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24HR USC Ticket Sale Team #4 Shao-Hung Chen 0979 Campus Yat-Wei Edward Lee 2547 Campus Jing Ma Campus.

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1 24HR USC Ticket Sale Team #4 Shao-Hung Chen 0979 Campus Yat-Wei Edward Lee 2547 Campus Jing Ma Campus

2 Topic Description Motivation Short service time range for current ticket office. Most of events are spontaneous, not planned. New Feature Customers can access the ticket sale system and purchase the tickets they want online thru internet by browsers anytime. Planned self-serve kiosk machines purchase available in the future.

3 System Requirement Functional Requirement Provide ticket info. Verify User Identity Accept online credit card payment. Confirmation pass for each successful purchase. Provide error handling function. Harmless system recovery.

4 System Requirement (Cont ) Performance Requirement Respond to user s request in 3 to 5 seconds. Support 200 users simultaneously. Function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Interface Requirement Well-organized navigation menu for the user. Search function. User help function, e.g. FAQ. Access thru browsers due to web-based system.

5 System Requirement (Cont ) Interface Requirement Interact with USC database for user authentication. Interact with credit card agency. Synchronize the ticket information provided by those theme parks. Evolutionary Requirement Run at self-serve kiosk machine in the future.

6 Navigation Map Home Overview About Ticket Office Services Terms & Return Policy Attruactions & Entertainment Info Aquarium of Pacific Disneyland … Purchase Buy Tickets View Purchase History Help User s Guide FAQ Contact

7 User Analysis User Profile Dialogue / interaction style selected Task Analysis Environment in which the system operates I/O device selected

8 User Profile Psychological Characteristics Attitude Motivation Knowledge and Experience Typing skill Computer literacy System experience Task experience Application experience Use of other system Job and Task Characteristics Frequency of use Primary training System use Task importance Task structure Turnover rate Physical Characteristics

9 Dialogue Styles User Profile Dialog Style MenuFill-in Form Q & ACommand Language Function Keys Direct Manipulatio n Natural Language Psychological Characteristics Knowledge and Experience Job and Task Characteristics Conclusion: Menu is the best choice


11 Environment Computer and Internet I/O device Printer Self-service kiosk machine (hopefully in the future)

12 Visual Design Style Guide Summary Consistency: We use the same design features as what are used in USC s ticket office website. Redundancy: We provide multiple ways to purchase tickets. General Design: Professional looking according to the nature of contents. Navigation: Use red background and white text for navigation button.

13 Visual Design (Cont ) Text: Black and red color text are frequently used. Links: Use same red color as background for unvisited link in order to keep the holistic harmony due to the aesthetic point of View. Graphs: Every graphic is supposed to have an alt label. Animated graphics are not necessary for our site.

14 Visual Design (Cont ) Web-Based system. Most functions are links. Less icons, no symbols. Follow the design features used in official ticket office website.

15 Home page design

16 Screen Prototype Ticket Information Purchase Help FAQ Contact

17 Ticket Information

18 Purchase

19 Help

20 FAQ

21 Contact

22 Tools Apache 1.3.26 server to host the web pages Perl or ASP scripts to handle the information need for ticket purchasing

23 Upcoming Plans Elaborate existing pages Include detail information Create remaining pages Include purchase confirmation page Setup Apache server Write scripts to handle information transfer

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