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IFTA COMMITTEE UPDATES 2012 IFTA / IRP Managers and Law Enforcement Workshop September 11-13, 2012 Presented by Ghyslaine Lepage (QC) Rob Chapple (SK)

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1 IFTA COMMITTEE UPDATES 2012 IFTA / IRP Managers and Law Enforcement Workshop September 11-13, 2012 Presented by Ghyslaine Lepage (QC) Rob Chapple (SK)


3 ASSC Members ASSC Committee Members Clark Snelson (UT) - Chair Collin Davis (IN)- Vice Chair (Tentative) Carolee Johnstone – (CA) Ex Officio Jack Frehafer (PA) Mark Osbaldeston (ON) Brock Cole (VA) John Schulz (KS) Janice Davidson (NC) ASSC Board Liaisons Sheila Rowen (TN) Stuart Zion (CO) ASSC IFTA, Inc. Advisors Lonette L. Turner Debora K. Meise Tammy Trinker

4 2011/2012 Activities Quarterly teleconferences Review of proposed ballots Discussed Litigation support Re-Audit and Re-Examination Working Group Provided IFTA Committee Chairs Guide feedback Discussions on hosting Webinars Newsletter in developmental stage


6 Audit Committee Members Dawn Lietz – NV (Chair) Jeff Hood – IN (Vice-chair) Tony Dewell (ON) 08 Dave Nicholson (OK) 09 Bob Schwab (MO) 09 Diana Kay (FL) 10 Kelly Achenbach (NH) 12 Stacey Hammock (WY) 11 Don Williams (ID) 12 Jimmy Tompkins (AL) 12 Kristine Funk (SD) 12 AnnMarie Chamberlain (MA) – Ex-officio

7 2011/12 – Audit Committee Report 2012 IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop 2013 IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop Charge from Board RE: Procedures Manual P600 Audit Manual Review

8 2012 IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop Held January 4 – 6, 2012 Tempe AZ Theme was Auditing in the 21 st Century: A Look at New and Evolving Technologies 162 Attendees Overall attendance was up 41% over 2010 Jurisdiction attendance was up 39%

9 2013 IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop January 28 – 30, 2013 San Antonio, TX Theme is Audit Smarter: Improving Your Audit Processes Topics: Interviewing Techniques; Internal Control Testing; Data Sharing; IRP Ballot 371 implementation suggestions; and hands-on case studies.


11 Background Created by the Board in 2003 Provides technical guidance to the Board. Advises the Board regarding business rules, consistency and timeliness of data and the types of data allowed or required. Helps to ensure the clearinghouse operates within the IFTA requirements. Reviews enhancement requests and serves as a technical resource for the membership.

12 Committee Members Randy Boone (IN), ChairTrishawn Bell (AL) Sherry Conrad (NS)Angie Duerson (VA) Gary Frohlick (SK)Sherry McKinley (ME) Scott Miller (KS)Robert VanBuren (NY) Natalie Wendell (MN)Cherie Woodworth (ID) Board Liaisons: Garry Hinkley (ME), Scott Greenawalt (OK), and Patricia Platt (KS) IFTA, Inc. Advisors: Lonette Turner, Debbie Meise, Amanda Koeller and Jason DeGraf. ITAC Liaison: Scott Miller

13 Monthly Teleconferences Include Updates on: Funds Netting ITAC Quality Control Sub-Committee for Transmittal and Demographic Data Best Practices Document Sub-Committee Enhancement Requests New Issues Information Exchanged by E-mail Members Work Singularly and in Sub-Committees on Various Projects Activities

14 Creation of the Clearinghouse Best Practices Document for the IFTA, Inc. Website Surveys sent to all jurisdictions Currently Collecting Data Education of Non-Participating Jurisdictions on Benefits of Joining Clearinghouse Funds Netting Continues to Function Successfully Projects


16 Committee Members Russell Holleger (DE) – Chair Julian Fitzgerald, Sr. (NC) Rena Hussey (VA) Roland Marr (IL) Marge Noll (MN) Carla Pape (ID) Cindy Swanson (CA) Earleen Weaver (WY) Stuart Zion (CO) – IFTA Board Liaison Lonette Turner – IFTA, Inc. Advisor Debbie Meise – IFTA, Inc. Advisor

17 Committee Purpose To develop IFTA Commissioner training Target audience IFTA Commissioners IFTA Assistant Commissioners

18 Committee Background IFTA Board created the CTC as a result of its strategic planning efforts. Development of Commissioner training supports the strategic goal: To continuously plan, manage, and review IFTA, Incs existing resources and new opportunities to ensure that organizational purposes are achieved.

19 Committee Charge Identify needs for training Recommend how training needs can be met Determine whether to develop written and/or electronic materials Obtain Board feedback Draft materials

20 Committee Activities to Date 12/13/2011 – Board issued charge 1/20/2012 – CTC organizational conference call March/April 2012 – Survey to assess level of experience and anticipated needs 4/5/2012 – CTC conference call 6/28/2012 – CTC conference call


22 IFTA DRC COMMITTEE REPORT Committee Members Chair:Rick LaRose (CT) Vice-Chair:Gary Frohlick (SK) Rodney Richard (AR) Karen Winchell (NV) Scott Bryer (NH) Marc Levasseur (RI) Mark Byrne (NE) Gregg Dal Ponte (OR) Bernie Meagher (NS) Rick Taylor (KY) Doug Miller (MI) Donna Burch (Industry Advisor, Ryder) Gary Bennion (Industry Advisor, Con-Way) Board Liaisons:Pat Platt (KS) Hugh Hughson (BC)

23 IFTA DRC COMMITTEE REPORT ONGOING PROJECTS IFTA Board of Trustees Charge Mock Disputes Amendments to R1555, Dispute Process Short Track Ballot Amendments to Penalties Section of the DRP Preparation for Referral for Enforcement


25 Committee Members Jurisdiction Representatives – Scott Miller (KS) Chair – Thom Rabaglia (WI) Vice chair – Beth Devlin (NY) RPC – Anthony Hatcher (MD) Law Enforcement – Pam Marshall (KY) Agreement Procedure – Jeff Hood (IN) – Mary Cook (KY) – Bob Schwab (MO) Audit – John Poole III (TX) IRP

26 Industry Representatives Mike Albin (ACS) Norma Havens, USA Fleet Solutions Sandy Johnson, North Star Fleet Solutions, Inc. Connie Owen. JJ Keller Jim Sheets, Operating Tax Systems Board: Ron Hester (ON) Garry Hinkley (ME) IFTA INC. Advisors: Jason DeGraf Debora Meise Board Liaisons & IFTA, Inc. Advisors

27 General Information Monthly Conference Calls – The committee meets monthly on the second Thursday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. Message Board – The committee utilizes the IFTA, Inc. Message Board for communicating project information, ideas, and conference call notes.

28 Just what is the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)? The ITAC was established as a special committee in 2006 by the International Fuel Tax Association, Inc. (IFTA, Inc.) Board of Trustees (Board). The ITAC was to review information technology solutions proposed by IFTA, Inc. information technology (IT) staff to determine if they meet the needs of the IFTA user community. The purpose of the ITAC is to identify user needs and recommend IT proposals to the Board. The ITAC works to enhance information technology capabilities of the IFTA, Inc. and its stakeholders involved in the administration of the IFTA.

29 Do you have an idea or proposal for us? Feel free to send them to the Board for the Committee to look at.

30 IFTA Program Compliance Review Committee Report

31 John Szilagyi (CT) - chair Joe Dian (IN) – vice chair Fred Alleman (PA) Tim Ford (CA) Richard Wagner (KY) Joy Prenger (MO Lorne Bay (PE) Bill Kron (MS) Cathy Beedle (NE) – ex officio Committee Membership

32 Projects The PCRC: Continues to review the Program Compliance Reviews Holds monthly conference calls Completed subcommittee work with APC to address electronic tax return filings. Is co- sponsoring FTPBP 1-2012 Has issued 2 FDFNC

33 IFTA Re-Audit and Re-Examination Working Group Report

34 Gary Frohlick (SK) - chair Vicki Haydon (AR) – vice chair Brock Cole (VA) Dave Nicholson (OK) Dawn Lietz (NV) Doug Miller (MI) Gary Bennion (Con-way) Jack Frehafer (PA) Committee Membership

35 The Re-Audit and Re-Examination Issues Working Group (RRWG) was created by the IFTA, Inc. Board of Trustees (Board) as a result of concerns raised by IFTA members and stakeholders following a dispute arising from a request to re-audit a licensee. History

36 Board Charge Purpose of Charge: This charge is given to the RRWG to initially review policy considerations and questions arising from the re-audit and re-examination provisions found in the IFTA Articles of Agreement, Section R1360. Charge Complete.


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