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1 800 834 039 March 2004 TICKET TRASPORTO. For a sustainable mobility

2 800 834 039 Ticket Trasporto is a voucher which covers employees commuting costs. Target: private and public companies. Company contribution can be either total or partial. The program provides employees with Ticket Trasporto to buy tokens, tickets and fare cards from the mass transit providers serving major italian towns. The Voucher Freedom of choice - a nation-wide extensive network

3 800 834 039 COST REDUCTION Ticket Trasporto is a tax-free incentive to employees 1. On the contrary, cash or tickets funds are taxable and generates charges up to 89%. Corporate advantages TOTAL OUTSOURCING Ticket Accor Services takes care of the complete administration and operative circuit. FLEXIBILITY Each company obtains an extremely personalised service. CORPORATE IMAGE This program demonstrates ones organization's commitment to public transportation, cleaner air, less traffic congestion, and most importantly, to the employees. 1 (Law n. 917 - 22.12.1986 - art. 48)

4 800 834 039 Employees advantages GRATIFICATION Ticket Trasporto is a tangible benefit -more visible than cash- and a daily incentive, given on top of salary. TAX CONVENIENCE Ticket Trasporto is tax-free. On the contrary, cash allowance is taxable and generates charges up to 33,48%. MONEY SAVINGS Thanks to convenient rates, the employee spends less money to use public transportation.

5 800 834 039 Enviroments advantages The aim of Ticket Trasporto is to pursue growth and performance objectives, according to Accors environmental and social responsibility. Ticket Trasporto promotes a sustainable mobility through documents (Mobility Plans) that indicate how to implement a Mobility Management scheme for a specific working site. Ticket Trasporto is a valid solution to the problem of traffic jam, because its a measure that helps to reduce private car trips to and from the working site.

6 800 834 039 TICKET ACCOR SERVICES Makes agreements with local carriers in order to obtain convenient rates Takes care of the amministrative and operative circuit Gives companies support as far as mobility plans are concerned CARRIERS Offer cheaper rates to customers according to the agreement made with Ticket Accor Services MOBILITY MANAGERS Inform companies about the advantages of Ticket Trasporto Set up a Mobility Plan generally through a survey, that gives an insight into the travel patterns as well as into the traffic conditions around the site Implement the measures and are responsable for the time schedule EMPLOYEE Uses Ticket Trasporto to buy public transport tickets Uses mass transit providers for home office transfers Il ruolo dei Partner Role players

7 800 834 039 Main Partners National Confederation of Italian Mobility Managers National Confederation of Italian Public Transports

8 800 834 039 Ticket Trasporto stronghly believs in the creation of a communication network in order to promote efficient mobility politics all over Europe. In Italy, its been proposed as a useful mean to improve instruments, technics and behaviours regarding a prompt mobility management with the support of EMMA. The Partnership with

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