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Understanding the SAT® Test Security Guidelines

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1 Understanding the SAT® Test Security Guidelines

2 Test Security Is Your Security
The College Board and our test administration partner ETS have test security policies that are designed to: Give every student a standardized and fair test Prevent anyone from gaining an unfair advantage on test day

3 Ensuring Test Security and Fairness
The College Board and ETS have multiple tools and processes in place to deter and detect testing irregularities. We work to prevent: Test-taker impersonation Copying answers from other test-takers Communication between test-takers Theft of test questions and answers

4 How Test Security Works Here are some of the tools we use:
Standardized test procedures and secure test materials Active proctoring in testing rooms to closely observe test-takers Multiple ID and Admission Ticket checks throughout the test center Regulated seating arrangements and seat assignments Prohibition of cell phones and other electronic devices that could be used to share test items or answers Analysis of test data to identify suspicious answer patterns or widely variant scores

5 Information for Students
Students will be prompted to submit an acceptable photo during registration. Students must indicate their date of birth, gender, high school code and grade level when they register. Test day changes and standby testing are not allowed. Most students will be required to submit an acceptable photo to register. Registrations that are missing any required information or an acceptable photo will be returned unprocessed.

6 Registering for the SAT® and SAT Subject Tests™
A student must provide a photo to register. The photo must be a recognizable image of the test-taker. Photos become part of the student’s Admission Ticket. Online registration: Students upload a digital photo for online registration. Online registrations without information in all required fields cannot be completed. Paper registration: Students tape an acceptable photo to the paper registration form. Paper registrations without all required fields completed will be returned unprocessed. All photos must meet College Board photo requirements, which can be found in the Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests or online at

7 The Admission Ticket with Photo
The student’s photo becomes part of the Admission Ticket. The student must bring the ticket along with acceptable photo ID for entry to the test center.

8 Learn more at
On Test Day To enter the testing site, a student must present: An acceptable government- or school-issued photo ID A printed copy of his or her SAT® Admission Ticket or SAT Waitlist Ticket IMPORTANT NOTES: The SAT Student ID Form is available if a student does not have an acceptable ID. The counselor can go to to print a blank form and follow the instructions for creating an acceptable photo ID for the student. The name on the photo ID must exactly match the name on the Admission Ticket, and the photo on the ticket and ID must clearly resemble the test-taker’s appearance. Learn more at

9 Informing Students Student Flyer

10 More Online and Printed Resources
Registration Guide Test day policies and requirements can be found at

11 What You Can Do to Ensure Test Security and Fairness
Learn about the College Board’s Test Security and Fairness policies at Report any suspected violation of these policies to the Office of Testing Integrity: On test day only, call At any time, you can report violations by fax or Fax: We need your help — if you see something, say something! All information will be held strictly confidential.

12 SAT® Test Security To learn more, visit THANK YOU!

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