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Positive Behavior Intervention Support Introducing Our New Behavior System.

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1 Positive Behavior Intervention Support Introducing Our New Behavior System

2 What is it and why are doing it? What Its a positive behavior system. It encourages positive behavior, while reducing negative behaviors. Its a behavior teaching tool. Why It is a classroom management tool. It will provide consistency across the school. We need to update our discipline procedures.

3 Our Matrix….. Behavior system is developed using our school matrix. The matrix should be taught and referred to frequently. Matrix will be more prominently displayed in classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, buses, and gym.

4 Reward System! Grades 3-5 will be earning tickets. Grades K-2 will be earning tangible rewards of the grade levels choosing. Student store on Friday. Tickets will be recycled. Students will be responsible for their own tickets.

5 School Store Ideas…. Lunch buddy Extra recess Star student award Homework pass A pass Candy (ONLY sugar free) Good note home Pencils/erasers Computer pass Treasure chest Special jobs And many, many more………

6 Ticket Holders….. Pocket in back of planner Library pockets Zip bags Envelopes Any other ideas?

7 HOMEWORK! Homework issues will be addressed separate from behavior. For grades 3-5/per 9 weeks: 1.Warning/parent contact 2.Grade deduction 3.Detention & grade deduction 4.ISS/Half RR day & grade deduction

8 3 Categories of Behaviors Behaviors that impact only the student. Behaviors that interfere with the learning of others or affect an orderly environment. Harmful and/or illegal behaviors.

9 Behaviors Impacting Only the Student Possible Behaviors Breaking pencils Out of seat Not in line Not doing classwork sleeping Possible Consequences Moving seat Reflection sheet Silent lunch Lonely laps

10 Interfere With Learning and Orderly Environment Possible Behaviors Talking out Disrespect to others Throwing things Noise/running in the halls Possible Consequences Address group Apology letter Reflection sheet Community service Parent conference

11 Harmful and/or illegal behaviors constitute an immediate office referral!

12 Sequence of Consequences 1.WarningONE! 2.Assign consequence 3.Loss of opportunity to earn ticket 4.Assign different consequence 5.Assign habitual offense penalty

13 A detention or ISS referral form should be completed when assigning either of these consequences.

14 How do we implement the new system? Divide your day into several blocks of time (ie: language arts, math, lunch, specials, etc.) Students will have the opportunity to earn a ticket during each block. Students will start fresh with the consequence sequence at the beginning of each block.

15 Habitual Offenses After going through the consequence sequence twice and two habitual offenses have been assigned, an office referral should be made.

16 More about tickets…. Students can earn extra tickets at teacher discretion. Examples: Most of the class is NOT following directions, but a couple of kids are. Returning paperwork on time, etc.

17 Conclusion We hope that this will improve our students behavior, which will lead to more academic growth. Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher

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