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LDSA Members Forum Reds Suite, Centenary Stand, Anfield, 15 th November 2012.

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1 LDSA Members Forum Reds Suite, Centenary Stand, Anfield, 15 th November 2012

2 Welcome & Apologies LDSA Committee o Keith Graham o Dave Smith o Tommy Hutchinson o Ian Littlewood o David Higham o Steve Hunt o Ian Pickett o Stephen Cuddy o Steve Evans LFC Representatives o Andrew Parkinson o Ged Poynton o Debbie Joynson o Rishi Jain

3 Agenda 1.Guest Speakers 2.Q & A Session 3.News and Events 4.Funding Update 5.Ticket Office Update 6.DLO Update

4 Q&A Have your say.

5 News and Events Stuart Quinn Sadly, Stuart passed away at the age of 37 in late December 2011; he was a founder member of the LDSA in 2003 and remained a committee member until his untimely death. Stuart, a Kop season ticket holder, was a staunch and knowledgeable Liverpool supporter who regularly travelled all over the country to attend away matches. Stuart worked tirelessly to further the cause of disabled supporters and his contribution will be greatly missed by all LDSA members.

6 News and Events cont. Stuart Quinn Award –In a fitting tribute, the LDSA Player of the Season Award has been renamed in Stuarts memory. Martin Skrtel was presented with the inaugural award by Stuarts parents, Ella and Chris, at the LDSA Start of Season Dinner 2012.

7 News and Events cont. LDSA Elections 2012 –Stephen Cuddy, Dave Smith, and David Higham were the successful candidates Stadium Issues –Over the last 12 months the LDSA committee has held meetings with senior members of Liverpool Football Club in order to address matters affecting disabled supporters when visiting Anfield and other away grounds.

8 News and Events cont. –Increase in the number of wheelchair spaces at Anfield two seasons ago the wheelchair allocation was increased by 10 spaces. After a recent feasibility study LFC has informed us that it is not viable to increase wheelchair capacity until plans are finalised for either a new stadium or the re-development of the Anfield. –The disabled toilet facilities which serve the Paddock area of Anfield The LFC stadium manager agreed to the build an extra accessible disabled toilet. This work is completed and the toilet is situated under the Kop Grandstand near to the Paddock. The LDSA Committee was disappointed that the facility was not a full Changing Places toilet but the new facility has been beneficial to all those disabled fans in the Kop and Paddock.

9 News and Events cont. –Increase in Wheelchair Places for Home Supporters The Kop was previously identified as an area with potential for an increase in wheelchair spaces but this idea has now been rejected by LFC due to a shortage of accessible toilet facilities. –Changing Places Toilet Facility The LDSA Committee has asked that the building of the Changing Places facility be brought forward as there can no longer be any legitimate reason for the delay

10 News and Events cont. Tickets –The LDSA Committee has had several meetings with the LFC ticket office manager regarding the accessibility of the members sale system. The committee is concerned that disabled fans cannot purchase tickets online LFC agree that the present system is not suitable for disabled fans and is now talking to its system software provider about installing an accessible online system. No time limit has been put on this but the LDSA believes that this should be a high priority and will need to be implemented sooner rather than later.

11 News and Events cont. –Disabled fans are waiting a disproportionately long time on the telephone purchasing system (thus incurring greater costs) compared to non-disabled supporters. The LDSA recommends the use of local call rates for all supporters Disabled tickets are sold at a separate time to the main members sale at the same time as family tickets; this is not an ideal solution but is a short term compromise. The LDSA Committee has made a further request that disabled ticket sales are sold on a separate day from other allocations entirely –Tickets sales for fans in other categories are also held on separate days and times so no discrimination takes place

12 News and Events cont. –The season ticket list for disabled supporters is at last being updated –Complaints from disabled supporters about affordability of block purchases The LDSA has no control over how the club sells tickets non-disabled supporters also face financial problems preventing them from purchasing tickets LFC policy isnt discriminatory and if the club were to somehow assist disabled supporters this could be seen as reverse discrimination.

13 News and Events cont. –Allocation of away tickets Majority of clubs giving very few tickets to visiting supporters irrelevant of the number of overall available spaces and the recommended ratio that they should offer This should not be the case and some clubs do increase their away allocation but others cant or wont meet the requests made by the LFC ticket office staff on behalf of disabled supporters –With the continued support of the LFC disability ticketing staff, whom it should be noted are always supportive and proactive, the LDSA will continue to pursue every case involving disabled ticketing matters both at Anfield and at away grounds.

14 News and Events cont. LDSA WEB PAGE –The LDSA has now a link on the LFC web page

15 News and Events cont. Parking in Stanley Park –The LDSA Committee had several complaints from disabled supporters about the lighting from the exit of the car park into Arkles lane/Anfield road After making representation to the council we are glad to say this has now been resolved and the lighting now been repaired –Wheelchair users exiting and entering the same location complained about the horse manure being a hazard The LDSA Committee approached the Merseyside Police Horse section and they have promised to only use that exit in an emergency. There has been a big improvement.

16 News and Events cont. Wembley Visits –Members views? Taxi One –Accessible Hackney Carriage –Service from 3 hours before kick-off –St. Johns Lane to Anfield –£1.80pp

17 News and Events cont. LDSA Social Events –LDSA Christmas Dinner 2012 (13/12/12 )

18 News and Events cont. Level Playing Field Campaign 2013 –Weeks of Action, 6 th -21 st April 2013 –LDSA to liaise with LFC on action ideas, member input welcome

19 Funding Update LDSA F UNDING AND E XPENDITURE –The LDSA charges an annual £5 membership fee, continues to accept donations, and raises a very small amount of money through the sale of LDSA merchandise. –Bank Balance: £ W HAT DOES THE LDSA CURRENTLY USE ITS MONEY FOR ? –Postage costs; other admin costs; and the subsidy of members events –Refreshments and sandwiches/biscuits at Members Forums

20 Funding Update cont. –Specific amenities required by disabled fans at Anfield should be paid for by LFC, e.g. Changing Places –LDSA funds should benefit the whole membership not specific groups, e.g. mini bus for travelling fans. LDSA DONATION 2012 –£500 to Whizz-Kidz –The LDSA is not obliged by anything in its constitution to make donations; the LDSA is not a registered charity.

21 Funding Update cont. LDSA MERCHANDISE The LDSA continues to sell a small selection of merchandise via the LFC online shop

22 Ticket Office Update

23 The LDSA continues to represent its members and their views in its capacity as the official disabled supporters association of LFC. The LDSA aims to uphold and further the rights of all disabled football fans. If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to email the LDSA at and we will do our utmost to answer your question.

24 Thank you for your continued support, Goodnight.

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