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Places and the creative industries Georges S. Zouain (GAIA-heritage) Beirut - November 2010.

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1 places and the creative industries Georges S. Zouain (GAIA-heritage) Beirut - November 2010

2 Classic factors of production: Land, Labor, Capital Human Capital, Knowledge Urban Amenities Economic Growth Population pressure leads demand Increase of land and properties value Thriving Places modern urban economies

3 the knowledge economy knowledge based (inventions, innovations, transformations) important multiplier effect & spin-offs high capital returns non polluting size variable easy to adapt strengths

4 fragile (lack of copyrights & information, staff rotation) interactions are fundamental (needs clusters) location related (special places, services, mixity) democratic and tolerant environment the knowledge economy threats

5 baxandall and semir zeki: the brain the kunsthalle and incubators neighborhoods and old industrial places the wired city networking is the key

6 urban heritage and creativity creative industries and knowledge economies are non destructive and non polluting heritage urban settings offer special sense of place and human size the sense of place, mixity and the human size of the environment are the basic binding

7 the role of urban amenities site specific goods and services that make locations particularly attractive for living and working contrary to tourism that is seasonal and short-lived, they bring in long- term demand, production and consumption

8 An example of urban regeneration through creativity Mar Mikhayel in Beirut


10 Mar Mikhayel A mixed place








18 Mar Mikhayel an unplanned process

19 the change Creativity related trades that have settled in Mar Mikhayel by year of opening

20 main results of the survey 23 replies out of 30 surveyed (artists, fashion, design, architects, art associations, supporting trades) 12 came for the «cachet» of the place 6 for the community of arts already present 19 for the low rent 17 ready to leave if prices increase 12 feel they belong to a cluster and cooperate

21 The first - LIWAN

22 an art ngo: 98 Weeks an architect studio and 1950s furniture showroom

23 The latest: an american artist and an art gallery

24 Support to art & creativity: lighting, bookshop, printing and framing opened progressively

25 diffrent types of restaurants more convivial & genuine cuisine

26 Mar Mikhayel developers: change urban pattern and typology excess in leisure: creates different life quick returns: increase rents and prices over gentrification: reduces mixity lack of public services & support: slows or prevents growth the dangers ahead:



29 what is needed? like heritage & genuine places, creative activities need nurturing (support) and protection (copyrights) commercial investments to be controlled functions and uses to be guided to keep mixity wired place and amenities to attract and support

30 in conclusion - the components of sustainability

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