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BIOENERGY PARK MODEL FOR THE WORLD BANK. Bioenergy Park for Poverty alleviation and job creation 1.

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2 Bioenergy Park for Poverty alleviation and job creation 1

3 1)To reduce energy importation. 2)To create jobs and income for the agriculture sector. 3)Farmers will generate a continuous way to earn income and secure a new livelihood from the sale of an agricultural product. 4)To reduce the migration of valuable labor by creating sustainable jobs in rural areas. 5)To reduce the states investment in building fossil fuel power plants. OBJECTIVES 4

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6 AGRICUTURAL DEBT PROBLEM IN THAILAND. Agricultural Products Low price/High risks from climate change. Debts overwhelming Sell their lands Invading the forests Farmers action to resolving debt problems Abandon their lands Migration of labor from rural areas. City problems Historically, a main a major cause of both, Thai economic problems as well as Thai social problems 5

7 1. 390,218 Family of growers have registered which covers planting area of 8.6 million rai (1 rai = 6.25 ha) 2. Price of corn (11 October) is 4.96 baht/kg. Production cost of corn are 5.4 baht/kg. and growers loss 0.47 baht/kg. or 470 baht/ton or 329 baht/rai. (1 us = 30 baht) 3. Value added (net loss) and debt of growers are increasing. 4. Corn stalk, Corn cob and waste are burned which affect ecological system and Global warming. CASE STUDY : THAILAND GRAIN CORN PLANTING 2009 6

8 Biogas power plant capacity1 MW. (2,000 power plants.) Energy crops needs 20,000 tons/year/MW. Planting area for energy crops 1,400 rai/1 MW. Total areas for energy crops production 2.8 million rai./2,000 MW. Average farmer (1 family) Energy crops planting area 10 rai (1 Ha = 6.25 rai) 3 rotation of crops/year 1 crop rotation period = 75 days Energy crops production 150 ton/year/family 280,000 farmers will earn income from planting energy crops. BENEFITS OF BIOGAS POWER PLANT FOR AGRICULTURAL SECTOR. 8

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11 (1 US = 30 Bath / 1 Ha = 6.2 5 rai) 10

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13 Degraded Forests and Agriculture in Asia and South Africa 15

14 .. ( Landscape Model for Agriculture and Forestry (Sustainable system) 16

15 Food Crops (Maize, Cassava, Bean) CROP 1 CROP 2 Energy crops (Sorghum, grass, tropical sugar beet) Timberland and watershed area Bio Energy Park Model for Asia and South Africa Biomass power plant 1 MW / 600 Ha / 400 Family Biogas power plant 1 MW / 300 Ha / 200 Family Biomass Energy crops (Eucalyptus, King grass, Fuel crops) Landscape Model for Agriculture and Forestry 17



18 The Thai People in agricultural sectors of Thailand have been exposed to debt problems of over 2 trillion baht. In most cases unable to get out of debt, by relying on a purely agriculture income. As a result, most of them have had to sell their property to offset their debt problems. In turn, these people are without a home or property, consequently they start invading the forests or take on unskilled labor in industrial areas. In some cases, the debt is not dealt with and stays with them until their death, under the expectation that the funeral fund will cover the debt, which is paid to co-operative member once they have deceased. Lastly, there are attempts by farmers to persuade Government action to resolve agriculture debt and the problems that result. (Source : http : // Thai farmers debt, 2009 40% of the population are in agriculture sectors and agriculture population accounts for 24-30 million people. GDP. of agricultural sector is only 10% of the domestic GDP. Number of farmers in debt are 4.26 million households. Average debt per household is 243,938.60 baht. Total farmers debt is 1,039,178 million baht. (Source : and www. ThairatFriday, November 27, 2009, Farmers debt are overwhelming ) CASE STUDY: AGRICULTURAL DEBT PROBLEM IN THAILAND. 11

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