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Monique Burr Foundation. What is Give and Go? Give and Go 100 is partnering with non profit organizations in the surrounding area. For every ticket purchased.

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1 Monique Burr Foundation

2 What is Give and Go? Give and Go 100 is partnering with non profit organizations in the surrounding area. For every ticket purchased to any of the Jaguars' 2013 preseason and regular season home games through the secure Give and Go 100 site, money is donated to the Foundation. There are $40, $45 and $50 tickets available for purchase.

3 Jaguars Give and Go Games September 8 th : Kansas City Chiefs September 29 th : Indianapolis Colts October 20 th : San Diego Chargers November 17 th : Arizona Cardinals December 5 th : Houston Texans December 15 th : Buffalo Bills December 22 nd : Tennessee Titans

4 Ticket Prices For the first 25 tickets purchased, $10 per ticket is donated to the foundation Once the foundation has sold 25 tickets, the $10 donation will be matched dollar for dollar for our project instantly doubling impact! Once the foundation sells 100 tickets, the match becomes a 3-to-1 deal, which means MBF could make up to $30 per ticket purchased! That means the foundation could get $3,000 back from the Give and Go project! There is a maximum of 250 tickets that can be sold, and at 30 a ticket, that is $7,500!

5 How MBF is benefitting If we are able to sell 250 tickets, that will give us $7,500 which is equal to 3,750 kids, parents and facilitators that can be educated on child abuse prevention through Speak Up Be Safe. With the correct advertising and public relations tactics, this goal can be reached.

6 We Give Project The We Give Project that Monique Burr has come up with is to provide Speak Up Be Safe to 1,250 students in Duval county. We feel that more people will be inclined to donate because their donations are benefiting students in Duval County and bettering the Jacksonville community as a whole. The school we have chose is: Twin Lakes Academy Elementary School

7 October is Anti-Bullying Month There is a game on October 20 th against the San Diego Chargers Promote on social media accounts Have a big presence from MBF attend the game

8 Target Audiences UNF/JU Students UNF Faculty Past, Present and Future Sponsors MBF Board members Local businesses

9 Secondary Research Previous Jacksonville non profit Give and Go Campaigns: Other non profits have a link to purchase tickets on their homepage Other no profits have already started social media statuses and have created press releases Some news stations have already contacted other non profits regarding Give and Go



12 SWOT Analysis Strengths Builds brand awareness Raises money Builds relationships with sponsors and businesses Weaknesses: A lot of people sell Jaguar tickets A lot of non-profit organizations in Jacksonville Opportunities: Gain more partners and relationships Make MBF more well known in Jacksonville community Threats: Competition from other non-profits

13 Campaign Strategy The Monique Burr Foundation for Children Inc. is working with the Jacksonville Jaguars to sell tickets with some of the proceeds benefiting the foundation. Monique Burr plans on utilizing social media, Jacksonville businesses, past and present sponsors, board members, ticket incentives and research to create a campaign that will lead to new levels of success and outreach.

14 Objectives 1. Motivational Objective Fundraising: Sell 100 Jaguars tickets to benefit Monique Burr foundation. 2. Informational Objective Brand Recognition: Increase MBF brand awareness. 3. Informational Objective Relationship Building: Build relationships within the Jacksonville community.

15 Tactics- Objective 1 Sell 100 Jaguars tickets to benefit Monique Burr foundation. Who are we going to sell tickets to? How are we going to sell tickets? Board member (office) competition Contact current and previous sponsors Research past MBF sponsors

16 Tactics- Objective 2 Increase MBF brand awareness. Social media Put a link to purchase jags tickets on MBF website Make Facebook event page Invite past donors, possible donors, board members and full target audience Increase FB/Twitter traffic Flyers- Q code St. Johns town center partners

17 Facebook Posts Do you like football? Are you a Jaguars fan? Support Monique Burr Foundation and purchase your tickets through the Give and Go program today! (link) Every 7 minutes, a child is bullied. You can make a difference just by attending a football game. Support MBF and buy your tickets here. (link) MBFs Speak Up Be Safe program educates students on child abuse and bullying prevention for a low cost of only $2 per child. Your one ticket can help up to 15 children. Support MBF by purchasing your Jaguars tickets here. (link)

18 Facebook Posts Help us reach our 100 Jaguars ticket goal. MBF would be helping 1,500 children. Purchase your tickets today. (link) October is anti-bullying month. Purchasing your Jaguars tickets through Give and Go will help MBF educate up to 1,500 students on bullying prevention. (link) We plan on also making statuses letting people know how many tickets we have sold, and doing a social media blast once we are close to 100 tickets being purchased.

19 Flyers promoting Give and Go

20 Tactics- Objective 3 Build relationships within the Jacksonville community. Office luncheon with potential sponsors Press Release UNF/JU Buy 10+ tickets= incentive (t-shirts, discounted Live at the Lot tix)

21 Why tailgating can be beneficial Good free marketing for MBF Banner access Pass out MBF merchandise Coozies, t-shirts, hats, etc. Can be a dry event Raffle with MBF merchandiseeach ticket is $2, goes back to MBF Raffle/cookout with Ed Burr/redbull girls Good advertising for El Pescadopass out El Pescado flyers Bring corn hole

22 Fun Incentives/Ideas Social media blast when ticket sales are near 100 th one sold100 th ticket purchased wins a prize Generic letters for town center businesses and smaller shops and boutiques (Ponte Vedra, Riverside and Avendale)

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