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Helpdesk Ticketing System Customer Relationship Module.

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1 Helpdesk Ticketing System Customer Relationship Module

2 Introduction Inspired by InfoCommons Helpdesk Helps maintain customers in a Helpdesk What does the system do? Typical scenario at a Helpdesk Existing System – Existing Problem

3 Roles Student/Faculty Helpdesk Agent Second Level Team Supervisor

4 Screen Flow Helpdesk Ticketing System

5 Login Screen

6 Student/Faculty Login

7 Student/Faculty Welcome Screen

8 Tickets bin

9 To rent equipment

10 Check Inventory

11 Order Placed

12 Feedback

13 Provide Feedback

14 Logout Screen

15 Helpdesk Login

16 Helpdesk Work Area

17 New Ticket Creation

18 Saved Ticket

19 Search Tickets

20 Search Tickets- By ticket #

21 Search Tickets

22 Caselettes – Mini Cases

23 Create Caselette

24 Logout Screen

25 Second Level Team Login

26 Second Level Bin

27 Accepting a ticket


29 Update Cases

30 Updated and Saved

31 Logout Screen

32 Supervisor Login

33 Supervisor Work Area

34 Reporting Tool

35 Creating Reports

36 Email and Phone List

37 Announcements

38 My Folders

39 Log Record


41 Logout Screen

42 Who would buy this Software? Any Customer Service Organization. Example : Universities, IT Support Organizations, Etc.

43 Why would you buy this Software? Web-enabled. Hence can be accessed from anywhere. Uses an existing database. Can be implemented in any Helpdesk. Simple to use.

44 Questions?

45 Thank you

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