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Motivating Staff with PBIS Expectations and Incentives

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1 Motivating Staff with PBIS Expectations and Incentives
Kristina Bradford Frances Dick December 1, 2011

2 Successful PBIS begins with changes in adult behavior…

3 Traditional Discipline Method

4 PBIS Define expectations Teach expectations/rules
Recognize appropriate behaviors PBIS

5 Role Model

6 Gonzales Middle School Expectations
Bulldog Pledge As a Gonzales Middle School Bulldog, I pledge to: *Be Positive *Be Prepared *Be Respectful *Be Safe and Orderly Be the Best I Can Be!!

7 Staff expectations are the same as the student expectations. (Handout)

8 Administrative Recognition
Staff members who follow the school expectations will be rewarded with Big Dog Bucks.  $$$ Big Dog Buck $$$ Staff _______________________ Thank you for being positive, prepared, respectful, & safe & orderly! LC

9 Staff Golden Ticket (Handout) Big Dog Bucks can be used to purchase a
for rewards such as free dress, no duty, time away from campus, etc. (Handout)

10 Time Away from Campus Guidelines
Staff members may be granted permission to leave school for either thirty (30), sixty (60), or ninety (90) minutes during the school day only through the use of a Golden Ticket. Ms. Daggs must receive the Golden Ticket for Time Away From Campus at least 24 hours in advance. Permission will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the daily quota is reached, no further Golden Tickets will be accepted. Staff members must sign out in the Sign-Out/Sign-In binder in Ms. Daggs’ office before leaving campus and sign back in upon their return.  Staff members who must be absent from school for longer than ninety (90) minutes will be required to enter an absence into TSSI for either a half day or a whole day, depending upon the length of the absence. Please note that there will be "blackout" days when Golden Tickets cannot be used.  Leave for any length of time on these days will require staff to enter an absence into TSSI for either a half day or a whole day. Golden Tickets may not be used to leave campus on the school day before a major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Easter) or during the last two weeks of the school year. Golden Tickets cannot be used to leave campus on the days of PBIS rewards.

11 Staff Rewards More staff incentive suggestions:
Big Dog Bucks Bonanza (Redeemed Big Dog Bucks are eligible for prizes in monthly drawings) Reserved parking spot at school for the week Pack of colored paper Administrator teach one class Brainstorm ideas A successful reward system does not have to cost a school an incredible amount of money. There are many ideas out there that do not cost a thing. Remember to rely on your community businesses for donations.

12 What are some things staff are rewarded for?
Covering a teacher’s lunch duty Covering a teacher’s class Attending a school sporting event Sharing a good teaching strategy Facilitating a meeting Mentoring a student Serving as a student’s behavior coach Writing a Positive Behavior Report for a student Meeting a deadline What are some things staff are rewarded for?

13 Other Staff Incentives
Big Dog of the Week As a way to show appreciation for all that the staff members do and to increase the positive interaction among the staff, administration recognizes staff members through the Big Dog of the Week staff recognition program. All staff members can nominate as many colleagues as they want to each week for such reasons as: Having a positive attitude (even when things get really tough!!) Radiating a true sense of joy in performing his/her duties. Showing a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to assist both students and fellow staff members Serving as a "steady rock" for those who need it Serving as a role model for our students Nomination forms are located near the Big Dog of the Week box in the staff lounge. Each Friday, one staff member's name will be pulled from the nomination box. The Big Dog of the Week will receive special treats, special recognition in the newsletter and a special place on our Big Dog of the Week bulletin board. Other Staff Incentives

14 Other Staff Incentives
Staff Attendance Incentives Staff members will receive a free dress day immediately following any day all staff are present at school.  Any staff member who is not absent during a nine week grading period will receive a week-long free dress certificate. Any staff member who misses less than five (5) days of school during the school year will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a “DUTY FREE” year for the school year. Other Staff Incentives

15 Number of Times Entered into Drawing
Staff Attendance Incentives (continued) Other Staff Incentives Number of Days Missed Number of Times Entered into Drawing 4 1 3 2 5

16 Other Staff Incentives
As part of this week, students are eligible to write a “Positive Staff Report” for any staff member. A staff member receiving a report will receive Big Dog Bucks. Teacher Appreciation Week Other Staff Incentives

17 “Recognition is the greatest motivator.”
~Gerard C. Eakedale

18 Contact Information Frances Dick SBLC Facilitator PBIS Coordinator Gonzales Middle School Kristina Bradford Region 2 Middle School Transition Coordinator LDOE

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