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Zebra Kiosk Printers.

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1 Zebra Kiosk Printers

2 Agenda Background Products Target markets Channel programme
Marketing tools

3 What is a kiosk? Unattended self-service unit usually for the purpose of supplying a product, a service, or providing information Transactional kiosk (75%) Information kiosk (25%) Nearly all transactional kiosks have printers – they issue receipts for the transaction Informational kiosks increasingly have printers The most prevalent printer technology in kiosks is direct thermal The key word in unattended – there is typically no staff at hand to help those using the kiosk, so the kiosk has to be very easy to use AND its component parts need to be robust and require minimal maintenance

4 What goes into a kiosk? Input component supplier
Output component supplier Software supplier Display, keyboard, card reader Printer, bill/coin acceptor/dispenser Systems integrator Installation, support & maintenance services 3 components make a kiosk which a system integrator or a kiosk builder / designer assembles and then sells on as a complete unit The end user is someone like a retailer, an airport, a government office etc Traditionally the end user has not been involved in selecting the components that go into a kiosk, but we’re now seeing some bigger end users (retailers in particular) starting to take interest and to request certain brands End user customer

5 Why invest in a kiosk? Improve “customer” experience
Differentiation from competition Increase revenue Lower operational costs Kiosk = self-service application Perceived benefits of a kiosk: Automation and accuracy Free up staff for other functions Improve staff performance Introduce new revenue streams

6 Kiosk Products Some of our kiosk product range is also available as desktop units, so Zebra kiosk printers don’t always need to be embedded

7 Kiosk printers What is significant for a reliable kiosk printer?
Compact & robust design Presenter Retract & retain Cutter Large paper roll capacity Kiosk’s are unattended, self-service applications, so it is important that the printer is robust and doesn’t break down – large paper roll important for same reason It needs to be compact to fit into the smallest possible place – also important to be able to position the paper roll in a variety of ways to make the product flexible Presenter – the printer only presents the receipts once it is wholly printed – the user can’t pull the receipt while it’s still being printed and e.g. damage the print head or distort the print-out Retract & retain – if the receipt isn’t taken within a set (adjustable) time limit, the printer retracts it back inside the kiosk and drops it into e.g. a bin – security for sensitive information, no littering around the kiosk

8 Zebra sells a complete kiosk printer
Product overview High end Low end Middle Demand Unit 000’s Kiosk printer industry €100 €220 2 product families: receipt printers and ticket printers Receipt printers – OEM / embedded use only Ticket printers – OEM or desktop models All direct thermal The difference between a receipt and a ticket printer is the thickness of the media the printer can handle Zebra plays in the high end and mid-range segments of the market – our printers are complete kiosk printers with the important features off previous slide It’s important to compare apples with apples – our printer has more features, so it will always be more expensive than a simple print mechanism – however many of the features which are included in the price of our printer will need to be sourced and built into the kiosk anyway to make the print mechanism work Simple mechanism no PCB no cutter no presenter Zebra sells a complete kiosk printer

9 Product overview (cont.)
Kiosk printers The kiosk receipt printer range includes three products, all for embedding into a kiosk The difference between the products is print width – different widths fit different applications TTP 2000 – retail loyalty vouchers, ATM receipts, photo kiosk receipts TTP 7030 – vending machine receipts, information kiosks TTP 8200 – statements, information / web kiosks All the printers are very flexible – you can position the paper roll behind, on top or below the printer – this makes them easy to fit into a kiosk 50% of all kiosk printer sales are TTP 2000 The TTP 8200 is a key competitive differentiator – many kiosk printer manufacturers don’t offer an A4 printer TTP 2000 mm TTP 7030/112 112mm TTP 8200 A4 / Letter

10 Product overview (cont.)
Ticket printers TTPM3 Printer / encoder TTP 2100 Printer The two ticket printers come as OEM or desktop versions TTPM3 prints and encodes credit card sized tickets – public transport TTP 2100 prints bag tags and boarding passes (one type of media at a time) ATB1 standard Two-dimensional bar codes No mag-stripe encoding Credit card size ATB1 or credit card sized tickets and bag tags

11 Only ¼th of an A4 page footprint
TTP 2000 Flexibility in a compact package Fast print speed - up to 150mm/s Retract & retain Pull detector Looping presenter Millimeter precision paper eject Variable paper width mm TTP 2000 is the biggest selling of all the kiosk printers It is very compact in size so fits many kiosks The pull detector feeds the receipt out once you tug on the receipt Looping presenter – the whole receipt is printed before it is fed out of the kiosk for the customer to see and be able to pull out The key applications for this printer are all types of receipt printing applications across different verticals, e.g. retail loyalty / discount vouchers, hotel check-in/out receipts, ATM receipts etc Need to order a paper guide with the printer! Applications Receipt Vending Only ¼th of an A4 page footprint

12 Robust, simple, reliable
TTP 7030/112 Compact reliability for 104mm printing 112mm paper width only Print speed - up to 75mm/s Retract & retain option Pull detector Looping presenter Guillotine cutter For applications where a wider receipt is required, e.g. information kiosks, vending receipts, some ATMs etc Same good feature set as in the TTP 2000 Applications Receipt Vending Information Robust, simple, reliable

13 Standard, Vertical or Compact models
TTP 8200 Full A4 or Letter paper width Large roll capacity Retract & retain Pull detector Looping presenter Roll or Fanfold paper stock Standard, Vertical or Compact models A key part of the product range – not all manufacturers offer an A4 printer For applications such as printing maps, driving instructions, recipes, bank statements We also offer a version without the presenter as well as a model which can be mounted vertically Applications Maps Instructions Statements

14 TTPM3 ISO credit card ticket printer Magnetic track encoding
Rear or front feed 2 second ticket printing Fanfold or loose tickets Long life printhead Network connectivity Embedded or Desktop Magnetic encoding and verification for up to 3 tracks in a single pass Loyalty card reading – card fed in at the front Public transport is the key market for this printer: train, metro, bus, ferries Ferry operator Viking Line uses tickets produced with this printer for cabin door keys as well as travel tickets Other applications include road tolls, entry tickets to amusement parks, parking systems, theatres Applications Public transport Events Hotels

15 Desktop or Kiosk models
TTP 2100 Compact Ticketing & Tag Up to ATB1 & IATA baggage tag formats Small footprint Desktop or kiosk versions Credit card size ticket in 1s Guillotine cutter Compact, fast and reliable Prints linear and 2D bar codes (2D is ATB1 requirement) No magnetic stripe encoding Small size – fits easily on a desk Paperguides must be ordered with the printer Application examples include Airline (self) check-in Self-service ticket kiosk Cinemas / theatres Gaming MRR end of Q3 but we can supply smaller quantities on request Applications Boarding pass Baggage tag Event ticket Desktop or Kiosk models

16 Kiosk target markets

17 Industry segment overview
TICKET PRINTER SERIES KIOSK PRINTER SERIES 20x0 70x0 8x00 TTPM TTP 2100 mm 80/112 mm 210/216 mm Sea transportation (ferries) PUBLIC TRANSPORT Railway transportation (train, tram, metro) Road transportation (bus, taxi) Toll road applications Parking applications Event ticketing (exhibitions, stadiums, cinemas, museums, theatres, etc.) ACCESS CONTROL Hotels, leisure - and sport centres Corporate security, visitor entrance systems Information -, internet -, ticketing -, photo -, HR – and other kiosk applications Overview of key applications and which printers fit which markets Public transport, access control – ticket printers mainly Retail, information, banking – receipt printers mainly Banking terminals, e.g. ATM’s, etc. RECEIPT ‘COUPON’ STATEMENT Gaming and lottery terminals Payment terminals for fuel pumps Reverse vending machines Other vending machines

18 Kiosk market split Retail Public transport Hospitality
Financial market ATMs Payment terminals Other Government 4% Healthcare 7% 5% Retail 45% 39% VDC excludes financial applications e.g. payment terminals and ATMs from its numbers, as it perceives these are “off-the-shelf” products rather than kiosks – this is why they aren’t part of the pie chart - Zebra however has a large installed base in this segment Average kiosk printer market CAGR 21% to 2012 Retail is the fastest growing segment for kiosks and kiosk printers CAGR 25% Hospitality growing at a similar rate (in VDC public transport falls into this category) Healthcare is also growing @ 20% Public transport is an important market for us and with the kiosk product range we now have a good, robust offering in this segment Hospitality Source: VDC

19 Applications Retail Applications Recycling
Promotional / discount voucher Loyalty voucher / gift registry Photo kiosk receipting Secure vending solutions Queue management / express ordering Guided selling / web shop Recipes Recycling, also known as reverse vending, one of the biggest applications for Zebra kiosk. Return drinks bottles / cans for a refund – recycling machine (pictured) issues a receipt which can be exchanged for cash Promotional / discount / loyalty vouchers – for members of a retailer’s loyalty scheme e.g. Boots (not Zebra customer but as an example) Secure vending – to reduce shrinkage i.e. shop staff stealing expensive items e.g. razor blades and / or ensure these don’t fall into the wrong hands i.e. an under-age person buying something they shouldn’t Express ordering – place your order at a kiosk rather than queue for customer services – easier, quicker, more convenient, great example of a kiosk benefit Guided Selling Range specific (wine selector – help to choose the right product from the shop / department) Store / brand specific (access to Web Store – widen the range of products available for consumers in-store) Application Specific (music download)

20 Applications Hospitality & leisure
Online theatre and cinema ticket and receipt printing Hotel self-check in/out Car rental - driving directions, map printing Tourist information Gaming / lottery terminals Video rental Queue busting Self service ordering Hotel self-check in / out Issue keys, invoice, etc. Pre-booked cinema / theatre tickets Tourist information Maps, local attractions

21 Applications Public transport
Sea transportation (ferries) combined ticket and cabin key Railway transportation (train, tram, metro) Road transportation (bus, taxi) Toll road applications Boarding pass / bag tag Travel information Railway transportation - ticket machines at stations or issuance to web bought tickets Sea transportation (ferries) Ticket and access control Toll road applications - receipt Boarding pass / bag tag - desktop and kiosk Travel Information - itinerary / map / promotions Car rental - rental agreement / maps

22 Applications Financial
Banking terminals, ATMs Payment terminals for fuel pumps Gaming and lottery terminals Coin exchange machines Payment terminals for fuel pumps, receipt printing Gaming and lottery terminals Coin exchange machines Receipt / Coupon Currency exchange machine Parking enforcement – car park entry ticket, payment receipt

23 Applications Miscellaneous
Corporate and HR access for employees Healthcare advice kiosk Visitor badge & directions Local government information / forms Employment service Voting booth Parking payment Library – loans, returns Post office – stamps, address labels Local Government Local information Citizen Surveys Printing government forms e.g. benefit applications Job Centres Job search, CV, etc. Post Office Weigh, label, stamp Library loan / return Video rental

24 Marketing tools

25 Advertisement For distributor catalogues / websites
Zebra is advertising in a very limited way in kiosk industry publications to support rebranding

26 Family brochure Available in PREFIGS (= Polish, Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) English available in pdf format now – from AccessZebra Also kiosk product photography available from the same source

27 Pull-up banner For exhibitions & seminars
Available from local Zebra office on loan

28 Summary High growth business! Big opportunities!

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