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Welcome to the Air Travel Advising Session!. Overview of CIE Comprehensive international office Academic Programs Global Studies degree program, international.

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1 Welcome to the Air Travel Advising Session!

2 Overview of CIE Comprehensive international office Academic Programs Global Studies degree program, international certificates, culture café International Student & Scholar Services International degree-seeking student advising; visas for all international students Institute of World Affairs K-16 outreach to schools, TV program, Great Decisions, Kennan Forum, Mock UN for High School students Overseas Programs & Partnerships STUDY ABROAD!, inter-institutional exchanges, help incoming exchange students

3 First Things First Get your passport! ( Contact other students in your program (reflector email, set up facebook group) Know your dates of travel Be aware of time and date changes! Book Early More selection and better prices! Research your destination How many airports are in (or near) your destination city? Check for fares and ground transportation to pick your best option. Pay close attention to your connecting flights Do your flights arrive/depart from the same airport! Check how long you have between flights We recommend travel insurance! Some options: or

4 Travel Agents A good travel agent is an expert. He or she can save you considerable time and money List of travel agents in Milwaukee agencies.htm (with reviews!) agencies.htm

5 Online Options Travel Websites or buy from the airline directly: Travel WebsitesAirline Websites

6 Booking your ticket Try Different Options* Try different dates Fly Midweek (Friday, Sunday and Monday tend to be the heaviest travel days) Fly on a different day (some destinations might not have daily flights – particularly more remote destinations) Try different departure cities Try different destinations Fly into one city (e.g. Rome) and return from another city (e.g. Florence) Note: this may be more expensive, and you may run the risk of losing your luggage. Try alternative airports near your departure or destination city *Consider how this may change your other costs like local transportation or housing if you change dates!

7 Ticket Types What does it mean if a ticket is non-refundable? You will not get a refund if you dont use your ticket. (Policies vary by airline, so check with them for your specific policy.) You MAY be able to use your non-refundable ticket at another time, but you will generally have to pay a change fee to change the destination, date or any other parts of the ticket. PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a travel consolidator (like Priceline or Orbitz), remember that they can sign agreements with the airline that will eliminate some of your protections, so in their case non-refundable may mean use it or lose it. What about refundable tickets? One way tickets?

8 Advice to help avoid flight delays Fly non-stop or with minimal connections (every time you take off or land it adds to your chance of delay.) Make sure your flights have ample time to make a connection. (If you are booking through a travel agent, an airline or website, they will give you minimum connecting time.) Take early morning flights if possible. They are usually on time. Plus, if there is a delay, you will have more time during the day to make it to your destination. (Please note, non-stop flights to Europe generally leave at night!) Avoid flying between Milwaukee and Chicago, these flights are very frequently delayed! (Especially in the winter.) Check the flight status before leaving the airport – arrive at the airport early even if the flight is delayed.

9 Booking your ticket Go to a travel website

10 Booking your ticket Look at flight options

11 Booking your ticket Select your Flight

12 Booking your ticket Select your flight option

13 Booking your ticket Travel Insurance (may be available to purchase with your ticket!

14 Booking your ticket Investigate Airline website (sometimes cheaper rates!)

15 Booking your ticket Continue with the website instructions to purchase your flight, you may need to create an account on the website.

16 Booking your ticket Note any preferences (can usually select seats, order special meals or other services after the flight reservation is complete):

17 Before Departure/Day of Departure Before Departure Early check-in via carrier website is an option – generally up to 24 hours before the flight. You still need to check bags on arrival to the airport. Day of Departure Arrive early! Airports require you to check in at least 2 hours before international flights – some airports/airlines request you be there up to 4 hours before the flight. Check the Transportation Security Administration website for any updates before traveling:

18 Checked Baggage Check with your airline about specific policies and fees. Baggage Limitations Number of bags – most airlines allow 2 checked bags. Size and weight – there are specific dimensions allowed depending on the aircraft. There are also weight limitations, but you are generally safe if your bag is under 40 pounds or about 18 Kilograms. Allowable items – be careful checking aerosol, liquids and items that have batteries. You may want to remove batteries while traveling. DONT PACK MEDICATIONS, carry them on! FEES – MOST domestic and some international carriers now charge for checked baggage. Be aware that you may have additional costs. International flights trump domestic, so if the airline does not charge for International baggage, you will not be charged domestically. Special items – if you are traveling with a bicycle, skis or other large or unusual items, you will have to pay a fee.

19 Carry-on Baggage and Check in Carry on Limitations Size and weight – airlines have specific size and weight allowances for carry on baggage. You are generally safe with a small rolling bag that is 22ins x 18ins x 10ins dimension and less than 13 lbs. Take any medications or other critical items (including travel documents) in your carry-on, no fresh fruit or vegetables (not usually allowed). Suggestion – bring a change of clothes and necessary toiletry items in case of lost luggage! Make sure you verify your medications are acceptable in your destination!

20 Flight Disruptions What should I do if I miss my connecting flight? Go to the airline personnel, explain your situation and they will help you rebook your flight. If you miss the connection because of your error, the airline may charge additional fees. If it is the airlines fault, they will generally make arrangements for you at no charge. If the next available flight is the following day, you may have additional expenses for hotel and meals. If the airline causes the delay they will usually provide vouchers for you. Ask the airline personnel. Call airline reservations. (Keep numbers for Airline in your carry on!)

21 Flight Disruptions What should I do if my flight is delayed or cancelled? Work with the airline personnel to get your flight rebooked. In the US this will usually happen at the ticket counter or at a service area. In other countries the staff will direct you to where you need to go for rebooking. Stay Calm Being nice and working with the agent will usually help you resolve the problem more quickly than losing your temper. Call Reservations If the delay or cancellation happens before your first flight, you may be able to take care of rebooking before going to the airport If you are in line to speak with an agent, call to see if you can get a seat on a different flight.

22 Flight Disruptions What should I do if my luggage is lost? File a claim for the lost luggage with the airline at the airport Some airlines will only honor the claim if you make it on arrival Leave a good description of your bag and its contents Many bags look alike, so know the bags brand name, know the style, how many pockets, have something distinctive in the outer pocket or tie something to your handle. Leave complete itinerary and contact information with the airline Find out who you should call, and when you should call to follow up on your claim Find out the airlines policy on lost baggage Will they reimburse you for items you need to purchase? How long must your bag be missing before they will reimburse you? Note – airlines will not cover lost jewelry, money or other valuables.

23 Questions?

24 Be smart, be safe, have a great time! Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindednessall foes to real understanding --Mark Twain

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