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Zebra Kiosk Printers. Agenda Target markets Channel programme Products Marketing tools Background.

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1 Zebra Kiosk Printers

2 Agenda Target markets Channel programme Products Marketing tools Background

3 What is a kiosk? Unattended self-service unit usually for the purpose of supplying a product, a service, or providing information –Transactional kiosk (75%) –Information kiosk (25%)

4 Software supplier Input component supplier What goes into a kiosk? End user customer Output component supplier Systems integrator Installation, support & maintenance services Display, keyboard, card readerPrinter, bill/coin acceptor/dispenser

5 Why invest in a kiosk? Improve customer experience Differentiation from competition Increase revenue Lower operational costs

6 Kiosk Products

7 Kiosk printers What is significant for a reliable kiosk printer? Compact & robust design Presenter Retract & retain Cutter Large paper roll capacity

8 Product overview Simple mechanism no PCB no cutter no presenter Zebra sells a complete kiosk printer High endLow endMiddle Demand Unit 000s Kiosk printer industry

9 Product overview (cont.) Kiosk printers TTP mm TTP 7030/ mm TTP 8200 A4 / Letter

10 Product overview (cont.) Credit card sizeATB1 or credit card sized tickets and bag tags TTPM3 Printer / encoder TTP 2100 Printer Ticket printers

11 TTP 2000 Flexibility in a compact package Fast print speed - up to 150mm/s Retract & retain Pull detector Looping presenter Millimeter precision paper eject Variable paper width mm Only ¼ th of an A4 page footprint Applications Receipt Vending

12 TTP 7030/112 Compact reliability for 104mm printing 112mm paper width only Print speed - up to 75mm/s Retract & retain option Pull detector Looping presenter Guillotine cutter Applications Receipt Vending Information Robust, simple, reliable

13 TTP 8200 Full A4 or Letter paper width Large roll capacity Retract & retain Pull detector Looping presenter Roll or Fanfold paper stock Standard, Vertical or Compact models Applications Maps Instructions Statements

14 TTPM3 ISO credit card ticket printer Magnetic track encoding Rear or front feed 2 second ticket printing Fanfold or loose tickets Long life printhead Network connectivity Applications Public transport Events Hotels Embedded or Desktop

15 Desktop or Kiosk models TTP 2100 Compact Ticketing & Tag Up to ATB1 & IATA baggage tag formats Small footprint Desktop or kiosk versions Credit card size ticket in 1s Guillotine cutter Applications Boarding pass Baggage tag Event ticket

16 Kiosk target markets

17 Industry segment overview TICKET PRINTER SERIESKIOSK PRINTER SERIES TTPM TTP x mm 70x0 80/112 mm 8x00 210/216 mm Sea transportation (ferries) Railway transportation (train, tram, metro) Road transportation (bus, taxi) PUBLIC TRANSPORT Toll road applications Parking applications Event ticketing (exhibitions, stadiums, cinemas, museums, theatres, etc.) Hotels, leisure - and sport centres ACCESS CONTROL Corporate security, visitor entrance systems Banking terminals, e.g. ATMs, etc. Gaming and lottery terminals Payment terminals for fuel pumps Reverse vending machines RECEIPT COUPON STATEMENT Other vending machines Information -, internet -, ticketing -, photo -, HR – and other kiosk applications

18 Kiosk market split Retail Public transport Hospitality Financial market –ATMs –Payment terminals Retail 45% Hospitality 39% Healthcare 5% Government 7% Other 4% Source: VDC

19 Applications Recycling Promotional / discount voucher Loyalty voucher / gift registry Photo kiosk receipting Secure vending solutions Queue management / express ordering Guided selling / web shop Recipes Applications Retail

20 Applications Hospitality & leisure Applications Online theatre and cinema ticket and receipt printing Hotel self-check in/out Car rental - driving directions, map printing Tourist information Gaming / lottery terminals Video rental

21 Applications Public transport Applications Sea transportation (ferries) –combined ticket and cabin key Railway transportation (train, tram, metro) Road transportation (bus, taxi) Toll road applications Boarding pass / bag tag Travel information

22 Applications Banking terminals, ATMs Payment terminals for fuel pumps Gaming and lottery terminals Coin exchange machines Applications Financial

23 Applications Miscellaneous Corporate and HR access for employees Healthcare advice kiosk Visitor badge & directions Local government information / forms Employment service Voting booth Parking payment Library – loans, returns Post office – stamps, address labels

24 Marketing tools

25 Advertisement

26 Family brochure

27 Pull-up banner

28 Summary High growth business! Big opportunities!

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