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Centrally Billed Account (CBA) Reconciliation Module Overview

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1 Centrally Billed Account (CBA) Reconciliation Module Overview
January 2009

2 Centrally Billed Accounts (CBA)
Centrally-Billed Account (CBA) A charge account card established to pay for official travel charges for which the issuing activity guarantees payment Two types loaded in DTS Reconciliation CBA Centrally Billed Accounts loaded in DTS with electronic file transfer Electronic invoicing occurs in the DTS CBA Reconciliation Module Allows authorized user(s) to reconcile transactions on the Charge Card Vendor (CCV) invoice directly with the traveler’s DTS trip document Traditional CBA Centrally Billed Accounts loaded in DTS without electronic file transfer Only makes account available for traveler authorizations No electronic invoicing occurs in the DTS CBA Reconciliation Module Account remains reconciled through traditional means

3 DTS CBA Reconciliation Module
CBA Reconciliation Module is a tool in the Defense Travel System to process invoice reconciliation electronically Integrates 3 separate entities (CTO, Transportation, and Financial Management) into one system Streamlines the process to automate the reconciliation and payment of charge card vendor invoices for charges against the organization’s centrally billed account.

4 CBA Reconciliation Module Overview (cont’d)
DFAS charges per ticket to disburse a CBA invoice Charges vary by Department/Agency Traditional vs. Reconciliation/Electronic Army Trad: $ Recon: $6.24 Navy Trad: $ Recon: $8.23 Marines Trad: $26.12 Recon: $6.69 Air Force Trad: $ Recon: $2.08 Agencies Trad: $28.86 Recon: $6.69 * REF: cost estimates are based on DFAS billing rates for FY09 posted at Some service/agency rates can deviate from the cost listed above dependent on the specific customer’s service/agency. Use of CBA Reconciliation represents significant cost savings

5 Capability Reconcile transactions on Charge Card Vendor (CCV) invoice with DTS trip document Maintain a searchable database of all invoices Track progress of reconciliation process Generate efficiency reports Identifies unmatched transactions, classifies transaction types, and manages the transaction status Does not identify mismatches

6 CBA Roles and Responsibilities
DTMO Compliance reports Restage CCV invoices Create CBA-DTA Army CBA-DTA Level 7 Air Force CBA-DTA TAC Travel Assistance Center Base CBA Specialist/TO Generate/view reports Resolve open invoices Acknowledge/Certify Navy CBA-DTA Marine CBA-DTA Agencies CBA-DTA 6 6

7 CBA System Process Flow

8 DTS CBA Reconciliation Module
DTS receives electronic CBA invoice from the charge card vendor (CCV). The TO completes invoice reconciliation by matching CCV invoice transactions against DTS travel documents; the module ensures associated obligations have been Pos Ack’d as required prior to matching. When all transactions are reconciled the TO completes electronic certification. The invoice is routed through GEX to the appropriate DFAS/Vendor Pay location for processing and then forwarded to DFAS/Disbursing for payment. Upon payment, DFAS/Disbursing returns an advice of payment (through the GEX) to DTS and the invoice is updated with payment information (voucher, date paid, etc.). The completed/paid invoice is then forwarded to the DMDC for electronic archiving. This slide just repeats the visual we just discussed.

9 “Auto-Reconciliation” Process
Begins upon receipt of invoice, once previous invoice is certified Compares CBA charges on CCV invoice to ticket records on DTS travel documents. Completed authorization or voucher Primary match if ticket record found and cost matches in travel document Secondary match based on traveler name, amount, date range Searches information in DTS Reservation Module or “Other Transportation” section

10 “Auto-Reconciliation” Process (cont’d)
Cannot match if ticket information entered via non- mileage expense Upon Auto-Reconciliation Complete, will be sent to CBA Specialist to reconcile remaining transactions.

11 CBA Invoice Summary Invoice Summary
Displays number of transactions with dollar amounts, header, and status Provides status of when/if entitlement system paid invoice

12 CBA Data Elements Transaction Summary

13 CBA Reports Transaction Detail (most important screen)

14 CBA Invoice Status History

15 Reconciliation Tools Read Only Access (ROA) – view traveler documents and CCV’s electronic invoice Organization Access – use Report Scheduler to generate special “TO CBA” report to extract information about trips using CBA Group Access – ability to view and edit travelers’ documents

16 Current Status 202+ reconciliation accounts
Navy largest user with some Air Force, Army, Defense Agency use Last 3 releases have included 21 CBA-related changes to system functionality, enhancing existing functionality Navy DTS Program Office staff response after Release 5: “The update to the CBA Module is the best that I have seen to date. The operational screen allows the TOs to have a much clearer idea of what the necessary actions are…”

17 Common Issues CTO (travel agent) Traveler Routing Officials (ROs)
Passenger Name Record (PNR) for reservations is not returned to outbound queue upon ticketing Traveler Fail to cancel authorizations Submit inaccurate vouchers Indicate incorrect Method of Reimbursement (MOR) Provide inaccurate data in “Other Transportation” entries for CTO direct tickets and CTO fees Routing Officials (ROs) Fail to review authorizations/vouchers, process amendments in a timely manner See slide notes

18 Roles & Responsibilities
DTMO Customer Service Division Assist Service/Agency Program Offices with deployment Enter CBA DTAs by Service, Agency or major command Run Compliance Reports Restage/reject invoices when necessary Monitor functionality Service/Agency CBA DTA Support sites using CBA Reconciliation Module Process new CBA account load requests Appoint CBA Specialist Assist operational site CBA Specialist with training and reconciliation

19 Roles & Responsibilities (cont’d)
CBA Specialist Not required to be a Transportation Officer Manually match DTS transactions that could not be automatically reconciled with invoice Initiate amendments to correct monetary amounts Change status of a transaction to: Held - transaction is being investigated Disputed - transaction is disputed with CCV Closed - once dispute process is complete Acknowledges reconciled invoices (contractor/federal employee) Certify reconciled invoices for payment (Government employee trained, appointed in writing) * The CBA Specialist is responsible for reconciling any discrepancies between the CTO and CCV

20 Roles & Responsibilities (cont’d)
DTA Take action to correct rejected transactions that impact ability of the CBA Specialist to reconcile CBA transactions Authority to grant permission level 4 (for CBA Specialist) Assist CBA Specialist with: Obtaining ROA access Registering for access to DTMO Travel Assistance Center (TAC) Contacting traveler, Approving Official (AO) to coordinate required amendment actions needed to match CBA transactions

21 Suggestions for Success
Traveler in DTS Use Reservation module Request assistance button vs. calling CTO directly Properly cancel DTS documents using “trip cancel” Authorizing Official (AO) & Reviewing Official (RO) Adhere to local business rules Approve documents in a timely manner Use to proper cancellation procedures Understand CBA Amendment stamps and purposes CTO Follow and understand your local business rules Use DTS ticketing procedures Provide comments to the traveler and AO See slide notes

22 CBA Resources CBA Training No cost to users Instructor-led
F-200: CBA Reconciliation Overview Explains how to use DTS CBA Reconciliation Module Offered quarterly, 1.5 hours F-205: Advanced CBA Reconciliation Provides hands-on examples, troubleshooting techniques, and best practices for using CBA Reconciliation Module and its various functions Prerequisite: F-200

23 CBA Resources (cont’d)
Manuals CBA Reconciliation Manual CBA Desk Reference Guide CBA Worksheet DTA Manual FAQs Training and other resources are available through Travel Explorer (TraX) DTMO website:

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