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Comprehension Instructional Sequence Module (CISM)

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1 Comprehension Instructional Sequence Module (CISM)
The Lottery Ticket Comprehension Instructional Sequence Module (CISM)

2 Lesson Essential Question
# the paragraphs Write the LEQ on page 4 of your short story and attempt to answer it just based on what you already know: What are some negative consequences that can come from winning the lottery?

3 Vocabulary Highlight and define the following in context: Lot (p1)
Lapsed (p3) Skepticism (p8) Mockery (p8) Astonished (p10) Tantalize (p15) Despondently (p27) Begrudge (p34)

4 Vocab Shoulder Partner Activity
Pick one word to make a poster on On your poster, include: Word Definition in your own words Illustration Synonym Hang your poster in designated area Gallery walk

5 Text Coding Money/Financial = $ Positive Consequence = P
Write code on the top of your first page Money/Financial = $ Positive Consequence = P Negative Consequence = N

6 Directed Note-taking Work with your partner to answer the guiding question: What kind of changes can take place when you win the lottery? Example: Notes $ P N Family gets greedy x

7 Modified Cooperative Learning
# off by fours Meet in designated answer to discuss answers to the guiding question you found Come back and share with your partner and update each of your directed note-taking organizers

8 Redirect on LEQ Go back to the LEQ you wrote on the back page and answer it to the best of your ability. Use your resources. Some negative consequences that can come from winning the lottery are …

9 Question Generation Create one question that deals with either money, negative consequences or positive consequences Write it on the sticky note and post on the board Example: I wonder how much money $75,000 was in those days?

10 FCAT-Style Question According to the text, what can the reader infer is a negative result of winning the lottery: A. You may never be home because of travelling. B. You may be closer to family members. C. Family members may take advantage of you. D. You can buy additional properties, which brings more responsibility.

11 Cease and Desist Letters
Using your phone or the dictionary, define “cease” and “desist” in your own words. What is a cease and desist letter is? Using Google, research and takes notes on the components (pieces) of a cease and desist letter.

12 RAFT Role: Lawyer Audience: Lottery winner’s family member
Format: Cease and desist letter Topic: Your client, who won $3M, is being harassed by a long-lost family member who is currently in prison for grand theft and robbery. Family member is continuously calling and writing asking for money. Requirements: You must use at least one of your vocabulary words in your letter. Letter must be typed, 12 point, Arial font. Save it in your PERSONAL server. Printed letter due tomorrow with your entire packet.

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