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2 An Introduction To Ticket Kiosk Transportation has become a major concern in the modern day as day- to-day life of the people is reliant on all forms of transportation. Increase in pressure on transportation leads to an increase in the need for efficiency in transportation systems. One of the major problem in any sector of transportation system (bus, train or airways) is the long queue which has to be formed in order to get yourself a ticket. Why the hassle? All you need is a touch screen ticket kiosk system. According to, It eliminates the need for staff to handle cash Saves time to attend to other matters arising It also gives the buyer time to purchase more than one ticket at a time and at will.

3 USER INTERFACE MODEL : A soundless touch screen bus information and ticket kiosk ticket machine and bus information. AIM OF THE PROJECT : To design a graphical user interface for bus information and ticket kiosk at a bus station with the following features : Easy to use. Allows payment by either cash (includes coins) or by credit or debit card. Gets information on bus routes and news mostly in relation to the location of the ticket machine. Reduces congestion at ticket outlets and bus stations.


5 This machine will be used in Nottinghamshire for transportation by bus services. 14 inch touch screen plasma ticket machine with dimensions : (W x H x D): 850 mm x 1200 mm x 500 mm in physical size inches, SXGA (1280 X 1024) resolution. An adjustable light system. Easy to use. Provides users with different ticket types. Robust in nature preferably having a metallic covering to protect from vandals. Covering must also provide protection to suit different weather conditions such as dust, snow, moisture and rain. The machine will be placed in a noisy environment therefore creating the need to make it soundless. A chip and pin device for card payments with a secure and efficient connection to various banks for authorising transaction. An insert cash only section provided for the user to carry out cash transaction for ticket purchase and bus information service.

6 Gives change to the user who decides to use cash (includes coins) for payment of ticket alongside the printed ticket as well as a receipt. A receipt will also be issued to the user who made a card payment with time, date and reference number. For users that possess bus cards, there will be a sensor to update card after selection is made and made and payment received. bus information section with guides and bus routes also a map section will be made available to plan journeys specifically from the bus stop where the user had made a purchase or enquiry about ticket or bus information

7 DEMO OF TICKET KIOSK SYSTEM (INTERFACE DESIGN FOR 3 PAGES) Start Page Ticket Purchase Page Payment confirmation page

8 START PAGE Top Up Bus Card Buy Weekly Ticket Bus Information Time Table Buy daily Ticket Help Main page of the bus information and ticket machine The platform that gives the user the idea of what the machine does Simple to use, straight-forward (user friendly) To purchase a single day ticket. Also shows the tickets available. For the purchase of weekly tickets with different types of tickets available for selected purchase For users with bus cards (smartcards) has a sensor on the machine to top up card. Contains different bus routes and news related to the location of the ticket machine and maps A time table section for buses related to the location of the ticket machine available with a printout option that charges £1 if the user decides the information is relevant for the journey ahead

9 HOW TO USE THE MAIN PAGE : An easily understandable and user-friendly start page interface design. The user is provided with three options to purchase ticket – 1. Daily 2. Weekly 3.Top Up bus card As the user selects an option of his/her choice, he/she is directed to the ticket purchase section. To help the user acquire information on the available buses, routes and maps, he/she is provided with a Bus Information option button. The time-table of the buses can be obtained by selecting the Time-Table option. Help option assists the user to use the screen effectively.

10 TICKET PURCHASE PAGE: Buy Daily Ticket Adult + - Student + - Child + - Total Cancel £ 4.00 Includes Tram Services Back Confirm

11 HOW TO USE THE TICKET PURCHASE PAGE : The ticket purchase page has been made in the easiest form so as to enable the users to understand the navigation around the page. When the user clicks on a selection there are three options under the buy daily ticket option 1.Adult 2.Student 3.Child When a category is chosen it reflects in the rectangular box. The plus and minus allows the user to select the number of tickets he/she is willing to purchase. A directional arrow to go back, confirm and cancel options are also provided to aid the user if purchase would like to be continued, cancelled or returning the user back to the main page. The ticket prices vary according to types of daily ticket that will be purchased ( adult, student or child ).

12 Top – Up Bus Card Option The bus card is a smartcard and has a sensor whereby once the user selects the top up bus card option the machine asks the user to place the card on the sensor. Once it is placed on the sensor after bus card has been read, the same options appear on the screen apart from the section under the type of ticket clicked to purchase which leaves the user to continue transaction.


14 HOW TO USE THE CONFIRM PAYMENT PAGE : This page gives the user option to either pay by cash (including coins) or by card. There are three other separate buttons provided for the user to either go back to the previous screen, main page or cancel ticket purchase. When a payment option is chosen, it takes the user to another screen. A big box appears on the screen prompting the user to click on it to confirm payment method. After payment has gone through the user is taken to a new page saying ticket printing after which the ticket purchased is made available for the customer with a receipt alongside change if required. After transaction has been completed it returns to the main page for the next customer to use.

15 CONCLUSION : Ticket machines are helpful and aid in travellers to save time by using this service. A user friendly interface determines how effective the ticket machine will be in its different locations. A good ticket machine should be able to withstand external factors such as weather and vandalism. I have focused on a touch screen interface for bus information and ticket kiosk at bus stop discussing the design interface and how it is operated.

16 REFERENCES : Transport for London. URL: accessed [12/03/2011] Thomasa.URL: t.htm Last accessed [12/03/2011] t.htm Snapper Design - http://snapper-design.com

17 Thank You For Your Patience !


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