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Could This Be You?

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1 Could This Be You?

2 AOS/PSAT The PSAT for all applicants to the AOS is scheduled for Saturday October 19th, 2013. You are expected to arrive at Dominion High School NO LATER THAN 8:00 a.m. Please remember to bring your admission ticket with you; if you arrive at the test center without this letter you may be delayed in getting to your assigned room. If you completed Part I of the application and have not received your admission ticket by Tuesday October 15th please contact the AOS office at

3 Test Day On test day, students should bring two No. 2 pencils, and an approved calculator. During the test, students may have nothing on their desks but: a test book, an answer sheet, No. 2 pencils with erasers and for math sections only, a calculator. The following items are not permitted in the test room: pager, personal digital assistant, iPod, MP3 player, and any other digital or electronic equipment; scratch paper; notes, books, dictionary; compass, protractor, ruler, or any other aid; highlighter or colored pencils; portable listening or recording device; camera/photographic equipment; timer or watch with audible alarm; food and beverages, including bottled water, unless approved for medical reasons. You may bring a backpack with a snack or bottled water to drink in the hallway during breaks in testing, and keep the backpack closed under your desk during testing.

4 Test Day Parents will not be admitted into the test center. It is important to be organized and well rested on test day. You should plan in advance to organize Admission Ticket, pencils, calculators, and other supplies; get a good night's sleep; eat breakfast. Double-check for everything you need before leaving home; and arrive at the test center on time. Your room assignment is listed beneath your name and LCPS student ID number in the salutation of this letter. When you arrive at the test center you will be asked to show your admission ticket for entrance into the building, and then you will proceed directly to your assigned room. There is a Dominion High School Floor Plan included with the test admission ticket letter. Students will take the PSAT; there will be a 15 minute break followed by administration of the AOS Writing Prompt. We expect testing to be concluded by 12:30 p.m.

5 Test Regulations Students are responsible for bringing their own calculator to the PSAT. There will be no calculators provided by the AOS on test day. Students may use a calculator only on the math sections. Students will not be allowed to share calculators with other students. Be sure to check the batteries in your calculator in advance; you may want to bring spare batteries with you. Approved calculators include: a four-function calculator, a scientific calculator, or a graphing calculator. The following calculators are NOT permitted: a pocket organizer ; a hand-held or laptop computer; an electronic writing pad or pen input device ; a calculator with a QWERTY (typewriter-like) keypad; a calculator with paper tape; a calculator that makes noises or "talks;’ a calculator that requires an outlet; a calculator on a smart phone device.

6 Test Regulations Cell phone use is not allowed at any time in the test center. If possible students are encouraged to leave their cell phones at home. Once the testing room supervisor has read the instructions to turn off and put away all prohibited devices, if a device rings or makes noise, or a student is seen using a prohibited device, the student may be dismissed, the device may be confiscated and its contents inspected, and the student's test scores will be canceled. You should expect to receive your test scores in late December through the school counselor at your middle school.

7 If You Are Sick on Test Day
Students who are ill or unable to take the PSAT must register to take the SAT on November 2nd or December 1st, and provide an official score report to the AOS office. Registration information and directions for the SAT can be found at PLEASE NOTE THAT THE REGISTRATION FOR THE SAT IS ON THE COLLEGE BOARD WEBSITE, AND IS A SEPARATE PROCESS FROM THE AOS APPLICATION PROCESS. Registration for the PSAT is contained in Part I of the AOS application. Students who were ill or unable to take the Writing Prompt on this date must take a make-up Writing Prompt on Saturday November 9th at 9:00 a.m. Please report to Room 309 at the Academy of Science. Please contact the AOS office at should you have questions.

Part II of the AOS Application will be available online at the AOS website on October 21, 2013. Students will be asked to provide the names grade eight science and math teachers, and school counselor. Students will be asked to respond to several short answer essay questions. The questions will be listed in the instructions for the applications so that students can prepare thoughtful answers. Students should complete Part II independently!! Part II of the AOS application must be submitted no later than Friday January 3rd, 2014, at 11:59p.m.

9 Teacher Recommendations
ASK EARLY! Don't wait until the last minute. As you can see, there are 100 students who have applied to AOS. Your teachers need time to be thoughtful and thorough when they write the recommendations. As soon as you have completed Part I, find a time to meet individually with your teacher to make the request. Do NOT ask during class or in the hall. You should give your teachers at LEAST 3 weeks. And remember, others have already asked, so………

10 Teacher Recommendations
ASK PERSONALLY! When seeking letters of recommendation, ask in person don't send s OR have your parent ask for you! It's to your responsibility to ask the person face-to-face. This conveys just how important this letter is to you. Be prepared to explain your interest in attending AOS.

11 Teacher Recommendations
SEND A THANK YOU NOTE! Always send your writer a thank-you note after you know the letter has been sent out, whether or not you have heard from the school. Don't wait too long to do this: a week or two is a good timeline. Letters of recommendation are important parts of the admissions process, and should be treated as such.

12 Teacher Recommendations
BE YOUR BEST EVERY DAY! In order to write an excellent recommendation, your teacher needs to know who you are and see the quality of your work. Study for assessments! Hand in your best work the first time! Demonstrate your passion for math and science.

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