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Triggering Engagement and Retention of New Learning Material.

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1 Triggering Engagement and Retention of New Learning Material

2 Questions you may be asking: 1. What are they? 2. Why should I use activators and summarizers? 3. How can I introduce them in my classes?

3 Defining… Activators Techniques that activate student´s prior knowledge through the use of engaging strategies designed to focus learning Summarizers Activities to promote the retention of knowledge

4 Techniques that stimulate students´ learning effect Activators Prepare students for the learning experience Leads them towhat to learn Summarizers Help students remember better Give closure to the learning experience

5 Some individual characteristics that affect Language learning MotivationAttitudesAnxietySelf steemRisk taking Learning styles Learning strategies CAN ADD TENSION TO THE LEARNING PROCESS

6 Activators Summarizers Instruments to minimize tension

7 Omaggio, 1993 Instruction should be responsible to the affective as well as the cognitive needs of students, and their different personalities, preferences, and learning styles should be taken into account

8 Why use them ? FOR STUDENTS Deepen their understanding Enable them to begin construct their knowledge Support retention by developing schema Help them place new information in a larger framework

9 FOR TEACHERS Surface student´s confusion or misconceptions Check for students´ understanding Gather formative assessment data

10 How can I use A & S in my classroom? KWL Think-pair-share Carousel brainstorm Ticket to leave

11 THINK-PAIR-SHARE PROTOCOL Teacher poses a question Students use wait time to formulate a response Students discuss responses with partners Students share with whole group

12 CAROUSEL BRAINSTORMING PROTOCOL In groups, students circulate on a timed basis through several stations. At each station, each group: brainstorms on each topic or question reads contributions of other groups - adds additional information Each group ends up at original station and processes accumulated information

13 Halloween What? When? Where? Who? Why?

14 TICKET TO LEAVE Protocol: Students say or write something to indicate their level of understanding of the topic of instruction Name one important thing… What is one question you have….? Solve this problem…. What is one reason why…? Answer mastery objective that is reframed as a question

15 3-2-1 SUMMARIZER 3 things I learned about activators and summarizers 2 specific examples I heard today that I can use in my teaching tomorrow 1 thing Id like to learn more about

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