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1Prepared By Srikanth Palagani PayTicket Ticketing System by PayPal.

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1 1Prepared By Srikanth Palagani PayTicket Ticketing System by PayPal

2 PAYTICKET - INTRODUCTION 2Prepared By Srikanth Palagani Our idea is digitalization of travel tickets using PayPal payment system, which change the way of payments in the Public Transports. To Attract lot of Merchants, we are Introducing Introduce "PayPal Here Card Reader(Knuckle buster) in public Transport System, the simple way to accept credit and debit cards, PayPal - anywhere you travel. Also Introducing PayPal Travel card which will benefit passengers, Instead of swiping the direct Credit card or Debit cards they can use PayPal Travel card which is Smarter, Safer and Secure - Cashless Travel.


4 PAYTICKET - WEBSITE 4Prepared By Srikanth Palagani

5 5 PAYTICKET - DEMO is an webapp works on IOS and android. This webapp support can also be extented to work in all touch devices. DEMO : http://www.payticket.in

6 Tickets Print View Demo Prepared By Srikanth Palagani TAXI SMSTICKET SMSPASS SMS

7 PAYTICKET - FUTURE OF PAYPAL 7 Future of PayTicket To Increase PayPal Volume of transaction In India To Get All Class of India People and Merchants as a Customers Introducing PayPal Travel Card Brand Name Marketing as people use Transportation frequently,. This Idea can be implemented to all transport etc.. Go Green (No More Paper Tickets in Bus) Prepared By Srikanth Palagani

8 Digitalization of Indian Transport Ticketing System For Emerging PayPal In India 8 SUMMARY Prepared By Srikanth Palagani

9 PAYTICKET - TEAM Team Name: M-Team Team Members: Srikanth Palagani, Janakiraman Veerappan, Vattapparambath Bijesh Kumar, Vasana Jayakarteek, Panem NandaKishore. 9Prepared By Srikanth Palagani

10 THANK YOU Prepared By Srikanth Palagani

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