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Walt Disney World RPSS Ticket Specialists

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1 Walt Disney World RPSS Ticket Specialists
Disney Dollars & Gift Certificates

2 Disney Dollars $1 $5 $10 Press Spacebar

3 Usage of Disney Dollars
Never Expire Redeemable same as cash Valid at all Disney operated locations, worldwide. Including: Theme Parks Disney Stores Press Spacebar

4 Disney Dollars Purchase Options
Because Disney Dollars operate “same as cash”: Only Guaranteed form of money can be accepted Bank Wire Transfer, Money Order or Cashiers Check Orders require 5 business days processing Disney Dollars cannot be shipped Disney Dollars need special precautions taken to be returned Verification, Counting and Delivery are all sensitive issues Press Spacebar

5 WDW Gift Certificates $25 $50 Press Spacebar

6 Usage of Gift Certificates
Expire on December 31, 2005 Redeemable for: Food and Beverage Merchandise Recreation Room Charges (O & O only) Change is made in Cash or Disney Dollars Valid only at Walt Disney World in Florida Press Spacebar

7 Gift Certificate Purchase Options
Same as tickets! All forms of payment accepted! Orders can be fulfilled in (min.) 48 hours! Credit Cards can be accepted! Great for Quick Turnaround Gift Certificates can be shipped! Gift Certificates can be refunded! Press Spacebar

8 Why are Gift Certificates so flexible?
Because each has a unique tracking number on it (like a ticket) that we can keep control over these from ATS. Once a Disney Dollar is out there, it is impossible to trace. Press Spacebar

9 Flexibility Both Disney Dollars and Gift Certificates are a valuable option for clients! Contact your Ticket Coordinator for more information Thank You! RPSS Ticket Specialist Team

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