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Preparation for your overseas study

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1 Preparation for your overseas study
PGDE English Language Immersion Programme 2011 (Primary Cohort) Prepared by IO (29 Sep 2011)

2 Rundown Role of IO: providing logistic support Undertaking Form
Visa Application Visa Fee Reimbursement Air Ticket (i.e. Itinerary, Stay behind information) Invitation Letter and Letter from HKIEd Important Dates

3 6 Nov 2011 – 17 Dec 2011 Centre in New Zealand Primary Cohort
Victoria University of Wellington

4 Undertaking Form Submit Undertaking form (Original) to IO (B4-G/F-01) Miss Chloe Ng on or before 3 Oct pm - A guarantor and witness(es) to sign it Please bring the following with you for verification purpose while you submit the form: Your original HKID Card & a Copy of your HKID Card A copy of the HKID / Identity card issued at the home country of your guarantor A copy of the HKID / Identity Card issued at the home country of the witness(es)

5 Visa IMPORTANT It is YOUR responsibility to arrange the document needed for your overseas immersion programme The visa application and related matters are subject to the Consulate’s final decision.

6 You will need to check: Passport validity – 6 months Consulate website  visa requirement for individual type of passport Any updates on requirement? Obtain visa (if applicable) AT LEAST 2-3 weeks before departure We may not be able to include the visa requirement for your own passport type, please consult the corresponding Consulate-General in HK for further details. You are strongly advised to visit the website of the Consulate-General for more details

7 New Zealand Visa (for reference)
Type of passport HKSAR/ BNO/ British/ Canadian Visa-free Mainland China/ HKDI (香港簽証身份書) Visitor visa ($960)

8 Visitor Visa – New Zealand
Visa-Free Access (Short term visit within 3 months) Hong Kong Passport Holders BNO Holders of Hong Kong SAR and British National (Overseas) Passports British passport Holders Canadian Passport Holders However, you must also: hold a valid return or outward ticket to a country where you have the right of entry; be able to show you have sufficient money to support yourself during your stay (NZ$1000 per month); this can be in form of cash, traveller's cheques or Visacard/Mastercard useable in conjunction with your bank account; hold a passport valid for three months beyond the date you are leaving New Zealand; and only visit for the time granted on arrival. List of Visa-waiver countries:

9 Visitor Visa – New Zealand
Holders of PRC passports /HKDI (香港簽証身份書) : Check the visa type you need: hecklists/ Visitor Visa Application Guide: cess/default.htm Further details about Visitor Visa: *Fee: $960 *15-30 days to proceed

10 Medical check up – New Zealand
Visitors stay within 3 months No Medical check up is needed hrequirementstemporary.htm

11 New Zealand Consulate-General HK
Further information about visiting NZ could be found at: Contacts: Mon – Fri 9am – 12:30 pm & 1:30pm – 3pm Tel:

12 Visa Fee Reimbursement
1. Complete & Submit the e-Form below by 2 Nov 2011 : 2. Submit the following documents to IO (B4-G/F-01) on or before 2 Nov 2011 ORIGINAL Visa Fee Receipt Copy of the Visa By hand to IO (B4-G/F-01) [Office hours: Mon-Fri 08:30-12:30 & 13:30-17:20] By hand to the Collection Box outside IO if outside office hours By post to IO: International Office Hong Kong Institute of Education B4-G/F-01, 10 Lo Ping Road Tai Po, N.T. Hong Kong ** please state “PGDE Immersion 2011” on the envelop Write your name and student number on the ORIGINAL receipt Make a copy of receipt for your own retention before your submission The reimbursement will be settled by cheque (in HKD) and will be available for pick-up at IO AFTER your completion of immersion NO reimbursement made for : - Application submitted after the deadline without reasonable explanation - Insufficiency of required information, including the original receipt(s)

13 Air ticket Group ticket purchase by HKIEd
Same routing, i.e. same departure and return flight Itinerary Date Day Departure Arrival Flight Airline Hong Kong Intl – Auckland Intl 5 Nov 11 SAT 19:15 11:10 NZ38 Air New Zealand Auckland Intl – Wellington Intl 6 Nov 11 SUN 13:00 14:00 NZ439 Wellington Intl – Auckland Intl 17 Dec 11 19:30 20:30 NZ476 Auckland Intl – Hong Kong Intl 23:59 06:05 NZ39

14 Stay behind Group ticket purchase by HKIEd
Same routing, i.e. same departure and return flight Minimum Group Size: 10 person Stay behind Wellington Surcharge: $800 per person Limited space Same Return date: Suggested by Airline -> 28 Dec Contact travel agencies for detailed arrangement

15 Air ticket Travel Agency – Farrington Mr Benjamin Wong

16 Air ticket It is your responsibility to take good care of yourself, check your own flight schedule before your leave, ensure that your visa validity / stay period would not bleach the Law of the Country and find your own accommodation after the immersion programme. IMPORTANT: You should have a valid passport and/or visa in order to go to the Immersion Countries and for transit in other countries if applicable. If you have not got any, please apply it NOW!

17 Important Dates Action / Activity Key Dates Point-to-Note
Submission of: Undertaking Form Guarantor Witness(es) on or before 3 Oct (MON) Please submit the documents before the deadline to Miss Chloe Ng of IO (B4-G/F-01) Office hours: Mon-Fri 08:30-12:30 & 13:30-17:20 Payment of Programme Fee ($11,300) Finance Office Complete online e-form Submission of: Original Visa Fee Receipt Copy of Visa (For Visa Fee Reimbursement) on or before 2 Nov (WED) Please complete the online e-form and submit the documents before the deadline to Miss Chloe Ng of IO (B4-G/F-01) Office hours: Mon-Fri 08:30-12:30 & 13:30-17:20 Orientation Day (Compulsory) 8 Oct (SAT) 2-5pm Organized by IPC: Dr. Wang Venue: B4-LP-08

18 Q & A

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