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1. Youve been called for work and you are required to travel a fair distance by road to get there for start up…. What is required of YOU to be prepared.

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2 Youve been called for work and you are required to travel a fair distance by road to get there for start up…. What is required of YOU to be prepared for your first time out into Northern and isolated Regions? 2

3 YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO: 1). Obtain and produce all current Licenses and Tickets to PLSI. 2). Complete CPS Journey Management & Winter Driving Orientation. 3). Prepare, Check and Document all appropriate equipment & gear for planned journey. Supply your own work & winter clothing. 4). Maintain Professionalism and hard work ethic at all times. 3

4 The minimum requirement for acceptance of hire will be: - Valid Drivers License with Class 4 - Current Licensure for Alberta EMR, EMT-A, EMT-P - Current Licensure for BC EMR, PCP IV, ACP with Endorsements - Current EMP Canada Level III Ticket (only required for Oil & Gas Industry) - Current H2S Ticket - Current WHIMIS Ticket - Current TDG Ticket Any other tickets or licenses you may hold will be a benefit and asset to you for diversity of employment. 4 All tickets and licenses must be current and are the responsibility of the employee to obtain and maintain.

5 CPS Journey Management & Winter Driving Tips: You will receive a full package from CPS upon your Hiring & Orientation covering Current Policy & Procedure, CPS Safety Manual, Journey Management and Winter Driving Tips Documents. You will be required to read all material given to you for your benefit to be fully prepared to respond to site location. Do not hesitate to ask any questions… All your solutions start with you 5

6 6 MTC Medical Supplies & Equipment – Use the check list to inventory your equipment while documenting missing supplies or equipment. MTC Pre-trip Vehicle Inspection – Use the check list to inventory vehicle supplies while documenting missing items or damage to vehicle. Winter Survival Kit – Use check list to itemize the personal supplies you should bring for the journey. Winter Gear – Use the check list to itemize the personal clothing you should bring for the journey. Equipment & Gear Pre-check Inspection:

7 7

8 8 So you are off to your first Rig Site: So you are off to your first Rig Site: How can you prepare? Find out which company you will be working for. What kind of job are going to? Research the company on the internet for information on your job…Drilling Rig? Service Rig? Seismic Exploration? Pipeline? Ice Road building? Completions? The only dumb question is the one you DONT ask!

9 9 While en route to site you take care to: - Fill out your Journey Management Tracking Sheet. Record your start km. - Use call-in procedure as per Journey Management Protocol. - Complete errands in a timely manor: ie: Pick up O2 Tanks, Coveralls, etc. - Drive defensively for road conditions. Always obey speed limits and signs. - NOT to use your cell phone while driving. Pull over if you have to make a call. - Keep all receipts for fuel and miscellaneous purchases. - Call in for any delays or change in route directions. Take your time! - Call the Consultant on site. They are expecting you at a certain time. Notify of your arrival time. Ask them is they need anything picked up from the nearest town you will be travelling through. They may be hours away and will appreciate your thoughtfulness. - Use 4 wheel drive procedures the moment you start driving on ice roads.

10 10 CPS Journey Management Tracking Form

11 11 - Record your destination mileage! - Meet with your Consultant or Coordinator. - Find out where you are to park the MTC. - You will need to plug in when in Winter conditions. - Set the MTC up first and then yourself. - Do not leave the AED and solutions in the MTC! - Plan a meeting time with the Coordinator to get & give all the information that is required. - What is required of you for your job? - Will you be attending safety meetings? - Are you required to set up the ERP? - What time is start time in the am? - What can you do to help them? - Set up all your Emerg contact information. - Arrange for your Site Orientation. - Settle into your room and go have dinner. - DO NOT BE LATE FOR START TIME! You have arrived at your destination:

12 12 Typical Camp Location: Typical Camp Location: - Usually Cell Phone Service - Usually Internet Service - Gym Facility - All meals provided by Camp - Housekeeping & Laundry Service - Shower Facilities

13 13 Its your first day to drive to Location from Camp: - You are up early and on time for the Safety Meeting. - Take a head count and know who is in the field with you. - You warm the MTC up and have heaters running. - You UNPLUG the MTC from its hookups! - You have all your Medical Equipment and Supplies. - You have a large lunch packed for your day…you could be out longer than anticipated! You are the LAST be out longer than anticipated! You are the LAST truck back to camp each night. truck back to camp each night. - You have all phone list contact numbers with you and stuff to do to keep yourself busy while on location. - DO NOT FALL ASLEEP WHILE ON YOUR SHIFT! - You use proper call out procedures while driving. - You do a radio check before heading out. - You closely monitor the radios and phones on your shift. - You position your MTC in egress - Do not forget why you are there! You are important to the crews that are working! - You fuel up at the end of every shift and document your km.

14 Radio Call Out Procedure Radio Call Out Procedure - Do a radio check before you begin. - Know your radio frequency channel. - Call Empty Pick-up at km 0 on your way in. - Call Loaded Pick-up at km ? on your way out. - Call on each km, blind corners and bridges. - If you hear someone loaded approaching the corner you are coming empty to, call out to them ~Easy way to remember: and let them know you are there. - ALWAYS maintain speed limits on ice roads! You will Be fined if caught speeding or end up in the ditch! ~Easy way to remember: When you go to the bar, you go in empty. When you leave the bar, you go out loaded. 14

15 15 Fueling Procedures: Fueling Procedures: - Know which fuel to use – Gasoline or Diesel? - Keep all your Receipts for fuel purchases while enroute to your destination. Fueling as per usual. - Once at camp you will be required to use a Bush card or have to pump from a Tidy Tank. Ensure you use proper PPE while fueling on site! Safety Consultants are always watching!

16 16 Bush Card for Fueling: - The Bush card comes with a pin number. - When you arrive at camp and know where the fueling station is, park, shut your vehicle off and wear your PPE. At least, your protective glasses. -There will be a diesel and gas pump combined. - Know which one to use and follow the tubing from the pump to the nozzle as the lines will sometimes be tangled. DO NOT assume which is which!

17 17 - Make sure the power box at the fueling station is turned to on - Hold the back of the card up to the pin pad screen – do not swipe it. - Follow the prompts to enter your pin number, unit number and so forth. - Begin fueling when it prompts you to do so using the correct nozzle for your fuel type! - Replace nozzle and shut off the power box. - Record your litre amount and dollar amount if it gives you that information along with your mileage odometer reading on the PLSI Fuel Log Record.

18 18 To Fuel up from a site Fuel Storage Tank with 12 v pump: - You will not be required to use a gas card of any kind. - Position the MTC close enough to the storage tank so the 12 v pump wires and clamps can reach the battery of your MTC and the fuel hose can reach your truck fuel tank. - Wear proper PPE for fueling purposes. - The fueling nozzle will be locked. You should have the key in your pocket. DO NOT LOOSE THE KEY! - In extreme cold weather, leave your MTC running. - Open your hood and attach the negative/positive clamps to your battery posts. Black is negative – attach this clamp first. Red is positive – attach this clamp second.

19 19 - Position the nozzle in the tank before activating the 12 volt pump. - Flip the lever of the pump upward to activate. - Stay with the nozzle at all times while the MTC is running. You will not have to use the throttle handle as the 12 v pump will push the fuel through on its own. - Pay close attention to the fill level of your tank as it will splash back at you! - Once your tank is full, shut off the 12 v pump. This will disengage the fuel source. - Replace the nozzle in the holder and lock it back up! - Remove the 12 v pump clamps. Red first. Black last! - Record your fuel amount. You may have to record ¼ tank and so on as there is no dollar or litre amount shown. - Use a dip stick to measure fuel amount in 1000 g Tank

20 20 Winter Windshield Engine Oil Transmission Anti-Freeze Fluid Fluid Be sure to check and maintain all fluid levels. Save Receipts and Record.

21 21 Some MTC Units have a Master switch in the engine compartment. Your truck will not start if this is OFF Use this hook for your tow rope. DO NOT attach tow rope to your bumper. Do not drive with your Step in place. Remove before driving.

22 22 Be Aware of the Wildlife in your area for the Winter season: DO NOT Feed the Wildlife! Drive with Caution Obey Speed Signs

23 23 Example of Emergency Response Plan

24 24 Timesheets can be emailed to or faxed to 403-259-8369 no later that end of day on the 16 th or 1 st of each month. If timesheets are received after these dates payroll may be affected or refused. Example Time Ticket for submission Please make sure you understand how to fill out your payroll sheets. This is your responsibility in order for you to get paid. Ask if you are not sure of what to do.

25 25 YOU Whether transport by STARS or ground EMS or company chopper, make no mistake about the part YOU play in the important job you do. You are hours away from a receiving facility. You are located in the far Northern Region in the middle of Winter with sub-zero temperatures and limited resources. YOU YOU are it! And the team you will rely on is YOU the one YOU choose. Be confident. Delegate. Remain calm and always be Professional.

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