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Technology Staff: Patrick Kulbis and Bryan Smith

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1 Technology Staff: Patrick Kulbis and Bryan Smith

2 Your Firelands Schools Domain Password will expire every 94 days. You will receive an email everyday for the last 7 days before your password expires, notifying you of the expiration. The email will also include instructions on hoe to change your password. Options for Changing Your Domain Password Option 1 Log into a system on the district domain Press Crtl, Alt, Del together and choose Change Password Option 2 Loginto WebmailWebmail In the upper right corner click on options Choose Change Password Firelands Domain Password Expirations

3 For any Technology Issues you encounter please fill out a trouble ticket at the link below. Trouble Ticket System Below is a link to instructions on how to fill out and updates Firelands Schools Trouble Tickets, please review them. How to Submit a Trouble Ticket How to Update your Trouble Ticket How to Cancel your Trouble Ticket Firelands Local Schools Trouble Ticket Instructions

4 There are 2 ways to access your Firelands Email 1. Webmail: Accessible Everywhere Webmail Link 2. Outlook Client: On your School Computer you can open the Outlook Client and access your email. Firelands Local Schools: Email

5 There is a phone in every Room, You can call from room to room and locally. If you are authorized to call long distance Please Contact Brad McCracken to get your long distance access code.Brad McCracken You can find user manuals for the phones and a list of extensions on the Schools website at the links below FLS Extensions (Not Yet Posted) Cisco Phone Users GuidesCisco Phone Users Guides (Most users have the Cisco 6921 Model) Phones and Long distance Codes

6 Safari Montage A video subscription website every teacher should have an account. You can log in with your Firelands Domain Credentials. Google Docs All firelands Employees also have access to Google Docs. Google requires a separate password than your Firelands Domain account. *If you try to access either of these resources and are unable to please submit a Trouble Ticket.Trouble Ticket Safari Montage and Google Docs

7 Every Firelands Employee has access to a Personal Network Drive. By default this is mapped on your system as the U:. The actual location of the drive is \\flsfile01\users\yourusername \\flsfile01\users\yourusername There are other Network Drives you,may need access to please check with your peers and administrators to verify you have access to all of the resources your job requires. If you find you are missing something please submit a Trouble Ticket. Trouble Ticket Firelands Local Schools Personal Network Drives

8 Every Teacher and Administrator has a M86 Filter Override account. Any time you are blocked from accessing a website follow the instructions at the link below. You will need this when trying to watch youtube videos and view anything else the filter blocks. Before filling out a Trouble Ticket for access to a website being blocked make sure your override account is active by following the instructions in the link below. M86 Override Instructions Firelands Local Schools Internet Filter Override (M86 Filter)

9 To Install Firelands Network Printers please click on the Printer Installs icon located on your desktop. Printers are listed by Building, Room Number and, Model FES=Firelands Elementary School SAMS=South Amherst Middle School FHS=Firelands High School BOE=Board of Education BUS=Transportation Once you find the printer you want to install simply double click on it. Firelands Local Schools: How to Install Network Printers

10 All requests for new hardware must be made through your Administrator. Thing like: Additional Computers for your Room Any New Technology Ipads/Ipods SMART Boards Etc, etc. Any New software purchases must also be approved by an Administrator. If you have a request for software we have in the district already than please feel free to submit a Trouble Ticket requesting a software installation. If your not sure if we have something in the district please email and Bryan Smith or Patrick Kulbis will do our best to get you what you need. Firelands Local Schools: Technology Hardware and Software Requests

11 Firelands also offers Microsoft Home Office Licenses at a discounted price for more information please email Please Speak with your administrator about creating your Personal Class Web Page Some other important Links: Firelands Schools Home Page Firelands Staff Links Firelands Technology FAQs and Tutorials (you can find this Power Point Here) Firelands Technology FAQs and Tutorials Firelands Local Schools

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