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Session 4 – Tickets, Hangers and Packing Requirements.

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1 Session 4 – Tickets, Hangers and Packing Requirements

2 Tickets Hangers Packing Requirements Carton Label Guidelines Carton Size Poly bags Flat packing Lets Get Started !!

3 HT –Hang TagHU- Hang Tag w/UPC MT- Mini Hangtag MU- Mini Hangtag w/UPC LB-Label LU-Label w/UPC ML- Mini Label UL-Mini Label w/UPC RL- Rat Tail Sticker Ticket codes are provided on the EDI 850 Purchase Order, please ensure all ticket codes are correctly listed on your EDI 850. Any changes to ticket types need to be addressed and approved with the buyer. Failure to use the correct ticket type according to the EDI 850 Purchase Order will result in a business recover charge. Vendors are responsible for the cost of tickets. To order tickets please register with either Avery or Fineline. Once your PO is made available you may order your tickets. Stein Mart recommends ordering 5% over your unit count. A list of Stein Marts ticketing guidelines is available on our vendor website. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in a business recover charge.

4 Stein Mart allows our vendors to choose a hanger vendor based upon meeting the VICS standards. Hanger types must be the same hanger type listed on the 850 EDI Purchase Order. Any incorrect hangers will result in a business recover charge. Changes to a hanger type must be addressed and approved with the buyer. Effective January 29 th, All product requiring hangers MUST be on BLACK hangers. Products shipped on clear hangers will be subject to business recovery charges. Approved hangers and the hanger item numbers are listed on our vendor website,

5 Stein Mart requires all cartons be packed by store unless specific authorization has been granted to do otherwise. Vendors should consolidate product in as few cartons as possible, while not exceeding the conveyability guidelines detailed on the vendor website. Vendors should ship multiple styles and skus in the same carton provided doing so will not cause damage to the product being shipped. Cartons must be PO specific. Stein Mart strongly prefers cartons meet the following dimensions: Maximum Carton Size: 32 L x 22W x 24 H Minimum Carton Size: 8 L x 8 W x 3 H The cartons should never exceed 40 lbs. Unless the individual selling unit in the carton weighs more than 40 lbs. Do not over-pack or under-pack the carton. Breakable products should be packed in a manner which prevents breakage during normal shipping and handling. The vendor will be held responsible for breakage which occurs due to improper packaging. Do not shrink wrap multiple cartons together as one shippable carton.

6 All cartons being shipped to Stein Mart must have a compliant Stein Mart GS1-128 carton label. Stein Mart has selected Bar Code Graphics as the third part testing agency to certify GS1-128 for compliance. Vendors must submit label samples for each shipping location. A link for Bar Code Graphics is provided on our vendor website. Labels must be placed on the longest side of the carton. The SSCC-18 bar code on the carton label is recommended to be 3 inches from vertical edge of the carton. Stein Mart requires all merchandise to be received in Floor Ready condition, ready for immediate placement on the selling floor. Garments should be poly bagged. The determination of how many items can go in one poly bag is left to the vendors judgment. Merchandise should be packed Flat (lengthwise in cartons). For a full list of label placement and guidelines please visit the vendor website.

7 Stein Marts Vendor Website: provides detailed information on all of Stein Marts vendor requirements. Addresses: – Answers your questions regarding Stein Mart vendor requirements. – Answers your questions regarding Stein Marts routing and shipping requirements. – Answers questions regarding invoicing and payment.


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