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Paid parking in Tallinn Tallinn Transport Department.

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1 Paid parking in Tallinn Tallinn Transport Department

2 General information of parking in Tallinn Inhabitants – 417 000 Parking lots – 6316 Downtown – 4755 ~1/per h City Centre – 669 ~2,3/per h Old Town – 892 ~4,6/per h

3 Residential parking in Tallinn

4 Parking revenue 2000-2012

5 Turnover Distribution of Parking Tax 2002-2012

6 Parking payment methods There are 4 methods for parking payment: M-Parking Scratch cards Period cards Ticket machine

7 Milestones of Development in Parking Controll Mobile parking - 1 st of July, 2000, full-working 2001 Elecronic Parking Permit System - 15 th of December 2007 Electronic Fine System – 25 th of March 2008 Smartphone application – End of 2011

8 Electronic Parking Permit Management System Public WEB: 90% of applications are made via internet 55% of payments are made with ePayment solutions 45% by bank transfer or bank 0% at the cashier manually input of permits has disappeared Prospect for Development of EPPMS: temporary entrant permits disabled permits

9 Electronic Parking Fine Management System (1) 100% electronic document and interaction management system eFines are made by Smartphone and signed digitally by Mobile-ID eFines are more credible: photos are being made by Smartphones and are viewable via internet Notice to Owner (NtO) are managed electronically through different postal services

10 Electronic Parking Fine Management System (2) 90% of complaints are free of paper, answers are sent mainly through e-mail (signed by Mobile-ID) or postal services. The contest processes are semi-automatic, loading of officials has decreased The amount of human mistakes has decreased Parking statistics are gathered automatically

11 Mobile parking SMS 1902 – SMS to start mobile parking 1903 – call to finish mobile parking Smartphone application: Via SMS Via internet

12 Why mobile parking? no coins or coupons only pay for the time actually parked once-a-month payment via normal M-operators invoice easy to use and customer friendly reduces problems faced with revenue collection by parking operators greatly increases revenue collection of parking

13 Future of Technologies in Parking Control Integration of parking permit management system with ID-ticket, P&R and P&W systems Integration with private parking areas & houses Development of e-wallet for locals and foreigners – integrated e-parking and ID- ticket system or new PT ticket

14 Future developments in parking Decreasing amount of parking spaces on city streets Extention of paid parking area and rise of prices Setting requirements for private car parks Improving cooperation with private car parks

15 Parking problems in Tallinn 2x more disabled parking cards since 2011 Illegal parking versus paid parking Off-street parking: ~15 000 parking spaces in city centre Bad condition (traffic signs, asphalt etc.) Prices are cheaper No legislation

16 Problems with off-street parking

17 Thank you!

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