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Girls Night: The Musical Marketing Guide. Our Target Audience Female Silent Generation - Born 1936 - 1945 Female Baby Boomers - Born 1946 – 1964 Female.

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1 Girls Night: The Musical Marketing Guide

2 Our Target Audience Female Silent Generation - Born 1936 - 1945 Female Baby Boomers - Born 1946 – 1964 Female Generation X - Born 1965 – 1976

3 Ticket Sales Individual Ticket Sales –Prime Target Market: Baby Boomers & Silent Generation. –Secondary Market: Generation X, ages 30+ Group Ticket Sales –Primary Target Market: Traditional –Secondary Market: Ancillary

4 Product Definition The MOST important factor in the successful branding for Girls Night: The Musical is understanding the appropriate product definition: –Girls Night: The Musical is an upbeat, adult themed, female targeted show with mass appeal... A night out with friends, sisters, mothers, aunts, and even a few gay friends. A musical, with a plot which unravels throughout the show, while entertaining the audience with #1 Girl Anthems from throughout the decades. –The major production features a cast, and crew of eight who travel with the show (five actors). Set theme to a girls night out in a karaoke bar; lifelong friends gather to celebrate their deceased friends daughters engagement. There are no costume changes. Pre-show music sets the mood of the crowd; fun, elaborate lighting, and excellent sound; fourteen Girl Anthems that add to the excitement of this sizzling slice of entertainment. –Now an Off-Broadway sold out smash hit, Girls Night: The Musical promises to keep your audience laughing, crying, and dancing in their seats, and even in the aisles!

5 Audience Profile Girls Night: The Musical has universal appeal to all women. Whether young or old, regardless of their station in life, women recognize and identify with the shared experiences of these characters. A survey* of audience members showed: - The audience ranged in age from their 20s to 70s. - Over 50% were there by Word of Mouth. - 99.9% would recommend it! A study** done by the Broadway League found that 73% of ticket buyers are women. Since Girls Night is such a female-centric experience, it should be targeted to all women. Targeting those who have a proven record of attending comedies or feel good musicals is a good starting point, but it would be wise to keep in mind that women love stories about other women, and that no group should be excluded based on prior purchasing practices. The broad appeal of Girls Night inherently lends itself to organic gatherings of girlfriends, large groups, and supergroups. The average ticket purchase is almost 4.5 tickets per order. *Survey conducted during a 2007 engagement at the Overture Center for the Arts, WI. **The Audience for Touring Broadway A Demographic Study 2005-2006

6 Marketing Components Strategies provided by Entertainment Events, Inc. Your ad plan/campaign, and budget is required for approval prior to putting show on sale. - PR strategies - interviews with cast/author. The British author is based in the UK and is available for phone interviews. - Collateral – What does the venue provide for marketing? - Radio & TV – interviews, 1 for 1 trade, live remote, radio contests, sponsored GN contest with other sponsors offering a package giveaway to the winner. - Subscriber based pre-sale – Make your first eblast NOW to offer discounts. - Groups Sales & Leader Incentives – free ticket/cd/feather boa - Groups & Coach Industry – Leader and driver – free tickets - Red Hats Society - Local Print Media – Feature story - Feeder Market Media – community newspapers, gay publications - Direct Mail – postcards only if venue is non-profit and will use non-profit status. - Email Blasts – approved eblast with link to testimonials and ticket purchase - Creative Elements - Local Retailer opportunities – gift bags with samples, coupons, discounts, giveaways, etc... - Grassroots marketing

7 Other Promotion Girls Night: The Musical web site: http://www.girlsnightthemusical.com Theatres web site – Logo, links to testimonials, Girls Night FB link, EEI link Marquee – Announcing show and dates On-line ticket sales E-blasts. TicketMaster; Ticket Alerts Third party marketing programs Liquor distributor sponsorships Co-op marketing programs Program Inserts Posters, flyers, postcards, Box office/point of sale Ticket Outlets Radio/TV interviews; Cross promotions; Trade Happy Hour; Meet-n-Greets; Liquor Distributor/sponsorships, sponsorships will be mentioned in the show. Gift bags – involve local retailers to offer discounts, coupons, samples, and promotional items to insert in gift bags to give patrons who purchase tickets. Highlights of show, intermission, and testimonials should be linked to the venues web site.

8 PR Photos

9 Logo Use only approved logos for Girls Night: The Musical. Color works best.

10 E-blast Sample

11 Postcard Sample

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