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Labor Tracking and Yield Monitoring by Neal Horrom.

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1 Labor Tracking and Yield Monitoring by Neal Horrom

2 Citrus Yield Monitoring GPS location Date Picked Bin size Trip Ticket No. Boxes Block ID Picker Crewleader Costs

3 Evolution of Citrus Yield Monitoring Push this button – or else! Ticket: 2603587 GPS Boxes on Trailer: 270 Boxes on Goat: 70 *-Pickup #-Ticket resistance from goat driver to use properly required onsite visit to download data lengthy data processing procedure to view data reduced resistance by providing real-time information operators more inclined to call when device was down onsite download and lengthy data processing increased accuracy of data rugged tablet PC w/ graphical interface totally integrated with goat drivers / crewleaders responsibilities i.e. payroll and ticket writing greatly reduces resistance by operator Significantly increases quality of data remote data access and decreased data processing further integration with harvesting payroll administration, dispatching and hauling

4 Harvest Labor Tracking – System crewleader activates workers that are present and starts the day selects worker name and enters pickup when loading bin records trailer no. when dumping records ticket no. when finished print trip ticket stops day at end of day review payroll report for the day print work receipts for workers send report to database via wireless network payroll reports accessible on secure website yield map updates accessible on secure website within 12 hours

5 Harvest Labor Tracking - Benefits accurate time worked information (start/stop times) manual activation or barcode scan – authorization required real-time, remote access to harvest data and progress active crews, load status, goat status, costs, average hourly wage daily work receipts reduce paycheck discrepancies wireless upload of payroll time sheets sub-block traceability of product quality and food security streamline payroll data entry files import directly to processing software

6 Harvest Labor Tracking & Citrus Yield Monitoring Growers who do not utilize the labor tracking capabilities of the system have more trouble with equipment and operator acceptance. This situation stretches the orientation period and prolongs the return on investment. The benefits of the labor tracking system, increases the value of the equipment to the crewleader and the harvesting company. Combining labor tracking and yield monitoring significantly increases the accuracy and quality of your yield data.

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