar Subscribe to the Team Snap Calendar TOHS Competition Cheer Boosters Click Here Subscribe here You can also go to your Calendar – subscribe and enter the URL listed in this area

4 TOHS Competition Cheer Boosters Finances $$ How to pay for the cheer program? Anyone want the pay by PayPal option? Funded through donations and fundraisers. Moving balances from ASB accounts to the Booster. Asking each family to take minimum of 3 shifts during the year. (ex. 1-Conejo Kick Off, 1-Car wash ticket sale chaperon, 1-restaurant night coordinator)

5 Budget 2011-2012 TOHS Competition Cheer Boosters IncomeExpense Banquet Ticket Sales1,050.00Administrator Gifts25.00 Car Wash Tickets-JanssAnaheim Team Dinner600.00 ISA Distribution-159.50Awards and Gifts0.00 Car Wash Tickets-Janss - Other1,700.00Bank Fees and Service Charges0.00 Total Car Wash Tickets-Janss1,540.50Banquet Decorations300.00 Conejo Kick Off CompetitionBanquet Dinner1,360.00 Awards Cost-200.00Bon Voyage Camp Gift300.00 Judges Expense-225.00Bon Voyage Party240.00 Other Costs-100.00Bonding Events600.00 Registration Fees0.00Clinics and Camps0.00 Spotters Expense-150.00Coaches' Fees7,657.68 Ticket Sales3,600.00Coaches' Gifts300.00 Total Conejo Kick Off Competition2,925.00Pictures and Videos775.00 Donations300.00Postage0.00 Participation Fees4,650.00Printing and Copying0.00 Summer Kid CampSenior Gifts200.00 Kid Camp Costs-1,645.00Supplies250.00 Kid Camp Income5,165.00Varsity Letters200.00 Total Summer Kid Camp3,520.00Total Expense12,807.68 Summer School Food Sales Net Ordinary Income1,970.14 Food Sales Costs-929.54 Net Income$1,970.14 Food Sales Income2,514.18 ISA Distribution 50%-792.32 Total Summer School Food Sales792.32 Total Income$14,777.82

6 Fundraisers Fundraising activities will cover expenses detailed in the 2011 – 2012 budget TOHS Competition Cheer Boosters Asst Dates during Summer School Cheerleaders + Parent Volunteers Bake sale items & other food items August 2011 All Cheerleaders are required to participate. Parent help is appreciated. Organize crafts Supervise activities Registration table October 29, 2012 Cheerleaders will be competing, require at least one family member from each family to take a shift. Bake sale items Set Up Break Down Table runners Ticket/registration General help Asst. dates Cheerleaders required to sell with the team. Parents to chaperone athletes at various locations. Cheerleaders and Parents Solicit sponsors for Conejo Kick Off Cheer Competition Asst. Cheerleaders – team bonding time, families no cooking night.

7 Conejo Kick Off Competition TOHS Competition Cheer Boosters We Need EVERY Comp Cheer Family to Volunteer for this event. Largest fundraiser of the year. Take at least 1 shift Help with pre-event activities 10 teams attending is almost same work as 25 teams coming but = MORE $$$$s Sign up tonight Check out web site go to Conejo Kick Off

8 October TOHS Competition Cheer Boosters Changes to our payments Updated budget Conejo Kick Off updates

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